If You’re Not LIVING It You Don’t KNOW It



That’s just about all I can say.

This weekend I attended my second Millionaire Mind Intensive and it was even more life-changing than the first one. This one was in San Francisco, so I didn’t have to fly anywhere. And even more important, T. Harv Eker was there this weekend.

If you’re interested in personal development or have any interest in creating more wealth – of all kinds – in your life you must see Harv.

Well, that’s assuming that you’re willing to hear the truth.

Harv is a truth-teller which means it’s not always easy to hear what he has to say. But if you want to change your life and you are ready and willing to listen to what he says you want to go check him out.

At the beginning of the weekend, you’re introduced to the “three most dangerous words in the English language.” Any idea what they are?


Once you know something – or even worse, THINK you know something – the game is over. You stop learning and growing. Your mind turns off and closes down to new information.

One of Harv’s most important points is that if you’re not living it, you don’t “KNOW” it. The first time I went to the Millionaire Mind Intensive I got some great insights, but there was still a part of me that fell into the “I know that” trap. So I didn’t get as much out of it as I could have.

At this MMI I was ready and willing to participate fully. I was ready to let go of my image of myself and look at the reality of my life – which is a much better reflection of what I “KNOW.” And because of that I had some huge personal breakthroughs.

Have you ever fallen into the I KNOW THAT trap? It’s not just for “know it alls.” We all do it. And it can be extremely subtle. But once those three words kick in, your ability to hear, accept and apply new information basically shuts down.

Here’s the bottom line: Look at your life.

  • Do you have as much money as you want?
  • Do you have as much joy and fun and happiness as you want?
  • Do you have as much love and intimacy as you want?
  • Do you have as much confidence as you want?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions there is something you DON”T KNOW. You may have read it somewhere. You may understand it intellectually. You may even be starting to apply it in your life. But if you aren’t fully living it you haven’t embodied it which means that you don’t trulyknow it!

And until you do, the three words, “I KNOW THAT,” will continue to hold you back.

So take a moment to look at your life. Where would you like to see some imnprovements?

Now ask yourself what knowledge you need in order to make those changes.

Or you may need to look at what knowledge you already have that you need to begin applying! Because remember, if you’re not living it, you don’t know it!

So I encourage you to be on the lookout for those three most dangerous words in the English language. (And if English is not your first language, go ahead and translate them into your language). And when you catch your mind trying to convince you that you know something ask yourself these two simple questions:

  1. Am I living this knowledge?
  2. Is my life a reflection of this knowledge?

If the answers are “No” you don’t know it! And if that’s the case it’s time to get yourself back into the best school there is… LIFE!

My 3 Year Old Daughter Has A Millionaire Mind


Since returning from T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive in December, my wife and I have each been wearing green rubber wrist band that say “I Have A Millionaire Mind.” It’s a simple but effective reminder to keep our intentions and attention focused on financial freedom.

Recently, my three-year-old daughter has begun asking what it says, or in her words, “what are dat dada?” as she points to the band.

“It says, ‘I have a Millionaire Mind, Ella.”

But this morning, as she sat on the bathroom counter while I shaved, she picked up the band, put it on her wrist, lifted it up so I could see, and said, “Millionaire Mind.”

I cracked up. It was so cute. “Yes you do, Ella! You have a millionaire mind,” I replied.

And as I said it, I realized just how amazing it is to think that my daughter is going to grow up knowing that she is an abundant being! She won’t have to spend half her life “handling” her “money stuff.”

Instead, she’ll be able to focus all of that energy and time into… well, into whatever she wants.

So thank you Harv for helping me find my way back into my Millionaire Mind so that I can help my daughter not forget hers!

Want To Become A Millionaire? Read This Post

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No, not my post. Steve Pavlina”s Post, 5 Lessons From 20 Percent of a Millionaire. In this article he provides a great, personal look at what it takes to become a millionaire – or 20% of one.

Here’s a brief summary of his lessons:

1. It’s damned hard to earn a million dollars from scratch.

2. Self-interest is insufficient motivation.

3. Focus on providing value to others, and the money will follow.

4. Becoming a millionaire requires a significant identity shift.

5. Financial trolls must be shown no mercy.
If becoming a millionaire, or even enhancing your current level of financial abundance, is a part of your vision, this is an article well worth checking out.

And if you have not already done so, I also highly recommend T. Harv Ecker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book. This book and the Millionaire Mind Intensive have been a major factor in creating the “identity shift” that Steve talks about.

Doing Laundry – Setting The Tone For 2007

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I slept in a bit this morning. Last night, as I was going to bed, I turned off my watch alarm, which is normally set for 5:00am. As much as I wanted to set a precedence for 2007 and arise at 5:00am on New Year’s Day, I also realized that getting less than five-hours sleep might not be the best way to begin the year.

