Did You Miss Mark Joyner’s Webcast On Word Of Mouth Marketing?

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I did. Couldn’t get out of some other plans. But fortunately, because they maxed out the lines at over 1800 people, Mark has put up a recording of the webcast at the Word of Mouth Transformation Blog. I’m going to listen to it right now!

If you’re at all interested in transforming the way you use the single most powerful force in marketing, I suggest you go check it out as well.

[Podcast] The Attractive Power of Branding with Kim Castle

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Clarity plays a large part in the successful application of the Law of Attraction. Knowing what you really want is the key to the kingdom but that clarity often feels like the needle in the haystack.

In this part 1 of my conversation with Brand Visioneer Kim Castle of BrandU, she explains why the clarity that comes from the business branding process is such a powerful attractive force. She also gives one of the clearest answers I’ve ever heard about why branding needs to come BEFORE marketing.

Kim also expands on the three most powerful things you can do to make customers choose you that she wrote about last week.

She clarifies the sometimes blurry distinction between personal and business branding.

We explore the importance of feelings in the branding process and how that relates to our use of feelings as an Internal Guidance System within the framework of the Law of Attraction.

And be sure to listen up when Kim mentions a conversation she had with her client, Michael Beckwith, about the importance of Choice. She just briefly touches on this very juicy topic. But it provides an opening to a potentially rich exploration.

Click the play button now and have a listen to this valuable 30-minute recording.

Part two of this conversation picks up where this one leaves off. Look for it here early next week.

And just a head’s up that there is a bit of audio distortion near the end of this recording.

For more information on Kim Castle, visit the BrandU website.

And here’s the link to Kim’s special gift for you (she mentions it in part two of this conversation) The 15 Mistakes That Kill Business Success.

What is The Single Most Powerful Force in Marketing?

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I just heard that Mark Joyner has something new up his sleeve. He’s been on a new product tear lately with the January release of the long-awaited Simpleology 103, the July release of his awesome new  7-Day Business Turnaround and now this new secret program.

And, he’s giving away this new program to 7-people! To be one of the 7 winners, just head over to his blog and leave a comment answering this question:

What is The Single Most Powerful Force in Marketing?

I’ve already left my answer. I won’t give it away here, but you’ll find it somewhere down around comment # 725!

And if you want a chance to win a complete Simpleology package that includes Simpleology 102, 103 and the 7-Day Business Turnaround, stay tuned. I’ll be posting the details on how you can win this package later today!

Also, keep your eyes open for my interview with Mark. We spoke for over an hour late last week, exploring a wide range of topics. I’ll be posting it as two (at least) podcasts. In the first one you’ll hear Mark share his thoughts on the Law of Attraction. It was very enlightening!

I’m Getting Branded For My Birthday


No, I’m not getting a tattoo.

Beginning on September 19th, which happens to be the day after my birthday, I’ll be spending 4-days with Kim Castle and Vito Montone of BrandU going through an in-depth branding process for my business.

I’ve been learning from Kim through her E-zine for two-years and finally decided to take the plunge and get myself branded.

Branding is so much more than a logo and a “look and feel” for your website. Branding, at least in the way Kim teaches it “begins with a mindset,” and “the only comprehensive process of creating your brand from the inside out!”

The more I’ve read about Kim and the BrandU process, the more connections I have found to the Law of Attraction! They “get it” over there.

And that’s the kind of branding I want!

Enough of this floundering around, struggling to find my core message and the words and images to communicate it clearly. Time to get down to business!

So keep your eyes open for some big changes around here in the next few weeks. I also may be asking you for some input and feedback during this process.

And because I’m so excited about heading down to LA for this 4-day branding process, I’ve lined up a guest article from Kim (coming right after this post) as well as an interview with Kim to explore the connections between branding and the Law of Attraction. Watch for the interview next week.

And if you’re interested in getting branded – even if it’s not your birthday – you can find out more about Kim and their branding process over at BrandU.

Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there!

Outsource Your Life


I finally gave in to the buzz surrounding Timothy Ferriss’s new book, The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich. Thanks to Dawud for the final push!

And I’m glad I did. It’s full of practical suggestions for streamlining your work life. (Watch for a complete review when I finish the book).

Last week, when I was about half-way through the book I got intrigued by the Outsource Your Life concept and did a little surfing to see what I could find. I came across this article by A.J. Jacobs. It’s hilarious! And, if you’ve been wondering what sort of tasks you might be able to outsource, it’s also filled with some very interesting options you probably haven’t considered!

If you’ve already read the Four Hour Work Week, you’ll recognize the article since Timothy excerpts a big chunk of it on his chapter on global arbitrage.

Go read A.J.’s article, and if you haven’t picked up the The 4-Hour Workweek, I highly recommend it!

Thank You Enlightened Entrepreneurs. You Rock!




Yesterday was the last meeting of my 6-month Enlightened Entrepreneurs Intensive program. What an amazing group! Getting to know each of these entrepreneurs over the past 6-months has been an incredible honor and pleasure.

And it has been thrilling to watch each of them grow and expand into a much larger vision for their life and their business!

Over the past 6-months these folks have truly embodied the meaning of Enlightened Entrepreneurship:

Enlightened Entrepreneurs consciously seek to create positive change in the world by enhancing their own lives and the lives of their customers and clients, employees, and communities through the clear, conscious and focused actions of their businesses.

Each of these business owners has taken huge strides in the integration of Law of Attraction principles with practical action-oriented steps and we have seen some truly amazing results!

Even though I was leading the group and supposed to be uplifting and enlivening them, every time we met, I left feeling uplifted and enlivened. (When you’re doing what you love, it seems to work both ways!)

Enlightened Entrepreneurs… Thank you for an incredible six-months. You Rock!


Go check out some of their websites – some of them are brand new or newly revised! And, as more of their sites come online, I’ll update this list.

www.kirkkeeler.com – Awesome singer/songwriter

www.healthychild.com – Natural/healthy products for children and families

www.healingyourenvironment.com – Feng shui consulting for home and office

www.thefutureoffarming.org – The Center for the Future of Farming

www.creativewindowfashions.net – Window coverings

www.marinajames.com – Personal training, metabolic typing and nutritional services

www.ohsv.net – Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company

And Now The REAL 7-Day Business Turnaround Begins

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If you were paying attention, you noticed that I ended last week’s series on Mark Joyner’s new 7-Day Business Turnaround after Day 3. Here’s why:

While I was on the community forum for the program I came across a post by Mark Joyner that said, in essence, You can go through the program on your own now, but keep in mind that, beginning next week, we’re going to be adding some serious rocket fuel to your progress.

When I read that, I decided to wait for the rocket fuel!

And last night’s call with Mark Joyner and Joe Vitale definitely provided some major fuel!

There was a great discussion about the Law of Attraction and the importance of taking action. One of the reasons I have always been “attracted” to Joe Vitale is because he is one of the best examples I have seen of someone who is integrating the powerful tools and processes of the Law of Attraction with concrete, inspired action.

The results he has achieved speak for themselves!

And I love that Mark Joyner, someone who clearly leans more in the direction of focused action, is willing to bring on a “Law of Attraction teacher” to help inspire and empower our journey through this 7-Day Business Turnaround!

So today, Day 2, I’ll be revisiting my plans for cutting the fat from my business to see if there are any other areas where I can reduce my expenses.

The Cash Injection Begins


I’m on Day 3 of the 7-Day Business Turnaround program. Today I begin work on the Cash Injection for my business. The goal is to generate enough income in the next 4-days to cover two-months of operating expenses. This cash creates the “breathing room” needed to focus on the future growth of my business.

The biggest “aha” for me in today’s lesson has been recognizing that, in addition to my existing products and events, I have a huge amount of high-quality material that can be quickly turned into products.

Over the past 3-years I have recorded virtually all of my classes, teleclasses and group meetings. So I have, literally, hundreds of hours of recordings just sitting around waiting to be put to use!

Recordings from the early days, on microcassette, will need to be transcribed and turned into ebooks and articles. But for the past 2-years I’ve recorded my live events using a high-quality digital recorder. Those recordings could be edited and turned into downloadable and/or physical recordings. They can also be transcribed for article and ebook creation.

As a coach, I should not be surprised. But I’m still amazed at how a simple reframing through the catalyst of an outside perspective can point out what “should have” been obvious.

Now it’s back to the Day 3 lesson. And when I’m done with the lesson, there are some juicy sounding bonuses to explore!

Business Turnaround – Day 2

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Just finished the Day-2 lessons from Mark Joyner’s 7-Day Business Turnaround Program. Today is all about “stopping the bleeding.”

If your business expenses are out of control. If you’re drowning in debt. If you’re behind on payments, this is the day for you!

