If You’re Not LIVING It You Don’t KNOW It



That’s just about all I can say.

This weekend I attended my second Millionaire Mind Intensive and it was even more life-changing than the first one. This one was in San Francisco, so I didn’t have to fly anywhere. And even more important, T. Harv Eker was there this weekend.

If you’re interested in personal development or have any interest in creating more wealth – of all kinds – in your life you must see Harv.

Well, that’s assuming that you’re willing to hear the truth.

Harv is a truth-teller which means it’s not always easy to hear what he has to say. But if you want to change your life and you are ready and willing to listen to what he says you want to go check him out.

At the beginning of the weekend, you’re introduced to the “three most dangerous words in the English language.” Any idea what they are?


Once you know something – or even worse, THINK you know something – the game is over. You stop learning and growing. Your mind turns off and closes down to new information.

One of Harv’s most important points is that if you’re not living it, you don’t “KNOW” it. The first time I went to the Millionaire Mind Intensive I got some great insights, but there was still a part of me that fell into the “I know that” trap. So I didn’t get as much out of it as I could have.

At this MMI I was ready and willing to participate fully. I was ready to let go of my image of myself and look at the reality of my life – which is a much better reflection of what I “KNOW.” And because of that I had some huge personal breakthroughs.

Have you ever fallen into the I KNOW THAT trap? It’s not just for “know it alls.” We all do it. And it can be extremely subtle. But once those three words kick in, your ability to hear, accept and apply new information basically shuts down.

Here’s the bottom line: Look at your life.

  • Do you have as much money as you want?
  • Do you have as much joy and fun and happiness as you want?
  • Do you have as much love and intimacy as you want?
  • Do you have as much confidence as you want?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions there is something you DON”T KNOW. You may have read it somewhere. You may understand it intellectually. You may even be starting to apply it in your life. But if you aren’t fully living it you haven’t embodied it which means that you don’t trulyknow it!

And until you do, the three words, “I KNOW THAT,” will continue to hold you back.

So take a moment to look at your life. Where would you like to see some imnprovements?

Now ask yourself what knowledge you need in order to make those changes.

Or you may need to look at what knowledge you already have that you need to begin applying! Because remember, if you’re not living it, you don’t know it!

So I encourage you to be on the lookout for those three most dangerous words in the English language. (And if English is not your first language, go ahead and translate them into your language). And when you catch your mind trying to convince you that you know something ask yourself these two simple questions:

  1. Am I living this knowledge?
  2. Is my life a reflection of this knowledge?

If the answers are “No” you don’t know it! And if that’s the case it’s time to get yourself back into the best school there is… LIFE!

Time For the Millionaire Mind Intensive

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If you’ve ever been to a big event you probably know that feeling of anticipation and excitement that comes up just before you get there. It’s that same kind of high-vibration energy that comes just before a performance or a job interview. There’s an energy and an aliveness that wakes you up.

Well I’m feeling that right now.

Tomorrow morning at 5:00am I’m heading down to San Francisco for the Peak Potentials 3-day Millionaire Mind Intensive. If you read my previous post on MMI you know that this will be my second time attending the event. And if anything, I’m even more excited about it this time!

You know how when you see a movie a second time you notice things you missed the first time? Well I have a feeling I’ll be getting a lot of those missing pieces this time through MMI.

I’m also excited because quite a few of the folks who participate in my monthly Drop in Law of Attraction group are heading down there as well. We’ve got a very strong Sonoma County crew for this weekend.

If you’ve ever attended a Peak Potentials event you know that there is very little time for extraneous activities, so I can’t guarantee that I’ll be doing any “live” blogging from the event. But I’m sure that I’ll be cranking out a few posts about the event after I return.

If you’re still thinking of heading down there this weekend but haven’t registered, you’ll have to fill out their Millionaire Mind Intensive late registration form and get there early tomorrow morning.

(If you are to be at the SF event this weekend, send me an email so that we can connect down there. I’d love to meet you!)

After this SF weekend, there are just 3 remaining free Millionaire Mind Intensives. After this round they’re going to begin charging for the event. Over the next few weeks they have events in Ft. Lauderdale, Detroit and Toronto.

