Raw Food and the Human Energy Systems

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I had the honor of speaking at Monday Night Live last week. This enlightening series, organized and hosted by Shea Lynn Baird and held at the amazing Cafe Gratitude in Healdsburg is a wonderful way to learn more about healthy eating, raw and living foods, holistic health, conscious business and more!

For my talk I chose to explore the relationship between raw food and the human energy systems, something I have become increasingly intrigued with as I eat more raw food. I have been exploring the Human Energy Systems for over 10-years, but the impact of my diet on my energy systems is not something I had actively considered until Shea asked me to speak at Monday Night live.

If you are interested in how the food you eat affects your energy systems, I’ve included a preview of my Monday Night Live talk here. To view the entire recording, go sign up for Shea’s Monday Night Live email list. You’ll not only get to watch my video, but you’ll also get access to the entire archive of all the Monday Night Live speakers!

Can Mushrooms Help You Live Longer? No Not THOSE Mushrooms!


Have you ever eaten mushrooms? No, not THOSE mushrooms. The only mushrooms I ever tasted when I was growing up were those pretty boring little white button mushrooms. Not much flavor in those guys. And, it turns out, not much in the way of health benefits either.

But as it turns out, there are many mushrooms that do have serious health benefits. And as a side note, there is some serious research going on makes it look as if mushrooms may be able to help us clean up the mess we’ve made on our planet. I’ll share more about that later. But now I want to turn you on to an opportunity to find out how mushrooms can help boost your immune system: Big time!

I think it’s safe to say that most of us are interested in improving the health of our physical bodies. One of the Big 3 topics that comes up in relation to the Law of Attraction is physical health. (I’ll give you 2 guesses what the other 2 are!)

And while I firmly believe that there is absolutely, positively, without any doubt, a vibrational
component to our physical health, I also believe that how we treat our bodies is equally important.

Yes, our thoughts, emotions and energy systems can have a very powerful impact on our physical health. But so too does the food we put into our bodies.

And I always find it interesting when I see Deliberate Creators try to deny this. I must admit that I cringe when I see diehard Law of Attraction practitioners shoving junk food into their mouths as they say something like, “I’ll just shift the vibration to bring it into harmony with my body and make it healthy for me.”


Like it or not, it is still true that we are what we eat. (And personally, I’d rather be a almond than a cow!)

Now someday, at some point on our path to mastery, it may be possible to consistently shift the vibration of the food we eat – making it possible to live a healthy life on donuts and coffee! (I once read a story about a guru living in some forest in India who lived on coffee – well actually he lived on Prana but liked coffee so much that was all he ingested! Could make a good spokesman for Starbucks!)

But I think it’s fair to say that most of us are not quite ready for the coffee-only diet!

So over the last few months I’ve been immersing myself more fully into healthy food and exploring a mostly raw food diet. And whenever I immerse myself in something new I do a LOT Of research. And one name that continually comes up is David Wolfe.

When I have a question about raw, living foods, super-nutrition and, yes, raw chocolate – YUM –  my research often leads me to David Wolfe for the answer!

If you don’t know his name, he is one of the most recognized super-nutrition authorities. His fans and clients include T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Angela Bassett, Woody Harrelson, Mark Victor Hansen, and hundreds of thousands more.

I’ve learned a lot from him and now David Wolfe has a free video about mushrooms and longevity… No, not THOSE mushrooms! He’s talking about a group of medicinal mushrooms that have the ability to boost the human immune system.

And he seems to know what he’s talking about since he hasn’t been sick in over 15-years!

And I must admit, it’s fun to watch him talk. He’s got this hippie mad scientist vibe going on that’s pretty cool.

So go check it out and let me know what you think. Oh, and he also talks about the importance of energetic grounding which is awesome. I’ve been focused on helping people learn how to ground for years. Go get my free Energetics of Attraction Intro package for more on grounding.

And don’t miss David Wolfe’s video on mushrooms… No not THOSE mushrooms!

Learn to Balance Your Chakras

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Everything is energy.

I’m sure, by now, you’ve heard that phrase. This is not just some new age, woo woo platitude: Scientists have shown us that, at the atomic level, everything that appears solid is mostly empty space, or energy. In fact, your body is over 99.9999% empty space.

