Review: Waiting For Autumn

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I recently finished reading Waiting for Autumn, the new novel from Scott Blum, the founder of the popular personal growth website, the Daily Om. The semi-autobiographical book follows the narrator, Scott, through a period of intense personal development and the awakening of powerful insights and awareness.

Anyone who has been through – or is going through – times of great spiritual growth will relate to the questioning, confusion and uncertainty that Scott experiences on his journey of discovery.

In the tradition of other books of awakening – The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Conversations with God – Scott Blum weaves together a compelling story with deep insights to draw you into the book.

And for those just embarking on a spiritual journey, a time that can lead to a great deal of stress and even fear, you will get to look over the shoulder of another person and watch as he steps onto a spiritual path for the first time.

This is a book that is much needed in these times of confusion and uncertainty. And while each of our journeys will lead us down different paths, this book provides a road map for the journey of awakening. We may not follow the same road or use the same tools, but the feelings and experiences will be very similar for all of us who walk on the path of the spiritual seeker.

I definitely recommend Waiting for Autumn, and if you order it now, you will be entered to win some great prizes in addition to receiving over 175 free gifts.

Go find out more and order Waiting for Autumn here.

Earth Day, A New Earth, And Energetics


My daughter and I had a great day at our local Earth Day festival on Sunday. Compostable balloons from Whole Foods, Seed Balls from a local summer camp, some great music and our awesome Sunday farmer’s market combined for an awesome celebration. In the afternoon I planted some salad greens, sunflowers (volunteers from the compost pile) and more broccoli in our garden.

I love days like that and I embrace the belief that “every day is Earth day!” It’s not always easy to act in ways that feel nurturing to the Earth. But by staying conscious about our relationship to this planet, our home, we can begin to live and act as if today and every day is Earth Day.

There was a beautiful coincidence – if you believe in such things – in the timing of this week’s A New Earth webcast with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah. This week’s discussion focused on the discovery and exploration of Inner Space and the stillness you find there.

This is what Tolle writes about Stillness:

Stillness is really another word for space. … You are never more essentially, more deeply, yourself than when you are still. When you are still, you are who you were before you temporarily assumed this physical and mental form called a person. You are also who you will be when the form dissolves. When you are still, you are who you are beyond your temporal existence: consciousness—unconditioned, formless, eternal.

It is through stillness that we can truly connect with the Earth. It is from our Inner Space that we can see the Earth not as an object but as a Being. From within the Stillness we can connect and communicate with and learn from the Earth.

The Earth is an amazing teacher! She has taught me much about the Law of Attraction. The Earth is the ultimate Deliberate Creator.

One of the reasons that many people struggle to attract their desires is because they focus on sending their intentions “out” to the Universe. In order to attract things in the physical world it is equally important to send those intentions “down” into the physical Earth. The Earth provides the medium within which your desires will become “real.”

The ability to ground our desires into the Earth was one of the tools we explored in the free Energetics of Attraction teleclass last week. If you missed it you can access the recording on the Energetics of Attraction Resource Page.

You’ll also get access to the free report on the Harmonics of Human Awareness. I agree with what Eckhart says in the quote below. When you are detached, or I prefer to call it fully present on all levels of perception, not locked in at one level of awareness, you experience and enjoy life more fully!

Being detached does not mean that you cannot enjoy the good that the world has to offer. In fact, you enjoy it more. … When you are detached, you gain a higher vantage point from which to view the events in your life instead of being trapped inside them. You become like an astronaut who sees the planet Earth surrounded by the vastness of space and realizes a paradoxical truth: The earth is precious and at the same time insignificant.

What steps will you take today to explore your Inner Space, honor the Earth and fully enjoy all the good this world and this life has to offer?

Leave a comment below.

And go download your free Energetics of Attraction Resources before you forget!

Take This Quiz To Discover Your Money Archetypes

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I just got an email from the Zaadz/Gaia folks. They’re promoting a new book by Brent Kessel, It’s Not About the Money: Unlock Your Money Type to Achieve Spiritual and Financial Abundance.

Looks like a very cool book. I’m going to order it.

There’s a quick quiz you can take to determine your money archetype. The information I received from the quiz was right on and very helpful.

You can take the quiz here.

A Broken Rear-Windshield Sale – Healing The Heart Of The World

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You’ve heard of a fire sale, right?

