My Halloween Treat – A Lesson In Giving From My Daughter

Halloween Pumpkins

I hope you had a fun and festive Halloween. My daughter, Ella, was a Forest Fairy this year. She was pretty darn cute (and I’m not biased in the least!)

And I’m pleased to say that she still seems to enjoy giving out candy to the kids who come to our house more than getting the candy when we go trick-or-treating. We’re not a big candy-eating household, so it’s nice to see that she is happy to give the stuff away.

But on a deeper level, it’s nice to know that she still intuitively understands the joy of giving, of flowing energy out into the world. And she truly is flowing energy out, both in the form of the candy (remember, everything is energy) but also in the form of the sheer joy and passion that she brings to her job as official candy hander-outer! There is some serious energy flowing out of her when she jumps for joy each time she puts a handful of candy into a bag!

And her happiness is contagious. There were four adults hanging out watching her and all of us were smiling and laughing with her as she ran to the door each time she heard another group coming up the front steps.

Even most of the serious and normally aloof high school boys, dressed up in their blood-stained, scary-faced costumes could not keep a straight face as they saw this little ball of joy running to greet them, not scared, not put off by their costumes, but giggling with joy as she gave them candy.

What a beautiful and rich reminder she gave us all. How true, and how easy it is to forget, that joy is shared when giving is done with an open heart.

And in this environment, when so many people are focusing on holding on tighter to what they have, it is an incredibly important lesson!

What can you give away today? What can you do to send a message to the universe and to your own immensely powerful subconscious mind that YOU are full? What type of energy can you offer to the world today?

Most people are focused on what is leaving their lives. Most people are focused on how they can hold onto what they have.

If you can go against that flow and focus on what you can share, what you can give away, you will be one of the few who is truly able to leverage the laws of the universe to attract more of what you desire in this time of fear, scarcity, and lack.

So today, perhaps right now, ask yourself what you can give. It could be as simple as sending a loving thought to someone you know, or sending out a thank you note to someone in your life.

Take time today to flow energy out into the world and let yourself remember what it feels like to be open, to share, to let go of the holding. Release your grip on what you have and focus on what you can share.

You will immediately feel the difference!