So this morning, when I woke up at 7:00 and quietly came downstairs, I considered what I would do with the brief window of time available before my daughter arose. Without thinking much about it, I passed by our “Holosync Station” a comfy chair beside the stereo. I ignored the novel I’m reading – the first in many months. I didn’t even think about turning on the computer.

I wandered right on through the house and found myself standing in the laundry room putting a load of clothes in the washing machine.

As I did this, the thought came to me, “Doing laundry is my first conscious act of 2007. How do I feel about this?”

After a moment of pondering, the answer came back: “I feel good about it.”

You see, even though I didn’t officially set this as an “official” intention last night at our New Year’s Eve ritual, I realized that one of my intentions for 2007 is to keep my environments – home, office, car – cleaner, more organized and inviting. I want my home and office to be spaces that feel welcoming and nurturing. I want them to be places that support me and my work in the world. That has not always been the case.

So beginning this year with an act of cleaning, an act that I did not choose from a fully conscious place, feels like a good sign. It’s setting the tone and direction for the rest of the year.

My second act of 2007, which was very conscious, was to place money in our Financial Freedom Account jar. That again felt like a very good way to set the tone and direction of this New Year.

If you don’t know about Financial Freedom Accounts, pick up a copy of The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind, or sign up for a free introductory telelclass.

What was your first act of 2007? If, looking back on the day, you have not set a tone and direction for the year that are aligned with your intentions, you might want to take a moment to consciously do something that does align your actions with your intentions for this New Year.

Black Belts Focus On The Path Not The Destination

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Steve Pavlina just posted an entry on What Are The Odds of Becoming A Black Belt. He doesn’t specifically list the odds of becoming a black belt, rather he uses the time, effort, dedication and training necessary to achieve a martial arts black as a metaphor for achieving success in other areas of life.

As a coach and a trainer I often witness the “I want to be there NOW,” syndrome. I want to be rich. I want to be successful. I want to be a great musician.

It’s very easy to fall into that trap. I catch myself falling into that trap on a regular basis!

But as one who took the time – 10+ years – to achieve a second-degree black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate, I recognize the need for patience and persistence in all areas of life. Yes, there were times in my training that I wanted to “be a blackbelt.” But as I continued to train I realized that the achievement – the belt – was far less important than the pursuit.

It was in the training that the understanding came. The belt itself – the achievement – was just a symbol of what I had learned. It was a reminder of the path I had chosen. When I received my second-degree belt, it was quite anti-climactic.

In the same way, benchmarks on your path to any goal, are just symbols. On the path to financial freedom, for example, your first $100,000 income year or your first month with $5,000 in passive income are signs that you are on the right path. They provide positive feedback and validation as well as inspiration to continue growing.

It was good to be reminded of my years in the dojo. Good to remember the focus, passion, patience and dedication I brought to that pursuit. When I apply that same focus, passion, patience and dedication to any area of my life, it’s safe to say that the results will be similar.

You might want to ask yourself in which area of your life you want to pursuer a “black belt.” And when you have the answer, ask yourself if you are willing to commit fully to the pursuit.

Steve Pavlina says: In many fields you only see a 1% success ratio because the other 99% are merely taking up space.

Do you want to be part of the 1% who succeed, or the 99% who are just taking up space?

It’s a good question.

Millionaire Mind Intensive: Day 1

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If you have not read T. Harv Ecker’s book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and taken, or signed up for, the three-day Millionaire Mind Intensive…do it now!

It truly is Intensive. Friday and Saturday we meet from 9:00am – 11:00pm and Sunday from 9:00am – 7:00pm.

I’ll be writing much more after I return from the seminar. I won’t give away the “secrets” of the seminar. I don’t want to ruin the surprises for you when you attend! But I will share just a couple of insights that I had at yesterday’s session.

A big aha for me came when they reframed the concept of financial freedom in a way that allowed me to see just how close I am to the first stage of financial freedom. Yeah!

And then, at the evening session, they took us through a “process” to help us understand our unconscious beliefs and patterns around money. I remembered an event that captured the financial dynamic within my family.

When I was a senior in high school, deciding on what to do after I graduated, I had a strong desire to take a year off and travel around Europe. My parents, convinced that if I took a year off I would never go to college, said that they would not pay for college if I took a year off.

As I remembered that experience, I connected with a strong feeling of resentment and anger towards my parents and, by association, towards money.

Money was a weapon in my family, a source of power over, and a source of control. In this process I realized that, at some point in my childhood, I decided – not consciously, of course – that I didn’t want to be associated with something that was used to control others, namely money.

