Can a Sales Page Change Your Life?

I believe the Simpleology 201 sales page can.

Near the top of the sales page, Mark Joyner writes:

How can you have everything in the world you could ever want?
Go with me, absorb every word in this letter and you will discover . . . I will give you the ‘Know How’!
I need you to forget self-limitation for the moment.
Can you do this?

Can you? Can you let go of your limiting beliefs for the 5-mintues it takes to read that page? Because if you can, it means that you can let go of them at other times as well.

Now just because I coach people and write a personal development blog doesn’t mean that I’m immune to self-limitation. In fact, I can be pretty darn good at it!

But what I found when I read those words from Mark is that I WAS able to let go of my self-limitation. It was as if being asked if I could let them go somehow gave me permission to do just that.

Could it really be that simple? Could it really be just that we need someone to give us permission to release our limiting beliefs?

Often it can seem as if our limiting beliefs are too powerful for us. The self-sabotaging actions we take and self-limiting habits in which we engage seem to be driven by some indistinct presence that hangs out just below our conscious awareness.

We can sense that it’s there, but we can’t quite get a clear picture of it and we can’t get a handle on why or how it gets us to act in ways that are counterproductive.

The truth is that why and how that presence does what it does is really not all that important. What is important is learning how to break out of its control.

And if someone asking you the simple question, ”Can you forget self-limitation for the moment?” can help break that grip, that’s one more tool to hang on your belt!

So go check out the page and see if you have the same response I did. What a gift to be asked that question and to be given permission to step aside from your limiting beliefs.

FYI: The point of this post is not to get you to purchase the Simpleology 201 program – although if you do, and you got there by clicking one of the links on this page I will earn a small commission. The purpose of this post is to give you the opportunity to try out one more tool you can use to minimize the influence of your limiting beliefs.

And by the way, there’s a lot more life changing information on that page. Check out these little tidbits: “Life is too short for you to try to do it all by yourself.” (That’s been a huge one for me to learn!) And how about this: “Ultimately, I think that what we are experiencing now is simply the beginning of the final sloughing off of our shackles.”

And I’ll leave you with a graphic from the page that simply illustrates why so many traditional institutions are having such a hard time as we move through this tumultuous time: