And in the Bonehead Announcement By A Public Official Category

Joseph Lieberman, the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, announced major security lapses at Federal buildings. And not only did he announce the lapses, he announced exactly what the lapses were. In essence, he told the bad guys how they could get explosive devices into those buildings.

Now, you might think that full disclosure is a good thing. I mean, now we know that our many of our medium security buildings are not all that secure. Good to know, right?

Well, personally, I think this was an extremely bad idea for two reasons. First, as mentioned, it gives potential bad guys the information they need to plan attacks. Let’s face it, the vast majority of potential terrorists are boneheads themselves. And they probably wouldn’t be smart enough to realize that they could easily get past the security in those buildings. Now they do!

Come on guys. Isn’t this sort of a “D’uh” thing? Sure, tell us that we need to tighten up the security, but don’t give out the details. That’s just plain dumb.

And the second reason this is a bad idea – and in my opinion, this is the bigger reason – is because this announcement adds to the fear that permeates our world. And the last thing we need right now is more fear.

Let’s focus on what we want more of: Peace, security, happiness, joy, love. Let’s focus on the freedom we still enjoy here in the US and elsewhere. Let’s focus on the fact that we can sit in a cafe on a beautiful, warm evening, watching people walking by, smiling and holding hands, and laughing and twirling around.

So to Joseph Lieberman, I say, “Shame on you.”

And to NPR, I say, “You know better than that.”

And to myself, I wonder, “How could I have made this point without spreading this news?”

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