4 Law of Attraction Lessons Misers Teach Us

scroogeThe Law of Attraction tells us that Like Attracts Like, or that what you focus on expands. But if that’s the case, why are there wealthy misers?

It’s a contradiction of the law.

Or is it?

What do misers focus on?

Ok, yes, they focus on money. But the more important question is “How do they focus on it?” What is their vibrational offering when they focus on money?


They focus on money from a place of fear, scarcity and lack. They are afraid of losing it or having it taken from them. So they hoard it, they save it, they refuse to spend it. They are so afraid of losing their money that end up living miserable lives even though they have more than enough money.

And as an interesting side note did you know that the root of the word miserable is… you guessed it – Miser.

While the theory of what you focus on expands makes sense, in practice we must distinguish between our mental or thought focus versus our deeper energetic or vibrational focus. If you’ve been working with the Law of Attraction for any length of time you know that it is not enough to merely focus your thoughts on something.

Thoughts, on their own, will NOT attract your desires.

In fact, you have probably noticed that it quite possible to consistently focus your thoughts on one desire while you continue to attract the exact opposite into your life! What’s up with that?

What’s up is that the focus of your conscious desire is not strong enough to overcome the underlying core energetic vibration that is being put out through your emotions and your unconscious desire.

Until your conscious and unconscious desires are in alignment, it is very difficult (and often very frustrating) to attract what you want.

So how are misers able to attract and accumulate large sums of money when they are clearly focusing from a low vibration place of fear and lack?

The key to answering this question is to recognize what misers really want. Their core desire is not money… it’s misery! What they really want – their unconscious desire – is the misery and fear of losing the money. So, for misers, abundance becomes the context from which they get to experience their desire for scarcity. Money provides them with the fuel for their desire.

Now remember, the Universe doesn’t judge our desires. The Universe says “yes” to a miser’s desire to live in scarcity (even when surrounded by piles of money) just as quickly as it says “yes” to a Deliberate Creator choosing to embrace abundance (even when living in a time of apparent scarcity).

For misers, abundance is the context that allows them to fully experience their desire – misery.

For deliberate creators, scarcity is the context that allows us to fully experience our desire – abundance!

And misers show us that it is absolutely possible for scarcity and abundance to co-exist in the same person at the same time.

So here are four Law of Attraction lessons that Deliberate Creators can learn from misers.

First, abundance and scarcity CAN (and DO) exist simultaneously. It can be difficult to get your mind around the concept that these seemingly contradictory vibrations can exist together. And, in fact, your conscious mind is literally unable grasp this awareness. It is your heart-based awareness, or your higher-mind, that can intuitively grasp this concept. But it can be helpful to have an example to share with your mind. When your show your conscious mind the example of a miser and say, “See it is possible for scarcity and abundance to live in the same person at the same time,” your mind starts to get it.

Second, misers are brilliant examples of the Universe’s willingness and ability to give us exactly what we ask for. Ask and it is given! Do you want more abundance? The Universe will give it to you. Do you want more scarcity? The Universe will say “yes” to your request. There is no judgment, no hesitation. The Universe doesn’t say, “Are you SURE you want that?” The Universe says “yes.” So take a look around your world and recognize that whatever is in your life right now is the Universe’s answer to your request.

Third, misers teach us that it is possible to change our desires and our vibration. Well, for this lesson we have to thank Mr. Dickens and other authors who have seeded our collective consciousness with characters who begin as misers and go through a transformation that leads them to become generous, abundant, Deliberate Creators. The lesson for us is that, no matter where we are, no matter how much of an “inner miser” we have, we can change! And we don’t need to wait until the ghost of Christmas past comes to pay us a visit!

Fourth, misers teach us that money truly can not buy happiness. For a miser More Money = More Misery. More money means more that can be lost or taken away. There is never enough. There can never be enough. The Universe gives a miser more money so that the miser can have even more misery. So recognize that money is not the source of your happiness, nor is lack of money the source of your suffering. You get to choose how to feel in each and every moment!

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    5 Responses to “4 Law of Attraction Lessons Misers Teach Us”

    1. Sandy Murphey on November 4th, 2009 9:04 am

      I’m going to share my perception on the miser, which is quite different from yours.

      I understand that perception is really everything, and so people like us, who continue to study LOA, may have different perceptions of Abraham’s words.

      From what I’ve learned in LOA is that our main focus is “Joy”. You’re saying that the miser wants “misery”. That seems inconsistent with basic human desires. I think the miser’s focus is “accumulation”, and the feelings of joy or satisfaction that brings. I believe that the inconsistency lies in the emotion of feeling “fear” of loss of what has been accumulated….and the resulting hoarding as a way of trying to keep that from happening.