And because everything is energy, it just makes sense that awareness of that energy is a critical component of your success as the Deliberate Creator of your life. That is why I created the Energetics of Attraction Digital Learning Course. It provides you with powerful knowledge and practical tools for integrating the Human Energy Systems into the framework of the Law of Attraction.

But because it is a foundational level course, I provide only a basic overview of the chakra system. I do have a full chakra course planned for early next year. But what can you do if you’re ready to jump in and learn more about the chakras now?

Sonia Choquette - Chakra BalancingWell, the DailyOm has an opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Sonia Choquette is a unique and extraordinary spiritual teacher, intuitive guide and masterful catalyst whose special gift is to energetically activate the highest vibration and free the authentic Spirit in everyone she meets. She is a NY Times bestselling Author and #1 Amazon.com bestseller and has also been a personal Intuitive advisor to such New Age Leaders as Louise Hay, Julia Cameron, Caroline Myss, Dr. Wayne Dyer, pop icon Billy Corgan and consultant to international business leaders.

The DailyOm is offering Sonia’s 10-week Chakra Balancing course for just $39.

When your chakras are healthy and clear, your life flows smoothly. When any one of them is sluggish, shut down, or its vibration is weak, the imbalance can show up as a physical symptom affecting a particular area of your body, or as an emotional or psychological symptom affecting your outlook.

And when one or more of your chakras are out of balance, your ability to attract and manifest your desires dramatically decreases.

With the Balancing Your Chakras on-line course, you will first come to understand the nature of each chakra. Second, you will learn how to tell if any of your chakras are in need of attention, and third, the course will show you simple behaviors you can do to work with each chakra to bring your life back into harmonious and healthy flow. The result is that you will start to feel more confident, energized, and peaceful-at every moment in any situation.

Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • Detailed information about each of the 7 chakras
  • How to determine which chakras are need of help
  • How to work with each chakra to bring your life back into harmonious and healthy flow
  • How to balance your chakras
  • Healing mudras for each chakra
  • Corresponding colors and tones for each chakra
  • Real life challenges we all face and how to use chakras to help
  • How to read chakras
  • Chakra exercises and visualizations
  • 22 video clips that give you practical and in depth information how to work with your chakras

If you are ready to amp up your ability to attract your desires, this chakra balancing class is a great resource. Go check it out.

And if you’re interested in more specific information on how to integrate energetic awareness into the Law of Attraction, go sign up for the Energetics of Attraction Digital Learning Course. I’ve got a Recession Busting 1/2 off sale happening right now!

Learn Practical Energy Tools That Can Help You Thrive In This Environment

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Last Thursday, I offered a gift to you: The free teleclass, 3 Simple Energy Tools to Help You Step out of the Fear and into the Fun. On the call, I shared three very simple, but powerful tools to help you stay out of the energy of fear that is swirling all around us now.

Over 80 people registered for the live call, and the recording has been downloaded many more times since Thursday. If you have not listened to it, you can download the MP3 recording here.

During the call, I mentioned the upcoming 6-week Energetics of Attraction Live Course. This 6-week teleseminar series will provide you with simple yet extremely powerful tools for navigating the turbulent waters we’re in right now.

This course is a totally revised version of the original Energetics of Attraction live course and the Digital Learning Course. The curriculum has been updated to reflect the chaos, confusion and fear that is swirling around us right now. The lessons and the tools have been modified to help you apply them in this environment.

And because I don’t want that fear to get in the way of you signing up for this course, I have lowered the tuition by $100! It’s my way to bite back at this economic meltdown!

And if you read this in time, by Tuesday, November 5th, you’ll have the opportunity to save even more. I’ve taken another $100 off the tuition through Tuesday. (It was meant to be a 24-hour Halloween special, but I forgot to send out the email on Friday. D’oh! My trick, your treat.)

The bottom line is that I don’t want money, or the fear surrounding money to be the reason you say no to this life changing opportunity.

And, as with all of my online events, the course comes with my no-questions-asked guarantee. If you don’t feel you’ve received incredible value from the course, just ask for a refund and you’ll get your money back with no questions asked.

