The Abundant Mystic: 21-Days to TRUE Prosperity

I owe you a big apology! I didn’t let you know that The Abundant Mystic: 21-Days to TRUE Prosperity began on Friday.

One of my long time readers wrote me an email yesterday wondering why she heard about The Abundant Mystic from Marie Diamond before me. After all, I’m the producer of the program!

Well, the only reason is because I have been up to my ears with last minute details to get this program launched. I know, it’s not a very good excuse. But then, Abundant Mystics don’t make excuses. They just say, “My Bad,” and move on!

So now we’re moving on. And I highly encourage you to go register for the Abundant Mystic. You’ll have free access to some of the Leading Edge Thinkers in the world today as they share the tools, techniques, and the personal experiences that have helped them to become Abundant Mystics.

You’ll get to hear from Marci Shimoff, Marie Diamond, Marc Allen, Sonia Choquette, Guy Finley and many more. In fact, you’ll hear from 21 Modern Day Mystics all of whom have discovered the secrets of TRUE Abundance.

And, you can listen to all of them for free during their 24-hour open access period. And I’m also giving away a free upgrade package every day. So you might even win one of 21 upgraded Abundant Mystic Packages!

So, maybe I’m a bit biased. But if you don’t trust my word about how powerful this program is, go check out the comments on the blog. We’ve already got almost 500 comments in the first 3-days! Here are a few of the hundreds of comments:

I enjoyed this more than most talks I’ve heard lately mainly because of Rich’s lovely energy. The lilt of his joyful voice dropped me into a deeply receptive, relaxed and happy place. I related to the orgasm experience and his authentic, personal sharing.

I’m grateful to be receiving these rich recordings. Thank you so much. What a stellar start with Sonia’s interview. Her glow was palpable through the air, and I felt uplifted to remember to bring my gifts 1000 per cent with me wherever I go. Many blessings, Joy

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Guy Finley and ED! I’ll remember to say is this stealing from me or serving me. If it is stealing from me, I’ll drop it. I appreciate all the wonderful gifts. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to listen today

So, you see, even if I’m a bit biased, I’m not the only one who thinks this program rocks! So go sign up for The Abundant Mystic. I have a feeling you’ll be really glad you did!

To your TRUE Abundance.