      Whether we consider ourselves “misers” or not, fear of loss is a feeling that many times hitches a ride with “joy”. Even when we’re experiencing happiness, many times an underlying feeling is that it won’t last, and if that becomes a “predominent” message (fear of loss) the universe will bring that to us. “The things we fear the most will come to us.”

      I believe that it’s the “fear” that creates the misery, not the hoarding or the money. At times, the miser must feel joy, and in those moments…more money comes.

      Money in itself doesn’t bring joy, happiness or misery, but having a pile of it, may allow us to feel more joyful and which is the feeling that provides us the ability to get the what we need and want. The miser may not want or need much, but the accumulation is the goal.

      Therefore the miser is as much a Deliberate Creator as we are.
      Feelings of scarcity and abundance can’t exist in us, at the same moment. How can they? It would be as if our inner guidance was giving us mixed signals. Up and down at the same time, or right and left at the same time. It would be hard to trust our inner guidance if that were so.

      Feelings can change from moment to moment. We can feel generous one moment and selfish or fearful the next.

      I believe that even the miser isn’t always miserable. There must be times when the miser feels joy, and that’s what bring more of what is desired. Once the desired money is there, fear takes over again….along with misery. (Fear of loss)

      Feelings of abundance or scarcity aren’t based on having or not having anything in particular, but rather from feeling trust or the opposite….fear. When the miser, as a Deliberate creator, trusts that more will come….more comes. When the miser fears losing it, that’s when the feelings of scarcity take over. That’s the “misery” of being a “miser”.

      Again, this is my perception, and is the way that I understand how LOA works, based on the feelings of the emotional scale, from hopelessness to ecstasy . And the reason we’re encouraged to continue on upward on the scale to feeling better…..or better feeling thoughts!

      Inner guidance is our best resource, and the one I choose over any authority outside of myself. Most times, I trust that I will have what I need, and only once in awhile I feel fear. That’s the best time to do the practice of writing all the things I’m grateful for. That can shift me into a much better place for receiving!

    2. Law of attraction on November 5th, 2009 2:48 am

      I think that the Miser is in a place of fear, and even when he receives money, he is still afraid that he is going to lose it. It is true to say that the scarsity do exist simultaneously. If you read any of Dr John DeMartini’s work, he will explain that theory. I think the key to the miser is that feeling miserable is not a vibration that will enable you to attract what you truly desire…money, relationship, success are bascially all vehicles which allow us to feel joy…bliss, happiness. the key to life is to be able to feel happiness in any situation. I am not saying this is easy, and one cannot necessarily live in happiness all day every day, one needs to feel sadness to know happiness.

    3. Sandy Murphey on November 5th, 2009 11:11 am

      I agree that the miser may be predominantly fearful, but I don’t agree that the miser always feels fearful, as none of us always feels the same every minute of the day. It seems to be the nature of feelings to fluctuate, based on thoughts.

      I agree that “feeling miserable is not a vibration that will enable us to attract what we desire….money, relationship, success” That’s exactly why I don’t believe that the miser always feels miserable, since money does come to the miser, sometimes easier than it seems to come to us. Fear then takes over, in reaction to perception of potential loss.

      We’d actually have to follow the life and times of a miser to know
      if they are able to keep all of their money, or end up losing some of it, or all of it.

      I, myself haven’t experienced feeling two or more opposite feelings at the same time, but I’d love to hear from people who have, rather than read about someone’s “theory”.

      It’s all “theory” until we’ve actually experienced it ourselves. We can’t feel someone else’s feelings. We can empathize based on our concern, or our own experience of those feelings.

      It would be great to access everyone else’s joy, but the other side of that coin is that we would also feel everyone else’s pain.

      I’m glad I only have to feel my own feelings, and not the miser’s.

    4. Marje on July 19th, 2012 5:53 pm

      A miser is not someone who cannot share his wealth, but also his/her feelings, authenticity, love. They must be very sad people and lack joy. In order to connect positively with people you need to be happy YOURSEF and the whole vibration of a miser will not only make himself unhappy but the people around him. What good is it having money n hoarding it. It’s like not living in any positive way for u or for those around you. What is the result being of a negative energy for yourself and society. The result selfishness, greed, meanness, self absorbed people,

    5. Margalla Man on February 4th, 2013 1:09 pm

      While i was a university student i once had to live with a miser in the hostel.Apart from so many funny anecdotes i once saw him removing the battery cells from time piece in the morning while we were going to class.I asked him why he had removed it.He replied that he did not want to waste the battery energy because nobody was to use the time piece and we were to be back after six hours.So funny but true!

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