My intention with this course is to arm you with a set of powerful energetic tools that have real world, practical, applications. After all, energy tools are great, but if they don’t help you thrive in the “real” world, they’re not very useful.

So over the next 6-weeks I will be sharing these tools with you in a way that will allow you to immediately put them into use in your “real” life. You will learn how to use these techniques to get out of the fear, confusion and doubt and stay out of it. And once you’re out of it, you can use these tools to dramatically accelerate the creation of a truly awesome life.

I sure hope to see you on the first call this Thursday.

You can get all the details about the course and register for the Energetics of Attraction Live Course here:

Recession Repellent (Have a Spray or Two)


First a quick disclosure: That title is from Mark Joyner, bestselling author and creator of Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want. It’s from an email he just sent out this morning (May 12th). But if you read my previous post on the Burning Ring of Fire, you know I’ve been on a “coincidence” kick lately, so I had to share his email with you. But first a bit of background.

You probably also know that I’m getting ready to start the Energetics of Attraction 6-week teleseminar series: Basic Energy Awareness Skills for Deliberate Creators.

What you don’t know is that enrollment is going slower than I expected. Right now there are about half the number of people registered for the program than I had originally envisioned.

Now in the first few days after I opened the registration I was a bit concerned (more about that in a moment). But thanks to some great conversations with some of my leading edge, Deliberate Creator friends, I’m no longer concerned. And in fact, because of these conversations I’ve put a cap on the program enrollment and there are just 6 spaces left.

Here’s why I’m not worried:

First, people are notoriously last minute when it comes to signing up for programs like this and it’s likely that several more people will join us by the time the program begins on Wednesday (May 14th).

Second, even if no one else signs up, there are enough participants to create a vibrant, dynamic group of people interested in learning how to use their personal energy systems to accelerate their ability to create an awesome life!

And here’s why I’ve capped the enrollment:

Because the recordings of this program are going to be the core content of a digital, self-paced program, having fewer people on the calls will enable me to provide focused, personalized Energy Coaching to the participants. We’ll be able to zero in on their specific questions and issues. So the recordings for the self-paced version will be chock full of highly specific and practical information that might not come out with a larger group.

So that’s all good. Now here’s the important point before I get to Mark’s email:

When I first opened registration for the course, and saw that enrollment was going very slowly I wasn’t quite as relaxed about it as I am now! And before I had those encouraging, positive conversations, I actually managed to attract four conversations in a three-day stretch that clued me into some inner work that I need to do.

You see, each of these four people responded in almost the exact same way when I voiced my concerns about the enrollment in the program. They all said:

“Well, with this recession and gas prices being so high and food costs going up, people are getting very cautious with their spending.”

I’m still amazed that every one of them used almost the exact same phrasing. It was as if they were reading from a script! (In a way, they were. Read Mark’s email below and you’ll see what I mean).

Now the fact that I had four people voice these fears to me tells me that I’ve got some internal work to do. Apparently, even though I don’t watch the news and only rarely read the paper, on some level, I’ve bought into this whole recession thing.

And obviously, many others have as well. And that brings me to Mark’s email. If you’ve been hearing lots of people around you complaining about the “recession” or gas prices or food prices, or if you’ve been catching yourself complaining about the “recession,” you’ll definitely want to read this.

[Note: The highlights are mine. Also Mark’s offer at the end is only available for another 24 hours (as of this posting) but the information in the email is definitely worth reading anyway!)

After you read Mark’s note, leave a comment below and share your thoughts. I’d love to hear how you’ve been responding to this “recession!”

Hey Ed

I hope you’re having a beautiful day!

I sure am – maybe better than I’ve had in a *long* time …

I’ll tell you why in a second. (hehe 🙂

First, there’s something I need to get off my chest before my
head pops off my shoulders.

OK …

I’m really sick of hearing one particular word every time I
turn on the TV.

Bear with me.

No, it’s not “election” or “Iraq.”

This word gets me more worked up than either of those two.

The word I’m talking about is “recession.”

First, don’t you get a sense that most of these “pundits” on TV
don’t really have any clue what they’re talking about?

