If You’re Not LIVING It You Don’t KNOW It



That’s just about all I can say.

This weekend I attended my second Millionaire Mind Intensive and it was even more life-changing than the first one. This one was in San Francisco, so I didn’t have to fly anywhere. And even more important, T. Harv Eker was there this weekend.

If you’re interested in personal development or have any interest in creating more wealth – of all kinds – in your life you must see Harv.

Well, that’s assuming that you’re willing to hear the truth.

Harv is a truth-teller which means it’s not always easy to hear what he has to say. But if you want to change your life and you are ready and willing to listen to what he says you want to go check him out.

At the beginning of the weekend, you’re introduced to the “three most dangerous words in the English language.” Any idea what they are?


Once you know something – or even worse, THINK you know something – the game is over. You stop learning and growing. Your mind turns off and closes down to new information.

One of Harv’s most important points is that if you’re not living it, you don’t “KNOW” it. The first time I went to the Millionaire Mind Intensive I got some great insights, but there was still a part of me that fell into the “I know that” trap. So I didn’t get as much out of it as I could have.

At this MMI I was ready and willing to participate fully. I was ready to let go of my image of myself and look at the reality of my life – which is a much better reflection of what I “KNOW.” And because of that I had some huge personal breakthroughs.

Have you ever fallen into the I KNOW THAT trap? It’s not just for “know it alls.” We all do it. And it can be extremely subtle. But once those three words kick in, your ability to hear, accept and apply new information basically shuts down.

Here’s the bottom line: Look at your life.

  • Do you have as much money as you want?
  • Do you have as much joy and fun and happiness as you want?
  • Do you have as much love and intimacy as you want?
  • Do you have as much confidence as you want?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions there is something you DON”T KNOW. You may have read it somewhere. You may understand it intellectually. You may even be starting to apply it in your life. But if you aren’t fully living it you haven’t embodied it which means that you don’t trulyknow it!

And until you do, the three words, “I KNOW THAT,” will continue to hold you back.

So take a moment to look at your life. Where would you like to see some imnprovements?

Now ask yourself what knowledge you need in order to make those changes.

Or you may need to look at what knowledge you already have that you need to begin applying! Because remember, if you’re not living it, you don’t know it!

So I encourage you to be on the lookout for those three most dangerous words in the English language. (And if English is not your first language, go ahead and translate them into your language). And when you catch your mind trying to convince you that you know something ask yourself these two simple questions:

  1. Am I living this knowledge?
  2. Is my life a reflection of this knowledge?

If the answers are “No” you don’t know it! And if that’s the case it’s time to get yourself back into the best school there is… LIFE!

Have You Ever Had One Of THOSE Weeks?


I haven’t posted much this week. It’s not from a lack of trying. It’s from an inability (or an unwillingness) to complete anything I consider worth posting. I’ve started about 8 different posts, opened up another 5 or 6 from my drafts folder and closed them all when I found myself spinning around in circles and worrying that I was just making them worse!

Most of us have days, or weeks, like this; times when we’re spiraling around our old limiting beliefs and patterns and resisting the opportunity for personal evolution that is bubbling up.

Yes, even somewhat successful personal growth bloggers have these moments.

They’re not fun. They’re certainly not comfortable. But in the end, experience has taught me that when I come out the other side, I’m at a higher level of awareness and functioning.

So forgive me while I swirl around in my inner muckety muck for a few days. I appreciate your patience. And I have a feeling that I’ll have a few insights to share with you when I come up for air.

Take Tiny Steps On Your Journey To Joy


No matter how advanced you are in your work with the Law of Attraction, there are bound to be times when you get stuck. Times when you drop into frustration, anger, irritation, or depression. Times when you feel the need to find someone or something to blame for what is happening in your life or how you feel.

One of the most powerful things to remember in these moments is that your goal should not be to take a giant leap from depression or anger or whatever you are feeling all the way to joy or peace or whatever you want to feel.

Rather, focus on taking small, sometimes tiny, steps to feel just a little bit better. A continuing series of tiny steps in the direction of joy will eventually lead you there. One day you’ll wake up and realize that you’re feeling pretty darn good!

But the key is to take those tiny actions. You can’t just wish for joy. You can’t just hope for peace. You can’t just pray for love. You have to take action. Inspired action.