If you want to register for one of those weekends, go to the Millionaire Mind Intensive registration page.

I’ll see you on the other side!

Last Chance For Free Admission to the Millionaire Mind Intensive


This Spring is the last time that you’ll be able to attend Peak Potential’s Millionaire Mind Intensive for free. And in a few of the locations you’ll also have the chance to see T. Harv Ecker!I flew to Denver Colorado to attend the 3-day Millionaire Mind Intensive in December of 2006 and have been recommending it to friends and clients ever since!

And the best part… It’s free!

Well, if you get to one of the weekends scheduled for this Spring and Summer it’s free. After this round they’re going to start charging $1200. And I’ll still recommend it!

I got so much out of the first one I’m going back to the weekend in San Francisco on May 30th – June 1st. I’ll probably get even more out of it the second time. And I’m excited about seeing Harv do the event. He wasn’t at the weekend in Denver.

(If you decide to attend the SF event, use the comment form to let me know. I’m organizing a dinner of Deliberate Creators on one of the nights and would love to have you join us!)

Check out this video and then go register to change your life!

Click Here for More Information

Take This Quiz To Discover Your Money Archetypes

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I just got an email from the Zaadz/Gaia folks. They’re promoting a new book by Brent Kessel, It’s Not About the Money: Unlock Your Money Type to Achieve Spiritual and Financial Abundance.

Looks like a very cool book. I’m going to order it.

There’s a quick quiz you can take to determine your money archetype. The information I received from the quiz was right on and very helpful.

You can take the quiz here.

Three Simple Steps To Make Right More Right


A few months ago I wrote about Ho’oponopono and the book Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More by Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len. Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing art and, roughly translated means, “To make right,” or “To make right more right!

Ho’oponopono, which, for me, is a logical extension of the Law of Attraction, reminds us that there is right in everything and that everything is right. Or as I like to say, “It’s all good!

Of course it’s not always easy to see the good or the right in all things. And that’s the power and the potential of the Law of Attraction.

Since reading Zero Limits, I’ve been playing with some of the Ho’oponopono tools and thinking about the concept and practice of making right more right. And I’ve found that the process – though not necessarily the practice – of making right more right is quite simple.

In my experience, there are just three steps. Catch it. Zap it. Turn it around.

Here are the three simples steps to making right more right.

1. Catch It:

In this world of contrast there are many opportunities to perceive things as Not Right: From a missed bus to a sprained ankle. From a flat tire to an abusive partner: From a bad cup of coffee to the death of loved one. There will always be people, events, and situations in our lives and in this world that appear to be “not right.” The first step in the process of making right more right is acknowledging when you feel that something is not right.

Far too often we go through our lives without even being aware that we are labeling things not right or bad or wrong. And when we are focused on what is “not right” in our lives or the world around us, it is very difficult to allow more rightness into our life.

As we begin to catch ourselves in the act of labeling something wrong or bad or not right, we have taken the first, and most important step in making right more right.

2. Zap it:

Remember; “it’s all good!” Everything in your life is meant to be there. Everything has a purpose and a reason for being in your life. The good, the indifferent and the not so good.

I suggest you come up with a phrase to remind you that everything is right: Something you can say to yourself in these situations. I use, “It’s all good.” You could use, “This is perfect.” Or, “There is a reason for this.” Or, “Life is good.” Whatever helps you zap the thought that something is bad.

And once you’ve caught your judgment and zapped it, you can…

3. Turn it around:

There are many tools and techniques for accomplishing this second step. But there are just two main modes: Direct and Indirect. In the direct method you confront what you perceive as Not Right head on. In the indirect method you shift your attention to something that you already feel is right. Let’s explore each of these modes a bit more:

The Direct Method:

Lets look at an example: You get a flat tire on the way to work and you catch yourself thinking, “Not now, this is the worst time for a flat tire. I’ve got a big meeting this morning. This sucks!”

In the direct approach you stop and explore all the possible reasons why this could be “right.” So while you’re changing the tire, you start seeking the rightness in the situation.