I mean, not even economists agree on the definition of a
recession, or if it’s even a significant event at all.

Yet, that doesn’t stop the prime time scare-mongers from trying
to strike *fear* into the hearts of me & my family, though,
does it?

I mean, let me digest my meal in peace for Pete’s sake!

Can’t they think of another way to pump up their ratings without
toying with the hopes & dreams of the average Joe?

Ah, anyway … !

I’ll get off my soapbox.

What’s important is this.

When you strip away all of the hype from what is supposed to be
“fact-based news,” there are some things happening that should
cause us all to be a alert.


Not, “so scared out of our wits that we can’t think straight.”

Warren Buffett, the greatest investor who ever lived, recently
revealed at the latest Berkshire shareholders meeting that,
“the worst of the crisis in Wall Street is over.”

Contrast that with the high-drama about a pending “financial
melt-down” the pundits are yammering on about.

Who to listen to? The greatest investor who ever lived or some
TV blow-hards?

Not a hard decision!

Yet, a clever investor is never complacent.

So, that’s why I’m going to spray myself with a whiff or two of
“Recession Repellent.”

Don’t laugh.

This may sound like something silly, but it’s not. Far from it!

Warren Buffett has done it.

Bill Gates has done it.

So has Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and just
about every other billionaire you can name.

So, what is it?

First, you need a little “background” before you can really
understand it.

Sorry if that sounds like “talking down” – it’s not meant to be
at all.

Most people tend to dismiss this at first, but you won’t be so
fool-hardy when you are armed with the following facts.


OK, let’s play a little game.

Can you name a group of people who, year in and year out,
weather the toughest financial storms?

Even if they lose everything these guys can get it *all* back
without breaking a sweat.

They’re not doctors.

They’re not lawyers.

Nope, they’re most definitely not stock-brokers.

Who are they?

Now, promise me you’ll keep reading after I tell you because
you may think this doesn’t apply to you, but it does.

It most certainly does.


OK …

They are “best-selling authors.”

Now, remember your promise!

You’re about to understand why this fact can not only cause an
immediate cash windfall for you now, but also “set up” you and
your family for bedrock stability, year after year, no matter
what happens.

In the next 90 seconds, you’re about to get an education
that has taken others decades to learn. And sadly, some never
get this education at all.

Consider these facts:

FACT: A best-selling author can, because of his or her
celebrity status, get in front of large audiences almost
anywhere in the world, sometimes within hours of picking up
a phone.

One of the most challenging things for any business is to get

Best-selling authors can get instant traffic, any time day or
night, like flipping a switch.

It’s a fact.

FACT: Best-selling authors have “instant trust and credibility”
with their audiences.

Another barrier that holds you hostage from the riches you know
you deserve is “trust.”

You may have a product with more selling power than “instant
hair,” but if no one knows you or trusts you, it just doesn’t

If, however, your message comes from “Best-selling author of …”
vast audiences will stop in their tracks to listen.

FACT: Products from best-selling authors are “pre-sold” so you
can sell without selling.

Let’s face it, no one likes an annoying pushy salesman, and
unfortunately, that’s what most people think the business
world requires.

That just couldn’t be further from the truth.

What happens most often in today’s world is “selling without
selling.” Pre-selling is the name of the game, but most people
just don’t understand how it’s done.

Products from best-selling authors have pre-selling built in
to them, often without the best-selling author understanding
how their products “just seem to keep selling.”

I could probably carry on like this for a few hours and barely
scratch the surface.

People often ask, “If Donald Trump has so much money why does
he keep writing books?”

And now you know why.

Not only does he get a tidy flood of cash from the sale of his
books (and the additional products he sells to his readers), but
he enjoys limitless “ripple effects” that churn more and more
profit out of every nook and cranny.

Pretty cool, huh?

Well, it gets better?

What if I told you that *you* could be a best-selling author?

And what if I told you that …

  • you don’t have to have any business experience

(what I’m about to show you has worked for many who just blindly
followed the plan without even understanding it)

  • you don’t have to have a “list”
  • you don’t even have to write a book!

(you’ll laugh – many of the world’s best-selling authors have
never had to put pen to paper even a single time)And what if you could do all of this with minimal cash outlay?