That unconscious patterning has made it quite difficult to create financial freedom. And that sort of awareness is what leads to a change in the underlying financial blueprint.

And that’s just what we’ll be doing today. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

Thanksgiving, Family And The Millionaire Mind

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the corner is right here!

(Ed’s Note: This was supposed to come out on Wednesday, but it was hiding in my drafts folder instead of scheduled for posting. So use your imagination. And I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!)

Tomorrow morning, my wife, daughter and I begin our big Thanksgiving adventure.

We’re flying up to Boise tomorrow morning to spend Thanksgiving with my biological mother, Joan, her mother and brother, his wife, and my brother, Noah. It will be the first time that we have all been together.

From there, Melissa, Ella and I will pile into a car with Joan and Noah for the drive to Boulder for two days of sight-seeing in Noah’s relatively new hometown.

Then Joan and Noah will watch Ella while Melissa and I head down to Denver for three days at T. Harv Ecker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar.

Then, on Monday it’s back to Oakland International.

It’s no coincidence (never is) that I’ll be with Joan and Noah in the days leading up to the Millionaire Mind Intensive. If you haven’t read the book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, it’s all about understanding and changing your “financial blueprint,” the mostly unconscious thoughts and beliefs that influences your relationship with money.

My financial blueprint is definitely connected to my adoption experience. Over the past few years I’ve noticed an interesting pattern: Whenever Joan (my biological mother) is coming to visit or we are going to visit her, my income takes a major hit in the days and weeks leading to the visit.

I’ve been working on this pattern for a long time. And I’m happy to say that the dip before this trip was not as acute as in the past (nor was my reaction to that dip) but there was still a noticeable decrease in my income.

I’ve heard that this seminar is extremely powerful, and I’m hoping to implement some major blueprint revisions!

From a personal growth perspective, spending a week with Joan and Noah immediately before the Millionaire Mind Seminar is absolutely perfect: If anything is going to activate the parts of my blueprint needing revision it’s time with these two people. And I say that in a very loving way.

So I’m looking forward to a holiday adventure on many levels. I’ll keep you posted as much as I can during the next few days. And, if I don’t have time to get to the juicy details, you can look forward to hearing more after I return.

Pre-Pave Your Way To Financial Freedom Using The Law Of Attraction

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My wife and I are scrambling to find coverage for Ella tomorrow. On Thursday, we’re leaving for 11-days, and Melissa and I both have work we need to finish before leaving. Ella’s pre-school is closed on Wednesday and her two regular babysitters are unavailable and two of her “aunties” are out of town leaving us with few options.

On Monday, I noticed myself feeling a great deal of anxiety about the prospect of not finding coverage for Wednesday. I started to spin out into dire scenarios of working all night Tuesday and Wednesday and leaving blearing eyed and overwhelmed on Thursday.

This feeling, as you might imagine, is not a conducive vibrational offering for attracting a positive outcome.

This morning, Tuesday, at my office, feeling a bit more grounded but still flustered, I was preparing my tea before sitting down to write when the following question popped into my head: “How would someone who was financially free feel right now?”

It was a good question because it not only helped me shift my feeling in the moment, but it also helped clarify and expand my definition and understanding of the concept of financial freedom.

Before this question came up this morning, my vision of financial freedom was almost exclusively linked to matters of money. But in the case of finding childcare for Ella, money has nothing to do with the outcome or my feelings. Financial freedom would not change the fact that all the people we have called on to watch Ella are unavailable.

What would change is my relationship to my work. Being financially free, I would be working for the joy, for the fulfillment, for the sense of purpose, and for the connection with others. Income would be far down on the list of reasons for working. While I get that now on an intellectual level – I write and teach and coach because I love it – I still feel the “need” to generate income from my work.

As I sat, sipping my tea, pondering that question, I was able to feel for a moment the freedom – in many areas of life – that is possible when you step into financial freedom. That feeling, from that one simple question, took my understanding of financial freedom to a much deeper level.

If you are moving in the direction of financial freedom I encourage you to flesh out your understanding of the concept for it has far-reaching effects that go way beyond the financial realm. The more fully you can embrace the vision and feeling of financial freedom, the faster you will arrive there in this physical realm.

You might want to consider listening to this 17-minute guided visualization on financial freedom.

Circle Lending A Powerful Debt Reduction Tool for Deliberate Creators


Not too long ago, my wife and sat down and took a good, honest look at our financial situation. And I can assure you that what we saw was not a pretty sight! We have both been so focused on personal growth, that money has, in the past, been an afterthought, at best. And with that sort of attention, or inattention towards finances, it is not surprising that we now find ourselves faced with a significant amount of debt.

