Have You Seen This Gift Yet?

Speaking of Gratitude – my Thanksgiving post, and this post were both about gratitude – the folks at Mind Movies are offering 75% off of the digital version of their Video Vision Board creation kit. If you have not yet seen this offer, you’ll want to check it out now because it ends this Friday!

There is no better way to head into the New Year than with a shiny new vision board. And a video vision board that you can play each time you start up your computer is even better!

I know I’ll be starting 2009 off with a brand new video vision board. And now you can too. And fyi, they’ve also got about $700 worth of bonuses included in the offer.

So go check out the Mind Movies Creation Kit.

And just to be clear, this is the digital-only version of the creation kit. There is no physical product with this version. But still, you get all of the material included in the full version at an amazing price.

Oh, and if you do create a video vision board and post it online, I’d love to see it. Leave a comment below, or use the contact form to let me know where to view it.

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    One Response to “Have You Seen This Gift Yet?”

    1. Tracey Arminio on December 16th, 2008 10:14 pm

      Dear Ed, After connecting with you on FB I was led here to your website and I’m so glad.. It’s truly beautiful and so inspiring. I loved your columns on Gratitude and Questions without Answers..they really rang true for me. In 2006 my son Dante (who was 2 at the time) was diagnosed with Leukemia, the diagnosis came just 3 weeks after my twin girls were born.. I felt like my world was falling apart and could not understand why God or the Universe was doing this.. but it is true that the greatest blessings and miracles come in what can seem like the biggest tragedies. And I have learned that it is only through Gratitude and Acceptance that we can find peace..this experience has opened my Heart to Gratitude in a way that I could never have imagined..I want to be fully present and Grateful everyday.. when my heart is full of Gratitude then there is no room for fear, and when I can completely accept that the universe is just as it is supposed to be then ther is no choice but to feel at peace. And I do completely agree that we have to feel all our feelings in order to get through the challenges in life.. years ago I would do anything to numb out my feelings but I have learned that the feelings stick around and you have to feel them sooner or later. Well again I’m so glad I came across you on the internet..it’s been great to see what you’re doing now.. do you ever take your seminars down to san diego? In the meantime I’ll keep reading your blogs.. thank you again for the inspiration and many blessings to you and your daughter.
      sincerely, Tracey (mills) Arminio

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