One young man from Singapore, with barely a penny to his name,
followed a similar plan and made 100K (US currency) within weeks.

(you’ll hear his story and others)

Pretty cool, huh?

Now you’ll understand why I’m on such a “natural high” these

Well, it gets even just a little bit better.

This system comes with a high price tag (if you had such a
system that actually *worked* wouldn’t you expect that?), but
if you act quickly, you can get it on a drastically reduced
price with a payment plan that makes it affordable for even
someone on a “minimum wage” budget.

Here’s the link:


Do yourself a favor and at least test this out.

You’ll know instantly after reading that page (it’s actually
fun to read and you’ll learn a ton more) that it’s all on the
“up and up.”

The man who put this together is a well-known 4 time #1
best-selling author who is endorsed by people from legendary
business luminaries to University professors to “work at home
moms” who have followed his advice and turned their lives

It’s backed up by an iron-clad guarantee and they have “assumed
the risk” for you, so you’d be crazy to miss out.

OK, I’ve got to get back to work following this plan myself 🙂

My wish is that both of us, you and me, are best-selling authors
by this time next year.

You game?

It can probably happen a lot sooner (it took one of his students
just 45 days!), but let’s be realistic.

Last Day To Save $200 On Energy Skills For Deliberate Creators

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Just a quick head’s up before I head off to the hot springs for a 24-hour retreat.

Today is the last day to save $200 on the 6-week Energetics of Attraction teleseminar series:

Basic Energy Awareness Skills for Deliberate Creators.

This course will teach you:

  • A simple Intuitive Meditation Technique that will improve your intuition and help you connect with your internal guidance system.
  • A visualization technique that will allow you to see, hear, feel and fully experience your intentions in a
    holographic, “virtual reality.”
  • How to “plant” your desires into the Earth so they can literally “take root” and grow into your life!
  • Practical tools to help you make decisions based on your inner wisdom.
  • How to create positive, protective boundaries to keep other people’s energy out of your space!

And most importantly, you’ll learn how to put all of these tools and techniques into use immediately in your daily life to begin attracting more of what you want faster and more easily!

Go check out all the details on the registration page and sign up today to save over $200.

Basic Energy Skills for Deliberate Creators.

Do You Take Your Expertise For Granted?


I’ve had an epiphany of sorts over that last week or so. Many of you have downloaded the Energetics of Attraction report and were either on the live teleclass calls, or listened to the MP3 recordings of them. If you haven’t, you can go get your free Energetics of Attraction Resource Package here:

But that’s not the reason for this post. No, there’s something much more interesting.

As I’ve been preparing to launch the new Energetics of Attraction Intensive – writing the report, leading the teleclasses, creating the curriculum and handouts, setting up the web pages – I’ve come to realize the extent to which I take my knowledge of the Human Energy Systems for granted!

I’ve been thrilled about the launch of this new program, but after reading through some of the questions that have come in and a phone conversation I had with one of my Mastermind Partners – a long-term Personal Development and Law of Attraction practitioner – I finally got that my understanding of and experience with the Human Energy Systems is rare, even in the personal development world.

I’ve been intensively studying the Human Energy Systems for over 12-years and sometimes I just forget that the knowledge and skills I possess are totally foreign to many (most?) people.

A while back, my friend Dawud Miracle started an interesting conversation by asking: Are You An Expert if You Can’t Share What You know?

It’s an important question. But before you can even get to that question, there’s another one that needs to be asked:

Are you an expert if you don’t acknowledge that you are?

We all have expertise. Every single one of you reading this is an expert at something. But because you are an expert at it – because it has become easy for you – you may well not even notice it.

A bird would not acknowledge that it was an expert flyer. He just flies!

A fish would not acknowledge that it was an expert swimmer. She just swims!

You probably don’t acknowledge that you’re an expert walker or breather or eater. But you are!

Of course you are an expert at other things as well, things that may not be quite so universal as walking or breathing!

But do you acknowledge your expertise? Do you accept that something you do is unique. Or do you take it for granted because it now comes so easily to you?

