Review: Waiting For Autumn


I recently finished reading Waiting for Autumn, the new novel from Scott Blum, the founder of the popular personal growth website, the Daily Om. The semi-autobiographical book follows the narrator, Scott, through a period of intense personal development and the awakening of powerful insights and awareness.

Anyone who has been through – or is going through – times of great spiritual growth will relate to the questioning, confusion and uncertainty that Scott experiences on his journey of discovery.

In the tradition of other books of awakening – The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Conversations with God – Scott Blum weaves together a compelling story with deep insights to draw you into the book.

And for those just embarking on a spiritual journey, a time that can lead to a great deal of stress and even fear, you will get to look over the shoulder of another person and watch as he steps onto a spiritual path for the first time.

This is a book that is much needed in these times of confusion and uncertainty. And while each of our journeys will lead us down different paths, this book provides a road map for the journey of awakening. We may not follow the same road or use the same tools, but the feelings and experiences will be very similar for all of us who walk on the path of the spiritual seeker.

I definitely recommend Waiting for Autumn, and if you order it now, you will be entered to win some great prizes in addition to receiving over 175 free gifts.

Go find out more and order Waiting for Autumn here.