Whatever You Have Done Is Enough

I had dinner at a friend’s house tonight. It was one of those spontaneous things that just sort of evolve from an afternoon task into a simple dinner. As we sat down he said, “I don’t usually light the candles for Shabbat if I’m alone, but since you’re here let’s do it.”

It’s been at least 10-years since I’ve participated in a Shabbat dinner. But as he began chanting the prayer over the candles, and the wine and the bread, it all came back to me from the literally thousands of times that we said those prayers on Friday night as I was growing up.

376.1561As we talked about our experiences and understanding of Shabbat, he explained it in a way that felt really right to me. He said that when sundown on Friday evening arrives, it is a time to stop and acknowledge that whatever you have done during the week is enough.

That hit home for me. My body had an instant and visceral reaction. “Yes,” it was saying. “You have done enough! Now rest.”

After all, how often do we stop and take a breath and acknowledge that what we have done is enough? How often do we give ourselves the opportunity to step back from the responsibilities of our daily life? How often to we consciously give ourselves downtime to reflect, renew and replenish our life force?

Not nearly often enough.

As I wrote a few years ago, “The folks that came up with a day of rest were on to something!” Back then, my plan was to give myself one day a week without computer access. I stuck to it for a while, but then slowly drifted back to being online at least once every day.

Now it seems like a good time to go back to A Day of Rest. For me that means no computer for one day each week.

What does your day of rest look like? Leave a comment below and let me know.