Abundance FLOWS: A Fun Story

river-02Well I just got back from a warm and sunny week in San Diego with my daughter, Ella. You can see some pics of our trip over at Facebook.

Before I left I had a personal experience that reminded me of how beautifully and mysteriously Abundance Flows.

I’m sure you know that I just finished the 21-day launch of The Abundant Mystic teleseminar series. Well, when I was planning for the program I created a list of the people I wanted to be Abundant Mystic Faculty Members. I had my “big list” and then I had my “I really would love to have them” list. One of the people on my “I really would love to have them” list was Arielle Ford.

Arielle is the publicist for some of the most successful personal and spiritual development authors in the world including: Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Louise Hay and many more. And she is most definitely a Modern Day Mystic! She is the host of Mystical Cafe on Lime Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio and she is the author of the popular book series, Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul. As a Modern Day Mystic you’ve got to love that!

I wasn’t able to make a direct connection with Arielle for the 21-Day program. But I still had a sense that we were going to connect.

And then, right near the end of the Abundant Mystic launch… I think Joe Vitale’s recording was up, so it was the VERY end… guess who calls me?

Yup, Arielle Ford. She had heard about the Abundant Mystic and wanted to chat with me about the Spiritual Cinema Circle which she helps to promote.

Now, because she didn’t call specifically about The Abundant Mystic, you might be wondering how this is an example of the flow of Abundance. Well, remember, our job as Abundant Mystics, is not to figure out the “how.” Our job is to set our intention and to remain open to the totally unexpected, mysterious and sometimes downright sneaky ways the Universe conspires to provide us with what we want!

Arielle was calling to talk about Spiritual Cinema Circle, but I don’t believe in coincidence and now she’s going to be a faculty member for the Mystic Business series which will begin in late March or early April!

The point is to remember not to be attached to HOW your desires manifest. The Universe will work on your behalf, to get you what you want, but you have to be willing to be flexible. You have to literally “go with the flow” even when it feels like that flow is leading you the wrong way!

So practice going with the flow today. Practice staying open to the little miracles and synchronicities that flow into your life. These are the signs that you are aligning with abundance and opening to your creative partnership with the Universe!

Oh, and if you haven’t checked out the Spiritual Cinema Circle, I highly recommend it. In his Abundant Mystic interview,  Joe Vitale talked about the importance of reading, listening to and watching inspiring and uplifting material. The Spiritual Cinema Circle gives you plenty of inspiration each month! And you can check out Spiritual Cinema Circle for free for the first month!

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Go sign up for your Spiritual Cinema Circle free trial here.

I’d love to hear your stories of FLOW. Leave a comment below and let us know one of the “sneaky” ways the Universe has conspired to get you what you want!