Adrian over at A Rain of Frogs may or may not consider himself a student of the Law of Attraction, but his entry, Instant catharsis (we all cry on), is a brilliant example of the power of small, focused actions.

Comfort Zone Equals Money Zone or I Don’t Do Touchy Feely


On Saturday, as I was waiting for the hotel elevator after the Millionaire Mind Intensive lunch break, I overheard a snippet of conversation a man was having on a cell phone.

“I’m here at this Millionaire Mind Conference.” “Yeah, there’s been some pretty interesting stuff. But there’s also been a lot of touchy feely stuff. And you know me…I just don’t do touchy feely!”

He really put an emphasis on that last statement. “I don’t do touchy feely.”

One of the concepts that T. Harv Ecker teaches is a simple equation: CZ=$Z: The size of your Comfort Zone equals the size of your Money Zone. If you want to expand your money zone you MUST be willing to stretch the boundaries of your Comfort Zone.

Was this man in the hallway of the Holiday Inn willing to stretch his comfort zone? I don’t think so. How much is his Money Zone going to expand if he holds onto his pattern of not doing touchy feely? Not a whole heck of a lot!

Now here’s the thing. It’s never comfortable to stretch your comfort zone. After all it is called the comfort zone. During this seminar I was continuously challenged to stretch my comfort zone, beginning at the very first break.

The trainer, David Wood, challenged us to meet at least one new person during every break. “Can you commit to that?” he asked. “Yeah, yeah. No problem. I can do that.” I said. Well, actually, I got caught up in the energy of the moment and screamed at the top of my lungs. “Yes!!!”

Well, you may not believe this, but I’m not actually a very good new-person-meeter. I’d much rather be in my office talking to a coaching client, or sitting, anonymously in a café writing blog posts, or teaching small, intimate groups.

So when the first break came I found myself falling into a familiar (comfortable) pattern. I walked out of the hall (without meeting anyone new) headed up the stairs (without meeting anyone new) went straight out the doors of the convention center and found myself standing at the corner of the sidewalk, just about to take a “quick walk around the block to get some fresh air.”

That’s what the guardian of my comfort zone was saying. “Don’t worry. You’ll have time to meet someone after you walk around the block. But right now, you need some exercise and fresh air. Go on.”


Before my foot stepped off the sidewalk, I caught myself, turned around, and walked right up to a woman that was standing there and said, “Hi.”

That’s all it took to short-circuit the part of my comfort zone that wants to remain invisible, unseen, and on the sidelines. At the moment when I said “STOP” and overruled the voice of my Comfort Zone guardian, I expanded the boundaries of my Comfort Zone and began to break a pattern that had kept me small.

After that break, I made a commitment to myself. I committed to meeting someone new at every break. I committed to breaking the pattern that kept me separate and apart from others. I committed to letting myself be seen and seeing others. I realized that, while I was quite an exceptional observer of others, as long as I remained on the sidelines, watching, I was not truly seeing them.

And here’s the best part: It got easier and easier. At every break, I met at least one new person. I had wonderful conversations and connections with these people. I got to see how my pattern of staying on the sidelines and not being seen was holding me back. I got to see just how irrational my fears were.

So let me ask you this: What is your “touchy feely?” What is one thing that you “just don’t do?”

How is that pattern holding you back? How is that pattern keeping you small?

Do you want to change that pattern? Do you want to stretch your Comfort Zone?

Remember CZ=$Z: The size of your Comfort Zone equals the size of your Money Zone. But it’s not just your money zone. The size of your Comfort Zone also equals the size of your Joy Zone, your Love Zone, your Fulfillment Zone… Get it?

If you want more of anything in your life, you have to be willing to stretch your Comfort Zone. Are you willing to do so?

If you say “yes,” I want you to click on the “add a comment” link down below right now, and let me know what one step you are going to take today to stretch the boundaries of your Comfort Zone.

Carnival Addendum: Steve Pavlina on Intention and Resistance

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Steve Pavlina just published this great entry on Manifesting Intentions Without Resistance Manifesting Intentions Without Resistance.

This issue of “why is the Law of Attraction not working” has been coming up quite a bit lately. Steve’s article addresses one critical component to the successful implementation of the Law of Attraction.

If there is any fear hidden beneath the surface of your intention, the manifestation will either not happen or will take significantly longer than you would like. Steve presents a practical method for bringing hidden fears to the surface and defusing the power they wield over your intention.

I’ve also added this entry to last week’s Law of Attraction Carnival on the Power of Intention.

In Michigan? Look For My Article In The Healing Garden Journal


An article I published in my newsletter a while back was picked up by a wonderful magazine in Michigan, the Healing Garden Journal.

I’m waiting to receive my copy of the magazine, but until it arrives, I’ve been perusing the offerings in the online version of the Journal.

The best part, for me, was being re-introduced to the article that I wrote. It’s no coincidence, of course, that the subject that I wrote about over a year ago, is once again, active in my life.

You can read the article in the online journal at the Healing Garden Journal. I have also posted it as a separate entry here: Surrendering To Freedom: Stepping Into Grace

Holosync Update – Day 24: A New Discovery

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Actually, I’ve made two new discoveries since the last update. First, I realized how effective The Dive is at winding me down in the evening. I’ve been noticing, with the number of projects I’m working on right now, that my mind is having a hard time slowing down at night. Even on evenings that I am physically tired, my brain keeps churning, making it difficult to get to sleep.

A few nights ago, I decided to use The Dive – the first 30-minute recording – before bed to see how it would affect my ability to sleep. It worked wonders! The slow descent into a Theta brainwave helped quiet my mind and get me into a great space for sleeping.

So, while I’m not using it every night before bed, when I feel that my brain is on overdrive while my body is running on empty, I listen to the Dive and find it very helpful.

I’m not sure how I would define the second discovery: An aid in releasing resistance to growth, perhaps. Although, I suppose that’s really what the Holosync program (aff) is all about. But the experience I had last night was more about releasing acute resistance. Let me explain.

I’m blessed with a body that clearly lets me know when I am cut off from Source or resisting an opportunity for personal growth and evolution. Usually I pay attention to those physical signals and act on the message, i.e. let go of the resistance, before the symptoms become too strong.

Sometimes I don’t!

Yesterday was one of those days. Throughout the entire day, I was clearly feeling the symptoms of resistance. And, throughout the entire day, I was doing my best to ignore them. By the time evening rolled around, I could feel my body heading into its shutdown mode. That’s what my body says, “Look buddy, I’ve been sending you these signals all day/week/month and you haven’t been listening. Well, guess what, now you’ve got no choice!”

Thankfully, shut down mode doesn’t happen very often. I tend to listen to my body’s signals most of the time. But when I don’t listen and shutdown mode clicks in, it begins with a dull headache, physical fatigue, and a loss of appetite. If I don’t deal with it in the beginning stage, it grows into what would probably qualify as a migraine headache, extreme physical fatigue and nausea. It literally becomes impossible – or extremely difficult – to continue functioning on a physical level. And at that point sleep is the only solution.

Sleep allows me to release the resistance I am holding. From a personal growth and evolution standpoint, sleep is probably not the optimal solution. (Although I do some pretty good personal evolution work in a sleep state). Consciously choosing to release the resistance before I got to that point of shut down would clearly be more powerful. But when I have reached that level of physical fatigue and pain, consciously releasing the resistance becomes much more difficult.

All of that is a long way of bringing me to my new discovery about the holosync. Last night I put Ella to bed at 8:30 and, feeling like I was heading pretty quickly towards shutdown mode, planned to go to sleep along with her. While I dozed for the next few hours, I was unable to drop into a deep healing sleep, and by 11:15, when Melissa came to bed, I had entered full shutdown mode.

Now it’s one thing to say that the only choice is sleep, it’s another thing to access sleep when you’re head is pounding. Past experience has shown that when I’m in full shutdown mode, sleep can take anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes to access. I was definitely not looking forward to the next thirty to ninety minutes.

And then I got a very clear message that I should try the Holosync Solution (aff). So I did. I went downstairs, climbed into the glide rocker, turned on the holosync recording and immediately experienced a dramatic increase in the intensity of my headache.

Not a good sign. I almost abandoned the plan. But then I got another message giving me the hint that the Holosync would amplify whatever I was focused on. Focus on the pain, more pain. Focus on releasing resistance, less resistance, less pain.

With that awareness, I felt immediate relief from the pain. I focused on a feeling of deep peace and very quickly found the headache fading away.