  • Maybe there’s going to be a big accident up ahead and this is causing me to miss it.M
  • Maybe the meeting is really going to be a big waste of time.
  • Maybe this is a sign that I’m too invested in this job.
  • It’s a beautiful morning and I get to spend an extra 20-minutes outside.
  • Maybe there’s something about changing a tire that I can apply to this project.
  • It’s a good thing that I was driving alone and didn’t have my daughter/son/partner with me.
  • This gives me a chance to stop and breathe a bit.
  • The traffic will probably be lighter by the time I change the tire.

You get the idea. Taking the direct approach can be very effective, but can also be difficult when you find yourself in the middle of a frustrating situation.

The Indirect Method:

This approach can sometimes be easier. With the indirect approach you take your mind off of the current situation and think about something unrelated that is clearly “right” in your mind.

For instance, as you change the tire you think:

  • This morning’s coffee was especially good.
  • That date last night was amazing!
  • I’m really looking forward to my workout at lunch.
  • The sunrise was spectacular this morning.
  • I can’t believe how much I laughed during that movie last night.

When you use the indirect method, the idea is to take your mind off of the situation that is “not right” and ease yourself into a space where you are more connected to rightness.

Sometimes the indirect approach can lead you into the direct approach. By shifting your focus to something positive and unrelated to the present, frustrating, situation, you shift your attention enough that you can then find the “rightness” in the current situation.

But whether or not that happens, by getting yourself into a space where you are acknowledging “Rightness” in your life, you open yourself to More Right.

These three steps – Catch it. Zap it. Turn it around – make for a truly empowering approach to life. And you can begin applying this method immediately, as in right now!

Scan your life for a moment looking for anything that you might consider “wrong” or “bad” or even “not so great.”

When you find something, you’ve just successfully applied the first step: Catch it!

Now, apply the next two steps: Zap it, and Turn it around.

Remember, it’s all good and everything that is in your life is there for a reason.

Find the rightness in everything and you will allow more right to flow easily and naturally into your life.

When you acknowledge the right, you make it more right.

So go ahead: catch it, zap it, turn it around and watch the right become more right!

Law Of Attraction Lessons The Blackberry Bramble Taught Me


The blackberry bramble in our backyard is bursting with beautiful, shiny, berries. They are hanging there, within easy reach, ripe and ready to fall off into your fingers at the slightest tug and melt in your mouth with the sweet juicy yumminess that comes at this time of year.My daughter and I have been watching the berries ripen slowly over the last few weeks. And lately, we’ve been going out there almost every evening to pick some “best ones” as Ella calls them, to put into our yogurt.

Last night she got a scratch as she was reaching for one of those “best ones.” When she said, “Ouch, I got a scratch Dada.” I said, “Yes, that sometimes happens when you’re reaching for the one you really want.”

And as I said it I realized that this entire process of watching and waiting for the berries to ripen has been filled with powerful Law of Attraction lessons.

So in no particular order here are a few of the Law of Attraction Lessons the Blackberry Bramble has taught me:

1. Desires need time to ripen just like blackberries. Whenever you set an intention, there will be a period of growing and ripening. Patience is required during this time. If you pick a blackberry before it is ripe, the tartness or even bitterness fills your mouth. This can be an extra big shock for a mouth expecting the sweet juicyness of a ripe berry! So too, attempting to “pick” one of your desires before it is ripe can lead to disappointing results. Don’t be in such a rush to have your desire ripen. Give it the time it needs to become plump, juicy and sweet. And then truly savor the sweetness of it when the time is right!

2. It takes work to get what you want. Early in the season when the few ripe berries are hidden back deep in the brambles, you have to work to get them. You have to gingerly thread your hand in through the brambles reaching for that one that looks so plump and juicy back there. It is the same with our desires. Attaining them requires work. You need to focus on what you want and be willing to take the time and risk to work you way through the obstacles to get it.

