Declare Your Independence From An Inner Tyrant

Deliberate Creator IndependenceHere in the US we’re preparing for our annual Independence Day holiday. Every night this week, fireworks have blasted around the neighborhood, boats are being prepped for the trip to the lake, camping gear is packed and ready to go.

For most people this July 4th holiday has become nothing more than an excuse to drink some beer, cook some cows and blow stuff up! Gotta love it!

But if we remember the reason we celebrate this holiday it’s possible to bring some deeper meaning to the day, especially as Deliberate Creators.

This holiday helps us remember the day we declared our independence from a perceived tyrant. I wrote more about this in last year’s Independence Day post.

For most of us, certainly for the vast majority of us living in the US, we no longer have an external tyrant wielding power over us. Instead, our tyrants are within. We struggle under the oppression of the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs of our own inner thoughts.

So why not use tomorrow’s holiday as a catalyst to declare your independence from one of your inner tyrants. What fear paralyses you? What limiting belief holds you back? What doubt keeps you small?

Pick one and spend tomorrow acting as if you are free from the shackles of that fear, that belief, that doubt. Act as if you are independent of it.

Feel your freedom. And know what it is like to spend 1-day of your life free from the tyranny of that limiting belief.

And after the sun goes down, and the fireworks begin, and you hear the “oohs” and “ahhs” coming out of your mouth, remember to celebrate YOUR independence!

And while you’re at it, add your signature to the Deliberate Creator’s Declaration of Independence!