If You Think You’re Enlightened Spend A Weekend In Las Vegas!

Las Vegas personal growth training

Got back from the Blog World Expo Sunday night. And while the conference was awesome, I wasn’t quite as thrilled with the environment!

Ram Dass once said, “If you feel you are enlightened, spend a week with your parents.”

Well I would say, and you can quote me on this: “If you think you’re enlightened, spend a weekend in Las Vegas!

It’s been quite a few years since I last had the “pleasure” of visiting Las Vegas. (That trip was for my grandfather’s funeral!) And I can say, without hesitation, that it will take quite a bit of convincing to get me back there!

Now, for those of you who live in Las Vegas, or love the city, I’m sure it has many redeeming qualities. And I can certainly understand why some people would enjoy it. And I certainly had my share of fun there when I was younger! 😉

But at this point in my life, it’s not an environment into which I would consciously choose to immerse myself.

And it was interesting to observe the number of Blog World attendees I spoke to who had headaches, felt sick, were losing things, or expressed some form of discontent or a feeling of being scattered.

Personally, I didn’t fare much better. I had a headache for the first night. And even though I went to sleep fairly early, it took me most of the next two days to get my grounding back. And I was using every tool in my VERY well stocked energetic toolbox.

So why is Las Vegas so popular? Well, if you’re someone who loves Las Vegas, you’re probably not going to like this bit but here it is.

If you love Las Vegas and feel “at home” there, you’re probably extremely ungrounded and disconnected from the Earth.

Think about it. If you are disconnected from the Earth, the most comfortable place on Earth for you is a place where everyone else is just as ungrounded! That’s Las Vegas.

That’s why I was able to have fun there when I was in my twenties. I didn’t know about grounding and didn’t realize that I was ungrounded.

But now, after spending the past 10-years reconnecting to the Earth and reclaiming conscious control of my Personal Energy Systems, the last place I want to be is somewhere that actively attempts to rob me of that control.

And it doesn’t help that as I’ve reconnected with my Personal Energy Systems, I’ve discovered that I am a Highly Sensitive Person. Las Vegas is definitely not an HSP friendly town!

You see, as far as I can tell, the entire city (and I’m talking about the casino/convention/tourist area, not the residential parts) is built with the conscious intention to disconnect people from the Earth. From the moment you step off the plane or drive into the city limits, you are assaulted by an overstimulating sensory barrage designed to break your grounding and place you into an un-centered, scattered energetic space.

Clearly, this benefits the casinos and shops because when you are ungrounded, you’re far more likely to gamble and shop. And, when you’re disconnected from the Earth, it’s much more likely that you’ll lose more of your money at the tables and stores.

And that’s exactly what the casinos are betting on!

So why, then, would I say, with only a touch of sarcasm, that Las Vegas is a great place to put your personal growth into practice?

Because it gives you the opportunity to practice staying grounded and centered in the midst of all that chaos.

Why do athletes go to Boulder or other high elevation locations to train? Because the reduced oxygen at that altitude forces them to work harder and increases the strength of their lungs and heart.

The same is true of Vegas in relation to your personal energy systems. When you are “training” in Las Vegas you have to work much harder just to stay grounded. So when you leave Las Vegas, wherever you go, grounding is “easy” in comparison!

If you’re signed up for the free Energetics of Attraction package and email tip series or have registered for the Energetics of Attraction Digital Learning Course, you already know how important grounding is to the conscious application of your personal energy systems.

In fact, I believe grounding is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor in successfully applying your personal energy systems in the “Real World.”

The casino owners clearly know this as well. And they have done everything they can to get you ungrounded and get you to say that way! And while most other places and people do not consciously attempt to get you ungrounded, you encounter grounding challenges everyday.

So the next time you go to Las Vegas, approach your visit as a training trip. Use the chaos all around you as an opportunity to see how effectively you can hold onto your connection to the Earth. Become the eye of the storm and reach down through all of that static and discordant energy to find your connection with the Earth.

Because truly, if you can stay grounded in Vegas, you can stay grounded anywhere, and in any situation.

