Release the Money Madness and Unleash YOUR Money Magic

After last week’s election, there seems to be a lot more hopefulness, at least around here. However, the mainstream media didn’t skip a beat – well maybe one little beat – before jumping right back into the negativity and fear mongering.

Here are a few of the headlines from this week’s financial news sources:

CNN wrote: Recession fear batters Wall Street: Stocks retreat on worries about corporate health amid the global economic slowdown.

ABC wrote: DHL Stamps Out 9500 jobs.

And here are the last three weekly “Vital Signs” headlines from Business Week:

  • Weak Economy Weighs on Profits
  • Employment Outlook Gets Gloomier
  • Business Activity Shows a Deepening Recession

I think you get the picture.

Yes, there is a glimmer of hope. There is some light. But the vast majority of people are still focusing on what? …

That’s right: Negativity. Gloom and doom. Fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

As a Deliberate Creator, you have an unprecedented opportunity, right now, to take advantage of this environment.

Most people are focused on lack. And guess what are they experiencing in their lives?

Exactly. Lack, scarcity. They are watching money flow out of their lives. And as money flows out of their lives they focus on it, which amplifies the energy of lack and so more money flows out. It’s a vicious cycle.

But there is always balance in the universe. There has to be. And the money that is flowing out of people’s lives now – and there is a LOT of it – has to be going somewhere. That money doesn’t just vanish!

And the Deliberate Creators who are able to pull their attention out of the fear, doubt, confusion and chaos that is swirling around, and shift it to the abundance that is available will reap bountiful rewards in this turbulent time.

It happened during the Great Depression and it’s going to happen now. Except that now there are many more high vibration, highly conscious people with the potential to bring that higher level of consciousness to the process.

I recently released an audio program called: Release the Money Madness and Unleash YOUR Money Magic.

There is no cost for you to download Part 1 of the program. And when you do, you’ll discover exactly why this time of financial turbulence provides such an amazing opportunity for financial growth.

You’ll learn how the exclusion of Spirit from our financial interactions has a profound impact on all of our lives and the well-being of our planet.

You’ll learn why this time of crisis is an especially ripe moment for re-injecting sacredness into our relationship with money and why doing so will help take you to the next level of financial abundance.

You’ll learn how to leverage the knowledge that money is energy (you may have heard that statement, but have you ever been shown how to use that knowledge to enhance your financial situation? If not, you’ll definitely want to listen to this program).

And much more.

As I said, there is no cost for Part 1. Here’s why.

I’m using this program to try out the Pay it Forward model.

Basically, I am paying your way into part 1 of this audio program. I feel so strongly that everyone can benefit from this information, that I don’t want there to be anything in your way.

So go download Part 1 of Release the Money Madness and Unleash YOUR Money Magic right now:

Once you have listened to Part 1 you’ll have the opportunity to Pay it Forward. In the recording I tell you more about that opportunity, and why Paying it Forward is such an amazing tool for enhancing your own prosperity!

But for now, go get Part 1, listen to it and be inspired to THRIVE in this environment.