Fortunately, my business is not there. But, I’ve still found a bunch of fat to trim.

As I said yesterday, I immediately cut over $300 from my monthly expenses. With my work on today’s lessons, I’ll save a few more dollars, but there’s not really much left to cut.

And now I’m ready to move onto Day 3 – the start of the Cash Injection! It’s a good sign that the Day 3 lesson falls on Independence Day!

And, in case you’re thinking of signing up for the program, here’s a quick note from Mark:

Just a final reminder that all of this [the incredible bonus package] goes away midnight Eastern time tonight:

7-Day Business Turnaround Program

After that, the 7 Day kit will be available, but …

… The Chance to Get Live Coaching with Mark Will Be Gone

… Your Seat in the Coaching with Dr. Hudson Will Be Given
to Someone Else

And, it’s also very possible that we won’t offer it on a “trial” basis after this as well …

So, if you have a business and even a tiny desire to give it the new injection of life I *know* the “Kit” will give it, then you’ll need to move very quickly:

7-Day Business Turnaround Program

When the bonuses are gone they’re gone.

The 7-Day Business Turnaround Begins Today


Begin Author’s Full Disclosure Notice:

I am an affiliate of Mark Joyners. Links to any of his programs in this, and other, posts on Evolving Times are affiliate links.

End Disclosure.

Last night, Mark Joyner’s 7-Day Business Turnaround Program went live. If you’re already a Simpleology member you probably noticed the new links to the Simpleology Intensives in the right column.

I’ve been waiting for this program ever since I heard that Mark had something new up his sleeve. Even before the launch I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of action. So you can bet that I was ready for this.

I signed up for the program last night within an hour of its launch so I’ll be getting the bonuses that Mark is giving to anyone who signs up within the first 48-hours. (I would have signed up without the bonuses, but don’t tell Mark that!)

Today, I have spent most of the day going through the Day 1 lessons, worksheets and videos. Day 1 is all about clarity: Getting clear about where your business is. No more “head in the sand” excuses when it comes to my business.

Here’s the bottom line: My expenses are too high and my income is too low.

Sound familiar?

Working with the program guidelines I immediately lopped $300 off of my monthly expenses (not bad for a couple hours work). And there are a few more items that I need to negotiate and/or dump.

The goal of the 7-Day Business Turnaround is to do a “cash injection” on your business so that, by the end of the day 7, your income is at least double your expenses.

That will be sweet!

Now that I’ve finished Day 1, I’m tempted to move on to Day 2. But I’m going to resist that temptation. Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll jump into the lessons refreshed and ready to go.

I’ll be posting more as I go. But, because I truly believe in this program, let me give you a quick pitch before I sign off:

Mark has gone a bit a crazy, I think. He’s letting people sign up and pay nothing for 7-days. That means you can go through the entire 7-day program and if you don’t like it (or even if you do, but don’t feel like paying him) you can just ask them to cancel your order and they won’t charge you a dime!

This is definitely a business model that is aligned with the Law of Attraction.

Will some people take advantage of it and go through the program, reap the benefits and then cancel their orders?

You bet.

But you know what? A lot more people, folks like you and me, will sign up for this program, go through the seven days, and gladly pay for the program at the end!

And we’ll be the ones that watch see our businesses turnaround and take off!

Oh, and one more thing: If you sign up by tomorrow, those bonuses I mentioned are incredible. Mark’s going to lead a weeklong coaching class, personally taking us through the program. And, he’s also created two other intensives based on his best-selling books, The Irresistible Offer and The Great Formula.

I am totally jazzed about the Irresistible Offer Intensive! And they’re both included if you sign up by tomorrow. After tomorrow they’ll be at least $97 each.

Yes, I know, I may not be completely unbiased. But, if your business is in need of a cash injection, if you’re in debt, or just getting by, or even if you’re business is profitable but not thriving, I truly believe that this program can turn it around for you.

Of course it’s all contingent upon your willingness to do the work. If you’re not willing to put in the time and effort to go through the lessons, worksheets and videos, don’t bother.

We’ll all see, but I believe that at the end of the 7-Day Business Turnaround program I’m going to look back and say, “I was where seven days ago?”

Look, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you don’t have the cash flow that you want in your business, go sign up now, check out the program and all the bonuses for the next 7-days and if you truly don’t believe that you have benefited from it, just tell them to cancel your order.

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