After some deep breaths and focused, joyful thoughts, we made a commitment to make money a more central focus in our lives. Among others, we set the intention to pay off our credit cards and begin our journey towards financial freedom. This intention marked a major shift for both of us.

As a serious student of the Law of Attraction I’m aware of the power of intention, but it is still an amazing experience to witness the ways in which the Universe responds to clear intentions. In this case, the first unexpected response was a gift from a family member that allowed me to pay off a big chunk of my debt.

And then, out of the blue – that phrase takes on a whole new meaning when perceived from a Law of Attraction perspective – a friend offered to loan us the money needed to pay down all of our personal debt.

Needless to say, our appreciation was and continues to be huge. When we set our intention to be debt-free, beyond our repayment plan, we did not have any clear ideas about how we would achieve it. We just knew that by setting the intention and being in a space of allowing that the Universe would conspire to assist us in ways we could never have dreamed of!

And we have seen the dramatic results of that intending and allowing.

Circle Lending Keeps it all clean

In preparing this loan, we wanted to be very clear, clean and legal. Our friend was loaning us a significant amount of money, more than he had ever loaned out before. We wanted him to feel comfortable. And we wanted to be completely clear about this loan. The last thing we wanted was for this to get in the way of our friendship. So I went online to investigate ways to create legal loan documents between friends.

In preparing this loan, we wanted to be very clear, clean and legal. Our friend was loaning us a significant amount of money, more than he had ever loaned out before. We wanted him to feel comfortable. And we wanted to be completely clear about this loan. The last thing we wanted was for this to get in the way of our friendship. So I went online to investigate ways to create legal loan documents between friends.In my search, I discovered a very cool company called
Circle Lending (aff)
that sets up official, legal, loans between friends and family members.

Our experience with Circle Lending has been totally positive. Their website is full of good information. There is an effective loan calculator on their site that allows you to experiment with different types of loans and different interest amounts in order to create a loan that will work best for you.

We chose a graduated loan with several “steps.” This will allow us to significantly reduce our credit card payments up front so that we can begin an aggressive savings program. And as the loan repayment amount grows, the income from each of our businesses will continue to grow as well allowing us to continue to save aggressively and establish passive streams of income.

For our loan we used Handshake Plus personal loan program that includes the Promissory Note, Payment Plan, and an Optional Demand Clause as well as the Repayment Management program that includes Monthly Payment Processing, Online Account Access, and Year-End Reports

total cost for the service was $199 up front and a $9 monthly servicing fee for the repayment management plan. A most worthy investment to secure a low-interest, debt consolidation loan and, more importantly, ensure the continuity of our friendship.

If you are a Deliberate Creator moving towards financial freedom, becoming debt-free may be an important first step on the journey. Because the Universe is able to arrange for things to happen much more effectively than you can, you never know how your intention of becoming debt-free and creating financial freedom may unfold. If you unexpectedly get an offer from a friend or family member to assist you,
Circle Lending (aff)
is a powerful tool.

Why I Want You To Be Rich

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This morning, as my daughter and I sat down to enjoy our free continental breakfast in the hotel dining lounge, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki came on the Today Show to discuss their new book, Why We Want You To Be Rich (aff).

The very first question the host asked them was “Why do you want people to get rich? That means less for you.”

Here is someone that clearly does not understand the Law of Attraction.

Getting what we want does not infringe upon anyone else’s desires. There is no lack in this Universe. There is no scarcity. When I am more joyful, that joy does not decrease the joy of those around me. When I am more loving, that love does not decrease the love that those around me feel. When I increase my financial abundance, that wealth does not cause those around me to become poorer.

This idea, that there is only so much and not enough to go around, is one of the most crippling fallacies in our cultural belief system. And whether conscious or not, this belief infuses most of our lives and influences our actions.

We are told that our resources are limited, that we have a finite supply of this and that. We hear that such and such is in “short supply.” We are taught the rule of supply and demand. We hear this so often, that it becomes difficult to imagine that there is enough of anything.

The reality is that there is enough of everything. In order to manifest this new reality we only have to begin to focus on it more often than we focus on and think about the other reality – the reality of lack and scarcity.

Begin to consciously visualize wealth as an unlimited resource. Begin to spend time each day envisioning wealth – or whatever else you want to be limitless – as a continuously renewable and renewing resource. Use whatever images or symbols or feelings evoke a sense of infinite supply or allow your intuition to awaken in you new images and feelings of the infinite.

Whatever you do, remember that stepping into abundance takes nothing away from anyone else, just the opposite, in fact. As those of us who are aware of the infinite nature of this Universe step consciously into financial abundance, others who are on the edge of this awareness get pulled into that awareness by our forward motion. And as we move forward together, as Deliberate Creators focused on our own evolution, we create a powerful force for change in this world.

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