Well how about a broken rear windshield sale?

A couple of months ago the rear windshield in my beloved old Saab shattered on an early frosty morning. I know, it’s weird. You would think that a car built for those frigid Swedish winters would be able to stand up to the few sub-freezing mornings we have here in Northern California. But my blue lips when I walked into my Friday morning breakfast meeting after driving into Santa Rosa with a gaping hole in the hatchback proved differently!

You’ll be happy to know that after several weeks of scrambling (and driving around with plastic taped over the big hole in the hatchback) my insurance company was able to locate what was apparently the last new replacement windshield for my car, in Miami of all places!

That’s the good news for me.

The good news for you is that, hiding in the hatchback, were two opened cases of the bestselling and award-winning anthology, Healing the Heart of the World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and Your Planet.

If you’ve ever seen a shattered windshield you know that the glass breaks up into tiny chunks. This prevents people from getting seriously damaged, but it does make a big mess. These little pieces of glass have the ability to trickle down into the smallest spaces and leave little tiny scratch marks on stuff they touch… including award winning anthologies!

And that, unfortunately was the fate of the books in those two boxes.

Healing the Heart of the WorldNow if you don’t know about Healing the Heart of the World, it is a truly inspiring book with essays from Neale Donald Walsch, Caroline Myss, Thich Nhat Hanh, Bruce Lipton, Prince Charles, Joan Borysenko and many more leading edge thinkers.

It also includes my essay, The Evolutionary Warrior!

Healing the Heart of the World was an Amazon bestseller (it was in the top 10 for personal growth books and made it to the number 23 spot in all books!)

It also won the prestigious Best Inspirational Book of 2006 from the Independent Publisher’s Association

The regular price of this book is $24.95. But I’ve got 30 or so of them that were in those boxes. And I just don’t feel like I can sell them at full price. Even though most of these books are in perfect condition, a few of them do have scratches and scuff marks from the glass. And instead of trying to sort through them looking for scratch marks, I’d rather be safe and let them all go at a huge discount.

So, I’m selling every book that was in one of those books for half price. Just $12.95.

As I said there are about 30 of them and when they’re gone, they’re gone. (At least until the rear windshield shatters again!)

You can pick up your copy right now at this link:

Plus, as a thank you for ordering one of these books, I’ll also include a downloadable version of my CD, An Introduction to Brainwave Entrainment Technology for Personal Growth & Success. This CD normally costs $14.95. But if you purchase one of these “blemished” books, you can get the entire recording in MP3 format for free!

Now like I said, most of these books are in perfect condition. Just a few of them are scuffed up. And while I can’t guarantee which one you’ll get, I will say that I will be pulling books from the middle of the boxes first. So that means the sooner you order, the more likely it is that you’re going to get a perfect book!

So if you want to increase the chances of getting a perfect quality book for half price, along with a free CD, you’ll want to put your order in now!

Here’s the order link again:

The Five Secrets You Must Discover before You Die


I was recently sent a copy of John Izzo’s new book, The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die. I’ve just begun reading it, and so far, it’s great!
John is the host of the popular PBS show which inspired this new book as well as the author of Second Innocence: Rediscovering Joy and Wonder: A Guide to Renewal in Work, Relationships, and Daily Life and Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths to Unleash the Power of People at Work.

If Five Secrets turns out to be as good as I think it’s going to be, I have a feeling I’ll be getting my hands on those when I’m done with this time. Watch for a review of Five Secrets, next week. In the meantime, here’s an article from John that gives a nice preview of the book.

What are the secrets to happiness and meaning?

Why do some people find a deep sense of purpose while they are here and die with few regrets while others end their lives bitter and disappointed?

About two years ago I set out to answer that question by asking several thousand people to identify the one person they knew who had lived a long life and found true happiness. It seemed to me that each of us knows at least one person who achieved true success. After receiving over 1,000 nominations, I interviewed 235 people from the age of 59-106 (who had over 18,000 years of life experience) asking them to reflect back on their lives: What brought happiness? What gave meaning? What did they regret? What did they wish they had learned sooner? What did not matter in the end?

These “wise elders” were an incredibly diverse group ranging from a town barber to CEO’s, from poets to native chiefs, Holocaust survivors to war veterans, and represented all the major religions and cultures of our society. My goal was not to interview famous people but to identify ordinary people who had found extraordinary happiness. What I discovered were five clear themes of what it means to live a happy and meaningful life (and to die with a smile on your face). In my new book, The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die, I share the five true paths to finding meaning in life and show how we can live these secrets.

