Bottled At The Source

water-bottlesThe other day, my daughter suddenly became very interested in the writing on a one-gallon jug of water we had. She carefully pointed to each line, asking me what they said. And then she asked me to write each of the lines on a piece of paper so that she could copy them. So, one by one, I wrote them out on a piece of paper and helped her copy the letters.

The last line she pointed to said, “Bottled at the Source.”

“What does that mean, Dada?”

“Well, it means that this water is put into this bottle right where the spring comes out of the ground.”

“What’s a spring, Dada?”

“A spring is a place where water comes to the surface from deep down underground?”


Well I think you can see what phase she’s in!

I managed to redirect her curiosity into writing the words out. And as she painstakingly copied the letters, I began thinking about that phrase, “Bottled at the Source.”

It’s a great tagline for a bottled water company (regardless of how accurate it might be!) But as I watched her writing those letters, it occurred to me that it applies to us as well. Just like that bottle of water, we’re bottled at the Source!

You and I and everyone on this planet –everything, in fact – are all bottled at the Source. We come into this life filled with pure Source energy. And that pure Source energy exists within us all the days of our lives.

It’s fun to imagine our bottling line: There is the infinite Source/God/Great Spirit (use whatever name you choose) filling each one of us as we’re getting ready to make the transition into physical form. The difference, though, between us and a bottle of water, is that we don’t get a top put on us and we don’t ever disconnect from that Source. We remain connected to and are constantly being refilled by that Source energy… if we choose to allow that energy into us!

Most of us, however, stop the flow of that clean, pure Source energy. We fill up our bodies, minds and emotions with impurities by ingesting toxins of all sorts: From processed food and sugar to news to violent entertainment to inherited belief systems, we muck up the clean, pure, vibrant Source energy that we were blessed with when we entered this physical world.

But the great thing is that we can always reconnect to our Source. No matter how long we have been blocking that connection, no matter how mucked up our energy has become, it is always possible to open the faucet and allow Source energy to flow into us again.

And the amazing thing is that when you do, when you open to Source, it does not take long for that pure, clean, energy to clear you out and fill you back up with your original Source energy!

So the next time you see a bottle of water and read the slogan, “Bottled at the Source,” take a moment to remember that you, too, were Bottled at the Source.

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    4 Responses to “Bottled At The Source”

    1. Margarita on December 4th, 2009 1:21 pm

      About the meaning of life
      Man is not only one thing among others, not just one of the many. Man is self determined – what he becomes he has made out of himself. We all have the potential in us to be both good and bad, heroes and slaves, weak and strong… Which one we actualize depends on our decisions, not on our conditions. We all search for ultimate meaning of our lives. The great wisdom is to be able to carry our incapacity to grasp our unconditional meaningfulness in rational terms. We are greater than our bodies, but only through them we can experience our greatness.

      You can tell what I am reading. It is the “Man’s search for meaning” by Victor E. Frankl. My soul was shaken to the very core. I started seeing, not just looking at…

      The creator and the created are one and the same

    2. Neil on December 4th, 2009 1:38 pm

      Great reminder Ed. I love how being present with Ella brings you such insight. What a gift children are if we are open to it.

    3. Tatiana on December 4th, 2009 2:14 pm

      Good post Ed! Kids inspire our best thoughts, your daughter is so into learning, she reminds me of my now teenage son when he was younger. So willing to take the time to painstakingly copy the words from a label! That’s why we learn so fast when we are younger, and as we age we dedicate to use a good part of that boundless energy to keep up appearances and be cool and later on we use that energy to keep the things that we think we can’t live without and so on! My son doesn’t even remember the best answer he ever uttered, although I did tell him this storry many times:

      When Alex was about 2.5 we were playing colors, we usually played this kind of game early in the morning right before dressing up for the day or late at night before going to sleep. It was a simple game; I would ask him the color of things and he would answer, and in one love inspired moment I kissed his cheek and asked him: what color is a kiss? He was deep in thought for a few seconds, after which he looked at me and said: “It’s like light.”

    4. Edward Mills on December 4th, 2009 4:13 pm

      @Margarita. Man’s Search for Meaning is truly an eye-opening and paradigm shattering book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I absolutely agree with you that it is through our bodies that we are able to experience our true greatness.

      @Neil: It reminds me of how you are able to be with your son as he plays WOW and discover important life lessons from him!

      @Tatiana: I love that a kis is “like light.” I think I’ll ask Ella what color a kiss is and see what she thinks! Thanks for sharing that.

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