That just about says it all!

The Beatles expanded on it a bit when they sang, “Love is all there is.”

Today we get the opportunity to live into that truth. When we peel away the layers of conditioning and commercialism that have clouded the meaning of this day and of this word, it is possible to remember the truth that Love is truly all there is!

How can you live into that truth today?

How can you express more of your love today?

Can you let go of what you “think” love is?

Can you let go of what you have been taught that Valentine’s Day means and open, instead to the deeper meaning of love?

butterfly-heartWhat would it take to offer yourself, in love, to your lover, to your family, your community and to the world today?

Can you reach inside of yourself, find more of the love that is your essence and offer it freely and joyfully?

That is the biggest gift you can offer on this Valentine’s Day and every day.

And, in truth, that is the biggest gift you can give yourself: For when you share more of your love freely, without conditions, without expectations, guess what circles right back around and flows into your life…

You got it… More love.

To borrow from the Beatles once more:

“And in the end…
the love you take
is equal to the love you make!”

So what are waiting for?

Go make some more love! 😉