1. Be True To Yourself

The first secret I learned from these interviews is Be true to yourself. Each one of us is on a unique human journey and the path to true happiness is to be true to ourselves. This means knowing what brings us happiness and focusing our life on what matters to us. It means reflecting on a regular basis as to whether our life fits our soul. In our daily lives it means knowing what brings us joy and ensuring that we fill our life with the right elements. It also means following our unique destiny. One of the people I interviewed was a Latino woman who talked about the importance of following our “destina.” The idea is that each of us has a path that is most true to us, which is not so much a destination as a way we are meant to be in the world. For example, I am a teacher and philosopher by nature and when I stay close to that path I experience true joy.

Being true to self often means drowning out other voices that would ask us to live their dreams instead of ours. Ron, a gifted chiropractor, told me the story of how he planned to become a medical doctor but when he visited a chiropractor shortly before starting medical school he discovered a profession that connected to his true self. “Others told me I was crazy but I knew it was my path.” He told me that to follow your heart you must have the “discipline to listen and the courage to follow.” This means asking if the life we are living is true to our deepest sense of self and it sometimes requires a step of courage to follow our soul. Are you being true to yourself right now?

2. Leave No Regrets

The second secret I learned is to Leave No Regrets. It seems to me that what we fear most as we age is not death, but rather to come to the end of our life feeling that we never truly lived. The saddest words ever spoken at the end of life are “I wish I had…” Tom, a native healer, told me that the great fear at the end of life is “the great incompleteness; that you did not do what you came here to do.” One of the most interesting things I discovered in talking to 235 wise people is that almost no one regretted risks they took that did not work out and most said they wished they had risked more. When I asked these people about major crossroads in their lives, many of them talked about taking risks-sometimes large and sometimes small-which wound up bringing great happiness. One of the keys to moving towards what we want instead of what we fear is to focus on the best possible result and not the worst. Are you going for what you truly want in your life or acting with fear.

3. Become Love

Become Love was the third secret I learned from these people. Not surprisingly, the greatest source of happiness for people and the largest place of regret had to do with people. What I discovered is that those who made people a priority in their lives and who developed deep personal relationships found true happiness. Many of them told me that “things” rarely brought true joy whereas family and friends brought lasting happiness. One way to focus on relationships is to get intentional goals for our personal relationships just like we do in our careers.

Yet the most interesting thing I uncovered is that being a loving person, the choice to give love, is even more important in determining happiness than getting it. These people talked to me about the importance of choosing love and kindness as your way in the world. They taught me that when we choose to be a loving person we find a deep sense of meaning in life.

4. Live the Moment

The fourth secret was to Live the Moment. One of the most common things people told me was how fast life goes by and how important it is to enjoy each moment. One woman told me “when you are young you think sixty years is an incredibly long time but when you get there you realize it was only a moment.” Among the secrets they shared were how important it is to live in the present, to fully enjoy whatever experience you are having (and not to wish you were somewhere else), and to live with gratitude focusing on what you are grateful for rather than what you don’t have. They told me that we have no power over the past and little power over the future. Many of them said that whenever you find yourself saying “I will be happy when or I will be happy if” that it is important to remember that happiness is a choice we make inside. One woman told me: “You have to stop judging your life and start living your life. Stop keeping score trying to decide if you are winning. Instead live each day fully and stay in the moment.” Are you living with gratitude right now, focusing on enjoying your life rather than judging it?

5 Give More Than You Take

The fifth and final secret was to Give More Than You Take. When I asked people what gave their life the greatest meaning, people told me again and again people that being of service and knowing that you made things better because you were here was by far the greatest source of meaning. I learned that whether in career or personal life, that it is what we give not what we take that gives life meaning. Many of them also reminded me that we have little control over what we get from the world every day (whether people will love us, whether we will win the lottery, etc.) but we have complete control over what we give to the world (whether we choose to be kind, charitable, and to give to others). These people reminded me that everything we take from the world dies with us, but everything we give to the world gets recycled. A wise woman named Susan told me that “when we are young we cry for ourselves but as we age we learn to cry for the world.” Indeed all the spiritual traditions remind us that true happiness comes from focusing on being of service and in the process joy finds us. Are you focused on giving or getting each day?

