I’m Taking the Economy Out of the Equation

Enough already!That’s what I say. Enough of the scare tactics and fear mongering to get people to stay small and focused on survival rather than on thriving.

Look. I haven’t watched TV news in over 10-years. I rarely listen to the news on the radio or read a newspaper. When people ask me how I “keep up with what’s happening in the world,” I let them know that, unless you’re living in a cave in the Himalayas it’s pretty much impossible to NOT know what’s going on.

It certainly did not take long to find out out that the geniuses in Washington are looking to spend 700 Billion dollars to bail out a bunch of equally intelligent companies.

Look, I’m all about awakening you to your potential. My mission is to reconnect you with the
Greatness you brought into this world. Yes you!

And I know, for sure, that paying attention to the news is one of the surest ways to keep yourself in a state of fear and disconnected from your full potential.

Think about it: When was the last time you felt uplifted or full of joy after watching the news?

If you want to be great, focus on your greatness.

If you want to activate more of your potential in this lifetime, focus on your purpose.

If you want to stay small and scared, watch the news!

Now with all the talk about the economy and the bailout and the this and the that, I’ll admit that I’m getting tired of hearing the “I can’t afford it” excuse from people interested in the upcoming Awakening to Greatness 3-day retreat.

But here’s the thing: with all the shenanigans going on “out there” this is absolutely the time to immerse yourself in an environment that encourages, supports and awakens your greatness!

This is absolutely the time when you need to discover that you create your own economy. Your financial situation is NOT based on what’s “happening” out there. It’s based entirely on what is happening inside of you.

I know that’s a hard one to swallow when you’re so focused on the 700 Billion dollars that the next 25 generations are going to be paying off. But until you refocus your attention on your world and the power you have to create your reality, you’re just one of the herd. And I don’t think that’s where you want to be when the herd gets rounded up!

This is absolutely the time that you need to connect deeply with other Deliberate Creators who want to step outside of the herd and create their own awesome life, regardless of what is going on around them.

This is absolutely the time when you cannot NOT afford this!

Look, I know how difficult it can be to step outside of that collective consciousness. I know how hard it is to choose to act in spite of fear and turn your back on the people who think you’re crazy.

But I don’t want you to stay stuck in that place. I want you to step through your fear. I want you to say “Yes” to what YOU know is right… in spite of what those around you think and say.

And to help you say “yes” I’m going to do something crazy! I’m going to take the economy out of the equation when you say yes to the Awakening to Greatness 3-day retreat.

Here’s the deal. To get into this 3-day retreat, you just have to pay for the 2-night’s lodging at the Granlibakken Resort and Conference Center, your meals (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch) and course materials.

That comes to just $467!

Now I will ask for a donation at the end of the retreat. But I really don’t care if you make a donation or not! Pay whatever you can. Pay what you feel the retreat was worth to you. Pay nothing! It doesn’t matter!

I just want you to be there.


Because I know just how important this is for you.

I know that this weekend will change your life.

I know that it will help you step out of the collective fear and dysfunction that permeates our culture right now.

I know that it will help you step into your greatness.

And what the world needs now, more than anything else, are people who are willing to claim their greatness and let their light shine brightly.

And your light will be shining a whole lot brighter after this weekend.

So don’t let the economy be the reason you say no to your greatness. Say yes to this opportunity. Make this investment in yourself and stop spiraling down into the web of fear that’s being spun around you.

Come see, feel and taste your greatness and know that it is wanted and needed in this world NOW!

Go get all the details and get registered for the Awakening to Greatness Retreat here.

You know, some people would say I’m completely insane for doing this. I’m actually in the process of refunding a LOT of money to people who have already registered for the retreat. But I am sick and tired of seeing people’s greatness squashed and squelched. It’s time for your greatness to shine out into the world. And if I can help make that happen by helping you say YES to this retreat, then I’m happy to refund that money!

Also, I’m not using any scarcity tactics here. There is no time limit on this. This offer is open right up until pre-registration closes on October 8th (and you must pre-register for this event). The only (real) limiting factor is the number of available rooms. I only have 5 rooms left in my original block of rooms. (That’s 10-people double occupancy). Once those are gone, I’ll need to close registration and see if there are additional rooms available. So if you’re interested, go get registered now!

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    4 Responses to “I’m Taking the Economy Out of the Equation”

    1. Evita on September 30th, 2008 7:13 pm

      Bravo and well said!!!!

      I am with you all the way on the no TV and the whole bit about the economy. It seems that even without the TV one can almost, and I do say almost not get away from all this economy talk.

      And where is it all taking people, definitely not up! I think now more than ever we need louder voice like ones that come through this article to empower people to not only look past this but realize that we are in control of our own life and destiny and economy or not, life will always go in the direction we consciously point it.

    2. Vicki Howie on October 2nd, 2008 8:46 am


      Thanks for sharing your no-news lifestyle. I’m a fellow news/TV boycotter — I don’t have 10 years of sobriety like you (wow) but I’ve got enough static-and-fear-free time under my belt to understand just how insidious the daily tv/radio/newspaper habit can be.

      I, too, have gotten the old “how do you know what’s going on?” line numerous times, and I agree — how can we NOT know?! We’d have to be quarantined on Mars!!

      It is my hope and prayer that we all choose to stop wasting time absorbing the negative stuff we can “news” and spend those saved hours doing something more productive like: cuddling (or sharing other forms of intimacy) with a loved one, doing YOGA, listening to yummy music, playing with a child, taking a hot bath, or even flying a kite! I never have understood why the saying “Go fly a kite” is negative — it seems like a very productive, right-brain activity to me!)

      That’s a great offer on your workshop — I will be doing more yoga teacher training on that weekend, or I would be all over it!

      Because… you rock!!! And we all need to turn the tide — personally and collectively — NOW.

      Thanks and blessings,


    3. Edward Mills on October 6th, 2008 1:33 pm

      @Evita: Thanks Evita. I’m not sure if louder voices is the answer. definitely MORE voices! And I’m glad to see your voice here and at your blog. Love your blog name by the way! 😉

      @Vicki: Sometimes I think it would be nice to be quarantined on Mars! But since that’s not an option – yet – I love your suggestions for positive ways to spend time that might otherwise be “wasted” on news. Now, I think I’ll go fly a kite! 😉

    4. Last Day to Register For Awakening to Greatness Retreat on October 8th, 2008 9:46 am

      […] just in case you missed the last update on this event, I’ve taken the economy out of the equation so you just have to pay for your room and board to get into this life-changing 3-day […]

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