Game on!

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    6 Responses to “If You Think You’re Enlightened Spend A Weekend In Las Vegas!”

    1. Tania on September 26th, 2008 3:21 am

      Hi Ed,
      Great post! Although I haven’t been to Las Vegas, we have 2 casinos here in CT. I’ve only been a couple times (not to gamble but for music or some other event). I found that I became confused, almost dizzy, anxious & with a headache soon afterwards. Shopping malls have the same effect on me. Thanks for pointing out the grounding, I had never looked at it that way, just figured there was too much energy going on for me to handle, which is true, because I wasn’t grounded. I will now practice my grounding in any situation that triggers any of these responses.

    2. Vicki Howie on September 26th, 2008 2:51 pm

      I couldn’t agree with Ed more about the importance of grounding, and I would like to nominate Los Angeles as second runner up to Las Vegas in the Miss Flaky City Pageant.

      I’ve lived here since 1993, and consider it a daily exercise just to keep myself from floating away like a balloon. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that we have so many earthquake fault lines here — even Gaia herself isn’t sure if she wants to stay grounded in L.A.!

      I’ve learned to cope, though, and would like to share a favorite exercise of mine. If you live in a heady or flaky area like L.A. or Las Vegas, I highly recommend you try it.


      Stand upright with your feet hip distance apart. imagine a bright red earth core far below you, and then visualize/create some kind of vibrant red connection to that core. Once you have that connection, imagine yourself taking in the red energy up your right leg (all the way from the core of the earth) as you inhale, and then see this red energy move across your pelvis and go back down to the earth’s core by way of your left leg as you exhale. Visualize this loop several times — until you begin to feel more rooted and heavier from the waist down. Then, when you feel pretty grounded, do the same thing on your other side, inhaling the core earth energy up your left leg and exhaling it down your right leg.

      When you are done, you may notice that the soles of your feet actually FEEL the ground more — at least mine do. I’d love to hear about your experience!

      Happy Rooting!!



    3. Stephen Hopson on September 28th, 2008 5:28 am

      Edward, you know something? You might very well have given me the answer to something I had been wondering about. Let me explain.

      Earlier this year, I was hired to give a keynote speech at the MGM Grand for a certain client that I had spoken for a year earlier. I had never been to Las Vegas and was looking forward to the visit.

      While my presentation went extremely well (I felt “in the zone”, the audience seemed to be responsive, etc), I felt something wasn’t quite right. I also felt fat, tired and somewhat uncomfortable.

      Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed the city, my presentation but I knew something was off. Now I know why – I must be somewhat a highly sensitive person who felt out of kilter while there!

      Thanks for enlightening me on why I felt out of whack while I was there. Hmmm….very interesting! Quite an eye opener, for sure.

    4. Guilty Secret on September 30th, 2008 7:24 am

      Hi, I just recently started a blog about life as a Highly Sensitive Person that might interest you. Drop by and let me know what you think!

    5. Edward Mills on October 6th, 2008 1:46 pm

      @Tania: You’re right about shopping malls. They use the same tactics to get people ungrounded, though to a lesser extent. Friends of mine went car shopping over the weekend. I saw them Saturday evening after a day at the dealers. They were wasted!

      @Vicki: I think you might be onto something… The Flakey city awards! I like it. And I agree that LA can be extremely ungrounding. I always attributed it to the smog. But there is an frenetic energy that seems to permeate the LA environment. I will say, though, that I can ground pretty quickly with a walk on the beach. As long as I keep my back to the craziness on shore and focus my attention on the ocean and the sand under my feet, I can reconnect with the Earth.

    6. Edward Mills on October 6th, 2008 1:54 pm

      @Stephen: I think for most people it’s easy to feel and to write off that feeling of “just a bit off.” One of the downsides of being a highly sensitive person is that it is much more difficult to just write it off because we respond to those situations so much more viscerally. The next time you go to Vegas you can try Vicki’s grounding exercise above. It works!

      @Guilty Secret: I’ll check it out.

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