You Must Live the Secrets

What I also discovered is that it is not enough to know the secrets, we must live them. One man told me “many of us know what is important but it is not enough to know, you have to put these things into practice.” These people taught me a great deal about how to live the secrets as well and I share many of their techniques in the book. One of my favorites was sixty-four year old Joel who told me about how he reminds himself each day to live the moment. “When I wake up the first thing I do is say a prayer thanking God and the universe that I get to live one more day and I pray that I will treat it as a gift. At night, just before I go to bed, I have a time of meditation and remember all the things that I am grateful for that day and ask for one more day.”

Copyright © 2008 John B Izzo John Izzo, Ph.D. is the bestselling author of Second Innocence: Rediscovering Joy and Wonder: A Guide to Renewal in Work, Relationships, and Daily Life and host of the public television series The Five Things You Must Discover Before You Die. Holding advanced degrees in religion and psychology, Izzo has spoken to over one million people on four continents about living more purposeful lives. More information about Mr. Izzo can be found at

A New Earth – Week 2: Ego


A New Earth - Oprah and Eckhart Tolle
In week 2 of the Oprah, Eckhart Tolle webinar on A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life Purpose, we begin an exploration of ego. Let’s use this space to continue to explore this concept.

What does ego mean to you?

How did Tolle’s explanation of ego in the book and/or webinar deepen or shift your understanding of the concept?

Identifying with objects

In the book, Tolle tells the story of a dying woman who accused one of her caregivers of stealing her diamond ring. Tolle describes the anger this woman experienced because of the loss of this “valuable” object. He went on to share that:

“In the last few weeks of her life, as her body became weaker, she became more and more radiate, as if light were shining through her. She gave many of her possessions away, some to the woman she thought had stolen the ring, and with each thing she gave away, her joy deepened.”

What objects do you identify with?

Look around your home or office and ask yourself “how many of the things I see do I describe as ‘mine?'”

How would it feel to give these things away?

Can you imagine being in a state where giving away these possessions would bring deeper joy?

What is in the way of that happening now?

Your Week 2 Flower Petals:

In the workbook for the webinar we are being asked to pick our two favorite passages or quotes from the book. At the end of the 10-weeks, we will have a beautiful flower whose petals inspire us to continue the process of awakening.

What are your petals from week 2?

Here are mine.

When you don’t cover up the world with words and labels, a sense of the miraculous returns to your life.

Yielding means inner acceptance of what is. You are open to life. Resistance is an inner contraction, a hardening of the ego. You are closed. Whatever action you take in a state of inner resistance (which we could also call negativity) will create more outer resistance, and the universe will not be on your side; life will not be helpful. If the shutters are closed, the sunlight cannot come in. When you yield internally, when you surrender, a new dimension of consciousness opens up. If action is possible or necessary, your action will be in alignment with the whole and supported by creative intelligence.

Use the comments space below to leave your quotes, answers to the questions above, or any thoughts, observations or further questions you might have.

Don’t miss any of these A New Earth discussions: Sign up to get updates by email or RSS. It’s fast, free and no-risk!

Can Half A Million People Create A New Earth?


Last night’s historic webcast with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle attracted nearly 500,000 viewers. So many people, in fact, that for a lot of us, including myself, the webcast became unwatchable around 20-minutes into it. Here’s a press release from Harpo Productions with more details about the webcast.

If you were not able to view the webcast live, you can access the On Demand version Oprah’s New Earth Web Event here and download a video, MP3, watch a streaming version or grab a transcript of the show.

The workbook that accompanies chapter 1 has some excellent questions to consider based on the information in the book and from the webcast. But I’d like to use this space to explore some other aspects that were explored in the show last night as well as in the book. Watch for a post in a day or so with another topic for exploration.

But right now, let’s start with a question that Tolle poses while he is explaining the purpose of the book. He asks:

Is humanity ready for a transformation of consciousness, an inner flowering so radical and profound that compared to it the flowering of plants, no matter how beautiful, is only a pale reflection? … Is humanity more ready now than at the time of those early teachers [Jesus & Buddha]? … What can you do, if anything, to bring about or accelerate this inner shift?

