Day 8 Of My 21-Day Clinical Detox Program

Well I’ve been on the cleanse for a full week now and I feel great! My energy level is consistently high, although I am sleeping more than usual. I have been going to bed by 10:30 and getting up between 6:00 and 7:00. I tried to stay with my normal 5:00am wakeup time but it just seems like my body needs more sleep as it goes through the detox process. That may change as I move through the program.

It’s interesting to notice how different the detox reaction is this time. The first time I went through this program, back in the late winter, I had about 3-days of a low-grade headache and extremely low energy. This time, my energy level is great and there has been no headache but my muscles have been aching. So it seems as if the toxins are coming out of my muscles this time.

I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. Feels OK.

And one of the things I’m loving about doing this cleanse at this time of year is that I can just walk out to the garden and get fresh greens. Ideally, you’re supposed to have greens with every meal while on this diet. I’ll just walk out back and clip some chard, kale or mustard greens and add them to whatever I’m having – even my morning smoothies! It’s great.

You may still be able to join the cleanse. You’d be a week behind the rest of us, but most of us will keep going on the diet for at least a week after the 21 days. And it’s awesome to be going through this program with a whole bunch of other folks.