It must have worked because the next thing I remember was waking up just about an hour later as the Immersion recording was coming to an end. The headache was gone, and I was centered in a place of deep peace and ready to go back upstairs for a few more hours of healing sleep.

Using The Book of Positive Aspects


My wife left last night to spend what is most likely going to be her last week with her father. It’s been interesting for me to watch the massive difference in my overall energy level between last week and this week.Last week my energy was way up. I was feeling great about the writing I was doing for this blog, the curriculum I was developing for my courses, and the extra time I was getting to do all of that by getting up at 5:00 am.

Today I am feeling heavy, scattered, unfocused, tired, and physically fatigued – as if I recently had a strenuous workout.

What happened? Why the big shift?

Here’s my take on it. I’m going to first give you the non-deliberate creator perspective. Then I’ll go back and explore how I am reframing it to, hopefully, shift my energy level.

First, with Melissa gone, this next week has the potential to be very full. In addition to my projects, there is the added responsibility of being taking care of Ella alone. This includes getting up with her each morning, getting her fed, dressed, lunch packed, and off to pre-school. It includes arranging childcare for two early morning meetings – 6:00 am – and at least one evening. It involves bringing Ella to a music class, a meeting with a possible new school, and a physical therapist appointment. It also includes spending the entire weekend with Ella, or calling around to find people to watch her. It also means that the early morning time I have been so enjoying since I started waking up at 5:00 may get put on hold if I have to stay in bed to ensure that Ella doesn’t wake up too early.

The second piece in this involves an old belief system I inherited from a long line of patriarchal families that tells me that the “father does not take care of the children.” Well being a single dad for a week flies directly in the face of that belief system and definitely triggers old emotional issues around parental roles and responsibilities.

So that’s a quick exploration of the thoughts and beliefs that are contributing to this lowered energy. Now lets explore them a bit and look for the possible alternative beliefs.

Did you hear the victim tone in the description of what I believe could happen this week? Certainly it all is potentially true. But it’s true because I make it true. And how do I make it true? By focusing on it, by believing it. When I allow myself to get caught up in the feelings of “what if this happens,” I almost guarantee that it will happen.

This is another example, with a slightly different twist on the Being Right or Feeling Good theme I explored a few days ago.

From a Law of Attraction perspective, I know that I have the power to determine how this week unfolds. I certainly have the power to determine how I respond to whatever unfolding occurs. By focusing on all of the things that could be “negative” all I do is give them more fuel to manifest in reality.

The trick – though it’s no trick, but actually a very powerful tool – is to get clear about all the positive things that I would like to see happen this week. In the Book, Ask and It Is Given, this technique is called The Book of Positive Aspects. It’s a tool to shift your perspective from what you see in front of you that you don’t want, to all the positive things you can imagine, things that you do want.

Here’s an example of a page from a Book of Positive Aspects about my upcoming week.

At the top of the page I write: The upcoming week – 9/20 – 9/26.

Then I begin to list all of the potential, positive, good feeling things about this week. Everything I can think of. These include:

  • I get to spend time alone with Ella.
  • Richard Thompson is playing at the Celtic Festival on Friday night and I can go see him.
  • Ella and I can go out to the beach or take a long hike this weekend.
  • I get to go with Ella to Music Together on Friday.
  • I’m really excited about the response to my special birthday offer for the Internet Marketing for Deliberate Creators course, and now I get to put the finishing touches on the curriculum for the first class next Wednesday.
  • It’s been so easy finding people who are thrilled to spend some extra time with Ella so that I can have some free time.
  • I love the perfect balance in my business this week between time spent with private clients and time spent writing and working on other projects.
  • The weather is spectacular!
  • I’ve gotten some great birthday gifts this week, and I’ve heard that there are more to come!
  • I love that I’ve created a work life where I have the flexibility and freedom to give Melissa the opportunity to go see her father.

That’s a sample of some of the things that in my Book of Positive Aspects about this week. As I write them, I feel my energy shifting. I sense the lightness, the excitement, the joy from last week returning.

Reality is always subjective. And we create our reality based on the subjects upon which we are focused. Focus on what feels good and you get more of that. Focus on what feels not quite so good and you get more of that. Focus on what feels pretty crappy and guess what…you get a whole bunch more crap in your life!

So my intention for this week, is to spend time every day focusing on my Book of Positive Aspects. By remembering all the wonderful things that are possible this week, I open the doorway to the creation of those positive things in “reality.”

TIISG…Thanks Dr. Joe


We all have those moments. You know, the ones where it seems like you’re banging your head up against a wall and you don’t know what to do or where to turn or how to change it. Sometimes those moments seem to go on for days or longer. They’re not fun, those moments.

I had one of those moments a few weeks ago and it was one of those moments that seemed to be lasting a lot longer than just a moment!

I’ll be honest with you here. I’m really working through some of my money “stuff.” I’ve got this feast or famine thing happening. January was my best money month ever in this business. Most of the enrollments for a couple of classes that I was teaching all landed in January, which helped a lot. It felt great to hit that new benchmark.

And then my “stuff” must have kicked in, because March and April were two of my worst money months ever! And at the end of April I found myself wondering where the money had gone, where more of it was going to come from, and how I was going to “make it happen?”

With all of that chatter bouncing around in my head, it was difficult getting anything done. So one day, deep in the middle of that “moment” that didn’t seem to be going away, I decided to find some help.

One of the ways that I find help is by reading articles and books by people who inspire me, people I want to emulate. A virtual mentor, if you will. That day I was drawn to Joe Vitale. He’s the author of the Attractor Factor, featured in the Law of Attraction movie, The Secret, creator of Spiritual Marketing and Hypnotic Marketing… Yes, he’s prolific!

I surfed over to his website, found my way to his article archives and started browsing through them looking for the one that I intuitively knew was waiting to offer me just what I needed. My eye landed upon a cryptic title: “TIISG: The Secret of Napoleon Hill, P.T. Barnum, and Me.”

In this article Joe described one of the characteristics that set these folks (and most successful people) apart from most. It seems that when these types of folks find themselves in one of “those moments,” instead of getting stuck in it and moaning, they look for a way to “Turn It Into Something Good,” TIISG!

It was exactly what I needed to hear. How could I turn this “moment” into something good? Where was the opportunity in this experience?

The first “hit” I got was to call my biological mother. It was time to uncover the roots of my dysfunctional relationship with money. Since years of positive thinking and ritual and attracting and healing and you name it had not completely shifted the pattern of dysfunction, it made sense to go back to the core, to the source, so to speak, and discover what money patterns and beliefs I might have absorbed during my time with her. (I believe that we absorb emotional/energetic patterns and beliefs while we are in the womb. But that’s a discussion for another time).

I discovered some very interesting information. Turns out that my mother had given me up for adoption because she did not have enough money to raise me. In order to keep me she would have had to return to her parents’ house or go onto welfare. Neither of which were options that she could live with.

We had a wonderful conversation that helped me understand many things about myself and the roots of my relationship with money. We explored some of the – obviously irrational – ways that my unconscious mind had attempted to integrate that experience: That it had somehow been my fault that she didn’t have enough money. That I was not able to provide her with the money she needed to keep me (even though I was a fetus at the time!) These and other completely illogical stories had been created in my mind in response to the emotional and energetic experience of adoption. Causing me to create a continuing relationship of helplessness around money.

When we got right down to the core of it, all the stories were just convoluted ways of saying that I was not good enough. And if I wasn’t good enough for her to keep I certainly was not worthy of having lots of money.

Now here’s the thing. I’m not a whiner. At least I do my very best to avoid whining unless absolutely necessary. I don’t go around moaning about the fact that I’m adopted and that it means I wasn’t good enough. None of these stories were “true” and none of them served my highest good, but they were still clearly holding some power over me and my present day relationship with money.

The conversation with my mother ended with an agreement that I would call her every day, or as needed, to be reminded that I am good enough, that I am worthy of all that I desire. In this way, the power of those stories will decrease as I consciously choose to step into a new, empowering story about my sense of worth and my relationship with money.

By choosing to turn one of those moments into something good, I uncovered a key to help me create a more fulfilling and joyous life. I would say that qualifies as something good! By asking the simple question, “How do I turn this into something good?” I set in motion a series of events that is still unfolding and has the potential to dramatically transform my life.

The next time that you find yourself in one of those moments, will you remember these five letters: TIISG? Will you remember that they stand for Turn It Into Something Good? And will you ask yourself the question, “How can I turn this into something good?”

If you do, you will quickly discover that it is these moments that provide you with the most profound opportunities for growth, awareness, healing and transformation.

I’d love to hear about the times in your life that you have turned one of those moments into good. Click on the comment button below and share your success with this technique.

Show Me the Money!

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All right. It’s not original. I admit I stole it from that movie. You know the one I’m talking about it. But hey, it works.

Let’s start with a short quiz:

Do you like money? Yes _ No _
Do you love money? Yes _ No _
Do you have all the money you want? Yes _ No _

Ok. If you answered Yes to all three of the questions, or No to all three of the questions then you’re in good shape. You don’t need to read the rest of this article. If, however, your answer to question 1 and/or 2 was Yes, and your answer to question 3 was No, then keep on reading!

Here’s the thing. If you say you like or even love money, but do not, yet, have all the money you want, it means there is some internal wiring that’s gone bad. Somewhere inside of you there is a belief that does not agree with your stated love of money and your desire for more. Trust me on this one. I speak from experience.

I’m one of those guys that has a screw loose when it comes to money. My internal wiring got all wacky-doodled somehow, and I’ve been trying to straighten it out for quite a while.

I wonder how many of you have wacky-doodled money wiring on the inside. Let’s find out. When you read the list below, notice how each one of the statements makes you feel. Good, bad, indifferent, squirrelly, joyful, scared, whatever. Just notice. Maybe you won’t get an emotion but a feeling in your body: a buzzy feeling, a knot in your stomach, a queasy sensation. Whatever it is, just notice.

Ok. Here’s the list:
· Until I have enough money people won’t respect me.
· You have to give up things you love in order to make money.
· Money is the root of all evil.
· Money can’t buy me happiness.
· When I have more money I’ll feel better.
· Money makes the world go ‘round.
· Show me the money!
· Money corrupts.
· People with lots of money are jerks.
· If I want too much money it means I’m greedy.

Ok. What happened? What did you feel? Did your reaction to any of those statements surprise you?

I’ve made affirmations and intentions around money, but until recently, I’ve been only sporadically successful in bringing home the bacon in a quantity sufficient enough to feed all the hungry mouths around me and still have some leftovers!

What was I doing wrong? Well, technically I was not doing anything wrong. I was actually doing everything right. I was offering great services and products, staying in touch with my client base, doing my affirmations, etc. But the problem was that I had an internal wiring issue. I was saying I wanted more money, but a part of me, deep down inside, was thinking the exact opposite.

A part of me felt that if my motivation was purely financial, that I was being greedy, that I was not being spiritually evolved, that I was not being of service.
Well hogwash. I guarantee you that even if I achieve every single one of my intentions about money, my purpose will remain to be of service and continue to evolve personally and assist those around me in their evolutionary process.

I don’t know what your purpose is, but I would wager pretty good odds, that if you’re reading this newsletter, your purpose goes beyond financial freedom. I also have a feeling that even in your most greedy, money-grubbing state, your underlying desire is to offer your unique and valuable gifts to the world.

When I look back at my intentions I can see that even when I was supposedly setting financial intentions and goals, I was watering them down or even negating them by combining them with intentions that were less edgy for me. Here’s an example:

I intend to achieve financial freedom by offering my gifts to the world.

Come on Ed. Not only is that not specific enough to be a powerful intention, it dilutes the focus from the financial piece.

Better would be: I intend to achieve total financial freedom. That, at least focuses solely on the goal at hand.

Even better would be: I intend to achieve total financial freedom with a net worth of at least $1,000,000 and multiple streams of passive income generating at least $25,000/month.

What if I gave you permission to be greedy for the next month? Would you be able to focus on attracting more money?

I really want you to be wealthy. I want you to feel free to want money. To want lots of money! Even more than that!

I want for you the same thing that I want for myself. And as I evolve into my ability to attract true wealth and financial freedom into my life, it is my intention to create a vortex of financial abundance into which you will be drawn!

So, for the next month, I give you permission, in fact I urge you, with all of my heart, to set clear, specific and focused financial goals. I urge you, each morning when you wake up or when you get to the office to say to the Universe or God or Source or whatever higher power you call on for support, “Show me the money!” And get ready to let it in!
or Source or whatever higher power you call on for support, “Show me the money!” And get ready to let it in!

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