A New Earth - Oprah and Eckhart TolleWhat do you think? Are we, as individuals and collectively, more ready for an inner flowering of consciousness? Do you, personally, feel ready for a radical and profound inner flowering? And, if so, how can we as individuals and collectively accelerate this process?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let’s begin exploring and expanding upon the world-changing ideas in this book!

A New Earth is Coming!


Can you feel it? The New Earth? I can’t help but think of the words Galdriel spoke at the beginning of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

“The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the Earth. I smell it in the air.”

Hundreds of thousands of people will be listening to Eckhart Tolle and Oprah tonight as they launch their historic 10-week webinar based on Tolle’s book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

Do you think this has the potential to change the world? You bet it does!

I’ll be there tonight, and I’ll be leading a discussion about the class as well. And I’d love to have you join us.

So go sign up for the course and then check in back here tomorrow to join the conversation.

A New Earth

If You’re A Writer You’ve Got To Read This

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Blogging is great. But let’s be honest with each other: Most bloggers, myself included, would love to have a published book. I mean, we can call ourselves “authors” and there certainly is some truth to that. After all, we are “authoring” our blogs. We are publishing written content. But when you come down to it, most people apply the term “author” to someone who has written and published a book.

Even ebook “authors” have a hard time getting recognized as authors outside of the world of internet marketing. For the vast majority of people – yes even business people – the Internet and especially the blogosphere remains uncharted territory.

Want proof? When I was promoting a blogging course to my business networking group, I asked, by a show of hands, how many members knew what a blog was. You ready for this?

Out of 50 business people in that meeting, fewer than ten hands went up! I was amazed.
Now this was certainly not a statistically valid sample. But if it’s even close to the reality, it means that less than 20% of business owners know what a blog is. Which probably means that the percentage in the overall population is even lower than that.

And why is this important?

Because if you are just blogging or just writing ebooks, you are missing out on as much as 80% of your potential market. (Unless your target market is the internet marketing or blogging crowd). And not only that, you’re also missing out on the credibility that comes along with a published book. (Yes, I’m hearing this too!)

Now the reason I’m writing this today is because I just read something that shook the foundation of my business model. The ultra-refined, Cliffs Notes version of which is:

1. Use blog to build platform.
2. Use platform to attract publisher.
3. Use platform to market book.

What I just read blows that theory out of the water for a number of reasons. Here are just two of the key reasons:

  • Current technology makes it possible for anyone -yes ANYONE – to become a bestselling author.
  • The window of opportunity during which published authors will continue to receive increased credibility is closing. (Perhaps very quickly).

Rather than tell you more, I’d rather have you go read it for yourself. It’s a free report called Rise of The Author.

And by the way, you don’t have to be a blogger to benefit from this report. If you have ever wanted to write a book, this report could very well be the spark that lights the fire for you.

Download the free report here.

How To Become A Bestselling Author

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All right. I admit it. That title was a bit misleading. I can’t tell you how to become a bestselling author. Well I could. I could give you some ideas, some suggestions, some advice. But it would all be coming from someone who is NOT a bestselling author.

However, I just got wind of a new program that Mark Joyner is getting ready to launch. It’s part of a whole new set of Simpleology Tools called Blueprints. And this one is The Simpleology Best-Seller Blueprint.

Now if you don’t know who Mark Joyner is, I’ll tell you just a little bit about him. He’s a four-time bestselling author and is widely acknowledged as the person who created the now ubiquitous Amazon book launch campaigns. (You know the ones where you get thousands of dollars worth of bonuses when you buy the book on a certain day). He is also known for using cutting edge learning technology to create highly effective online courses including Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want.

If you’ve always dreamed of being a bestselling author you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Now, of course, you’ll have to write the book. Mark can’t help you with that part. But I know that he can help you get your book in front of a LOT more eyeballs!

And the best part is that they’re doing a contest right now and 3 winners are going to get a custom-crafted best-seller plan from Mark Joyner! Do you have any idea what that’s worth?

Plus, just for entering the contest, you’ll get a $147 surprise gift: It will show you the speed-writing secrets of a man who has written over 95 books! (I guess Mark can help you write that book after all!)

But in order to get the bonus and possibly win the incredible prize, you’ve got to get your entry into the contest by February 26th.

So if you are a writer and want to become a bestselling author, go check out the contest and get ready to find out more about the Simpleology Best-Seller Blueprint!

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