Can Blackberries Teach Us About the Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction lessons from the blackberry bramble</a>I just went for a hike in one of my favorite local trails. It’s amazing that there is such a magical little spot hidden in between all the vineyards and orchards that line the hillsides around here.</p>
<p>As I walked, I stopped along the way to check on the blackberries brambles that stood guard on either side of the trail, blocking the way with their thorny stems.</p>
<p>The good news: Blackberry season has officially begun!</p>
<p>The bad news: We’re still at least a week away from the peak of the season.</p>
<p>Yes, there were ripe blackberries, though I had to search through clusters of mostly red berries to find the few ripe ones. Many of the ones that looked ripe, were actually still on the edge, I ingested quite a few not-quite-ripe berries for each ripe one I found. And even the ripest ones I found were not nearly as sweet and juicy as they’ll be in a couple of weeks.</p>
<p>No worries! As I like to say, “It’s all good.” And even the tart ones felt wonderful.</p>
<p>And as I meandered along checking the brambles, I remembered the <a title=Law of Attraction lessons I learned from the Blackberry Bramble a couple of years ago.

Here are those Law of Attraction lessons:

Desires need time to ripen just like blackberries.

It takes work to get what you want.

Sometimes you’ll get scratched reaching for your desires.

Desires have seasons.

It was a great reminder for me. Perfect timing! But then, isn’t that another lesson the Law of Attraction teaches?

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