The Cure for the Money Madness

The Cure for Money Madness: Break Your Bad Money Habits, Live Without Financial Stress--and Make More Money!A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining 40 or so North Bay Deliberate Creators to celebrate the release of our friend, Spencer Sherman’s, new book, The Cure for Money Madness: Break Your Bad Money Habits, Live Without Financial Stress–and Make More Money!

This book could not come at a better time!

I think we can all agree that we have been witnessing a collective money madness coming out in the world for some time. And this madness is a reflection of the money madness that we hold within ourselves.

Let’s face it, when it comes to money, the vast majority of us are terminally insane!

Spencer’s book addresses that insanity and helps steer us in the direction of sanity, stability and yes, true abundance! As he shares stories from his many years as a high-level financial planner as well as his own journey through that insanity into a (mostly!) sane, grounded, and joyful relationship with money our own money “issues” are illuminated. And with each “Aha” moment that this book provides, we move closer to a space of money sanity!

He also provides practical exercises and tools to help us climb up and out of the often slippery slope of money madness.

If you have ever asked youself, “Why do I always screw up when it comes to money?” or, “Why don’t I ever seem to have enough?” or, “Why is it so difficult to talk about money?” and if you want to understand where those questions come from and how to move beyond them, The Cure for the Money Madness will help.

Check out what Jack Kornfield and Mark Victor Hansen have to say about it:

In these difficult financial times, The Cure for Money Madness offers sanity, clarity, and truly helpful understanding to calm the heart and regain a wise perspective.
–Jack Kornfield, Author of A Path with Heart and Founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center

You would be crazy not to read this book, cure your money madness, and make more money in every area of your life.
–Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul