I Have to Do It: FormulaFIVE with New “Recession Buster” Price

I wasn’t going to post this. The promotion for this product has been going on for quite some time. And the crazy thing is, these guys sent me the product but I’ve only had time to skim some of the material … even with all of the glowing reviews that have been coming in.

And because I haven’t reviewed it myself I was not going to post it here. I mean, Formular Five is a comprehensive, high-end Internet Marketing package. But here’s the thing: They just added a 12-month payment plan for the program, added a sixth module (Formula 6) and a bunch of other stuff.

(And here’s the big thing: I realize that most of you come to Evolving Times for the Personal Development and Law of Attraction material. But I also know that many of you have your own online businesses. And if this program can help just one of you achieve a higher level of success online than it’s worth it to post it here).

So here’s the deal: I’m going to let you make up your mind. It’s silly for me to keep this opportunity from you. If you’re interested in it, go check it out. If not, don’t. I’m just going to paste the email they sent out earlier today so that you can hear it from them.

Here it is:

StomperNet’s new program, FormulaFIVE has announced a new “Recession Busting” Payment Plan that is so low, ANY business can afford to join.

People wanted FormulaFIVE to be more affordable, and StomperNet responded!  How many other companies can do that?

Why ELSE do I think you need to check out FormulaFIVE?

  • 6 figures in extra profits during the FIRST WEEK of their PUBLIC BETA test.
  • F5 creator Paul Lemberg has earned his clients $327 MILLION in additional profits by applying these tactics.
  • F5 is RISK FREE – they even have a 50x Return On Investment Guarantee (check out the page for details – really cool!)
  • AND they now have a “Recession Buster” Pricing Plan making it more affordable for the struggling business owner.
  • A NEW module, “FormulaSIX – Product Producer” – to help you CREATE your own new products that people will WANT to buy from YOU.  (And it’s INCLUDED, even though they LOWERED the price of the FormulaFIVE program.)

The people who joined JUST LAST WEEK are reporting results like this (I got this off their website):

“Ok you guys – I’m so excited about this I had to share it with you! I just made $10,000 – and it’s because of the Margin

If you had an interest in FormulaFIVE before, they made it even better AND CHEAPER, so just go check it out!