3. Sometimes you’ll get scratched reaching for your desires. Blackberry brambles are quite adept at protecting their sweet prizes. If you’re not careful (and sometimes even when you are) you’ll end up with some scratches on your arms and legs. But (in my opinion) the reward of those sweet juicy berries is well worth it! Somehow the sweetness of that just-plucked blackberry immediately takes away the pain from any scratches you may have gotten. Likewise, when we reach for our desires, there may be some times that we get “scratched.” But if we can hold onto the taste of the sweet, juicy reward in our mind, those scratches will be worth it.

4. Desires have seasons. Right now we’re at the peak of blackberry season. And while that means that there are “best ones” everywhere we look. It also means that we are heading towards the end of the season when there will no longer be any blackberries. Already, with so many ripe berries on the bramble, there are far too many for us to pick. And every day we see more and more shriveled, dry berries that have gone past their prime. The Law of Attraction teaches the importance of continual expansion. When you attain one desire, enjoy it, savor it, celebrate it, but do not get caught in the trap of thinking that the process is over. Do not let yourself become dry and shriveled like those blackberries. When the season is over on one desire, move on to the next one. Enjoy the cycles of expansion.

What lessons have you learned from the blackberry bramble? Share them in the comments below!

A Great Week For Both – And


I realize we live in a world that’s filled with a lot of either/ors:  You can either be rich or spiritual. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can either be successful or have fun. You can either work or play.

So it’s always wonderful to see examples of Both/And.

This week, the juxtaposition of two seemingly contradictory events is, for me, a great example of the growing power of Both/And.

Today, and for the next three Thursdays, XM radio is broadcasting the meeting between Oprah, Esther and Jerry Hicks, AND the non-physical entity, Abraham, the “source” for many of the Law of Attraction teachings.

And tomorrow we’ll get to witness and take part in what is going to be one of the biggest online book launches ever with the release of Mark Joyner’s new book, Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want.

On the one side we’re being encouraged to think, feel and vibrate our way into the manifestation of our desires. And on the other side we’re being encouraged to get our butts in gear and act our way into the creation of what we want.

And I find myself standing smack-dab in the middle saying “Yes!”

They don’t negate each other or cancel each other out. It’s BOTH/AND.

Go ahead and think, feel and vibrate your way into alignment with what you want, and then get your butt in gear and go out and make it happen!

Tune Into Law of Attraction Live Today!

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The first live broadcast of Law of Attraction Live: Practical Tools For Creating The Life You Desire is coming up later this morning at 11:00 pacific time. The topic of this morning’s show is: Back to Basics: Exploring the critical core concepts of the law of attraction.

If you’re new to the Law of Attraction, or if you’ve been studying it for years and want a refresher on the basics, this morning’s show will provide some great information.

You can tune in live at: http://blogtalkradio.com/evolvingtimes

And the call in number, to ask questions and share your thoughts, is (718) 664-6979.

If you miss the live show you can listen to a recording of this show and all the archives at http://blogtalkradio.com/evolvingtimes or listen to the latest show at the Law of Attraction Homepage.

My 3 Year Old Daughter Has A Millionaire Mind


Since returning from T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive in December, my wife and I have each been wearing green rubber wrist band that say “I Have A Millionaire Mind.” It’s a simple but effective reminder to keep our intentions and attention focused on financial freedom.

Recently, my three-year-old daughter has begun asking what it says, or in her words, “what are dat dada?” as she points to the band.

“It says, ‘I have a Millionaire Mind, Ella.”

But this morning, as she sat on the bathroom counter while I shaved, she picked up the band, put it on her wrist, lifted it up so I could see, and said, “Millionaire Mind.”

I cracked up. It was so cute. “Yes you do, Ella! You have a millionaire mind,” I replied.

And as I said it, I realized just how amazing it is to think that my daughter is going to grow up knowing that she is an abundant being! She won’t have to spend half her life “handling” her “money stuff.”

Instead, she’ll be able to focus all of that energy and time into… well, into whatever she wants.

So thank you Harv for helping me find my way back into my Millionaire Mind so that I can help my daughter not forget hers!

What Donald Trump Has To Say

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Guy Kawasaki has a quick ten-question interview with Donald Trump.

I particularly enjoyed Trump’s answer to:

Question: Not many people make billions, lose billions, and then make billions all over again. How did you pull this off?

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