I learned my lesson. With over 12-years of active, intensive study into the practical applications of the Human Energy Systems I have achieved a high level of mastery. But as Dawud asked, “Am I an expert if I can’t share that knowledge?”

There is no definite, universal answer to that question. But for me, the answer is a resounding No!

After all, what use is mastery if it’s not shared?

So I have made a conscious decision to ramp up the level at which I share my knowledge of the Human Energy Systems.

The Energetics of Attraction Resource Package was the first step.

And the next step is the 6-week program: Basic Energy Awareness Skills for Deliberate Creators.

Where is your expertise? What unique wisdom, talent, knowledge or ability do you have that you take for granted?

Perhaps it is time for you to claim your expert status and share your wisdom with the world!

Earth Day, A New Earth, And Energetics


My daughter and I had a great day at our local Earth Day festival on Sunday. Compostable balloons from Whole Foods, Seed Balls from a local summer camp, some great music and our awesome Sunday farmer’s market combined for an awesome celebration. In the afternoon I planted some salad greens, sunflowers (volunteers from the compost pile) and more broccoli in our garden.

I love days like that and I embrace the belief that “every day is Earth day!” It’s not always easy to act in ways that feel nurturing to the Earth. But by staying conscious about our relationship to this planet, our home, we can begin to live and act as if today and every day is Earth Day.

There was a beautiful coincidence – if you believe in such things – in the timing of this week’s A New Earth webcast with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah. This week’s discussion focused on the discovery and exploration of Inner Space and the stillness you find there.

This is what Tolle writes about Stillness:

Stillness is really another word for space. … You are never more essentially, more deeply, yourself than when you are still. When you are still, you are who you were before you temporarily assumed this physical and mental form called a person. You are also who you will be when the form dissolves. When you are still, you are who you are beyond your temporal existence: consciousness—unconditioned, formless, eternal.

It is through stillness that we can truly connect with the Earth. It is from our Inner Space that we can see the Earth not as an object but as a Being. From within the Stillness we can connect and communicate with and learn from the Earth.

The Earth is an amazing teacher! She has taught me much about the Law of Attraction. The Earth is the ultimate Deliberate Creator.

One of the reasons that many people struggle to attract their desires is because they focus on sending their intentions “out” to the Universe. In order to attract things in the physical world it is equally important to send those intentions “down” into the physical Earth. The Earth provides the medium within which your desires will become “real.”

The ability to ground our desires into the Earth was one of the tools we explored in the free Energetics of Attraction teleclass last week. If you missed it you can access the recording on the Energetics of Attraction Resource Page.

You’ll also get access to the free report on the Harmonics of Human Awareness. I agree with what Eckhart says in the quote below. When you are detached, or I prefer to call it fully present on all levels of perception, not locked in at one level of awareness, you experience and enjoy life more fully!

Being detached does not mean that you cannot enjoy the good that the world has to offer. In fact, you enjoy it more. … When you are detached, you gain a higher vantage point from which to view the events in your life instead of being trapped inside them. You become like an astronaut who sees the planet Earth surrounded by the vastness of space and realizes a paradoxical truth: The earth is precious and at the same time insignificant.

What steps will you take today to explore your Inner Space, honor the Earth and fully enjoy all the good this world and this life has to offer?

Leave a comment below.

And go download your free Energetics of Attraction Resources before you forget!

Get OUT of My Space!


Get OUT of My Space!

No, not you!

But, hopefully that got your attention.


Have you ever said that to someone? Have you ever wanted to say that to someone?

Most of us have probably felt that way once or twice in our lives… or maybe once or twice in the last hour!

We all have different personal space requirements. Some of us need a lot of alone time and like to maintain our physical and emotional distance. Others prefer being in social situations and being close to other people.

Our personal space requirements are also influenced by our cultural background. Different cultures have different personal space requirements.

Here’s what the website Edupass tells foreign students about our personal space requirements here in the U.S.

When two people are talking to each other, they tend to stand a specific distance apart. Each person has an invisible boundary around their body into which other people may not come. [Italics mine.] If someone pierces this boundary, they will feel uncomfortable and move away to increase the distance between them. (The major exception is family members and other loved ones.) This personal distance is not due to body odor or bad breath, but because closeness lends a sense of intimacy that is at odds with their relationship to the other individual.

Interestingly, the average personal distance varies from culture to culture. Americans tend to require more personal space than in other cultures. So if you try to get too close to an American during your conversation, he or she will feel that you are “in their face” and will try to back away. Try to be aware of this, so if the person to whom you are speaking backs away a little, don’t try to close the gap.

Also, try to avoid physical contact while you are speaking, since this may also lead to discomfort. Touching is a bit too intimate for casual acquaintances. So don’t put your arm around their shoulder, touch their face, or hold their hand. Shaking hands when you initially meet or part is acceptable, but this is only momentary.

Apparently we are getting a reputation for being a bit stand-offish here in the U.S.

So what is that “invisible boundary” they mention?

Well there is much more to your “space” than meets the eye. Your personal space is more than your body, more than your room or your office or your home. Your personal space includes your personal energy space as well, and it’s very possible for someone to be in your energy space even when they’re not around.

Have you ever felt that someone is “in your space” even when they are not anywhere near you?

I know there have been times when I have felt my parents in my space even though they are 2000 miles away!

I also know that I maintain a connection with my daughter even when she’s not around.

The connection itself is not a bad thing. In fact it can sometimes be a very good thing. There are times when having a non-physical connection with others is important and beneficial.

At other times, especially when the connection is made without awareness, it can feel stifling, controlling, overwhelming, or even suffocating.

And it’s at those times – when you feel controlled or suffocated – that it would be good to have some tools and techniques for disconnecting from others.

Now depending on how sensitive you are, having someone “in” your personal energy space can feel just as intense as having someone literally standing “in your face.”

There have been times in my life when those energetic connections have felt more intense!

Fortunately, I’ve learned some techniques to limit the intensity of those connections and create healthy energetic boundaries.

One of the most powerful tools I’ve learned is called Neutral Separations. It’s a deceptively simple technique that instantly reduces the impact of any dysfunctional energetic connections you have with other people.

If you’re interested in learning how to use this technique in your life, go get your free Energetics of Attraction Package, worth over $100.

You’ll not only discover how to use Neutral Separations, you’ll also learn a simple tool for grounding your intentions into the physical world, as well as a technique to help you instantly shift your perspective.

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3 Simple Solutions to Your Law of Attraction “Problems” – Free Teleclass

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Sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be. Well, I’ll speak for myself: Sometimes I make things more complicated than they need to be. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “The simplest solution to a problem is usually the best one.”

Well tomorrow (Wednesday, April 16th, 2008) I’m offering a free teleclass where I will share three simple solutions that can help you solve some of your Law of Attraction “problems.”

What problems am I talking about? Here are some of the issues that these 3 simple tools will address.

  • I’m great at visualizing what I want, but I have a hard time translating that vision into reality.
  • I know what I want but I’m not sure what actions to take.
  • I know what I “should” be doing to attract my desires, but I have a hard time staying focused.
  • It’s difficult for me to get clear on what I really want.
  • I sometimes feel like my desires are not really mine – almost as if someone else is planting their desires inside of me.
  • I tend to get stuck on a limiting thought or belief – like a broken record.
  • Sometimes I get so bogged down in emotions that I can’t even think straight.

If any of these sound familiar to you this free teleclass can help. During this one-hour call I’ll share three simple tools that can instantly change the way you work with the Law of Attraction.

And unlike some tools, these are not just simple, they’re also easy!

On this call you’ll learn:

  • How to simply AND easily separate your personal energy from other people’s energy (OPE). This one simple technique can literally change your life overnight.
  • Why sending your intentions “out to the Universe” is not enough and how to GROUND those intentions into the physical Earth!
  • How to instantly shift your perspective and increase your personal vibration.

So whether you’re struggling with your ability to attract your desires, or just want to take your deliberate creation to the next level, this teleclass will help you.

It’s completely free, but space is limited, so go sign up now!

[Update: The live teleclass has already happened. But you can sign up to receive the free Energetics of Attraction Resource Package which includes an MP3 recording of both teleclasses as well as the report: The Harmonics of Human Awareness. Just fill out the form below to get instant access to these valuable resources!]

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