How Big Is Your Dream?


A Vision without a task is just a dream.

A task without a vision is just a job.

A vision with a task can change the world.

Today we celebrate the life of a great man, a man whose dream changed the lives of millions of people and, indeed, the course of our entire world.

Martin Luther King’s message of freedom, peace and equality for all people is as pertinent today as it was 45 years ago.

But what I find even more important than his message is his ability to firmly hold onto his dream of equality even in the midst of oppressive segregation, prejudice and violence.

When exploring the Law of Attraction, we often talk about “contrast:” For instance, how do you hold onto a feeling of abundance when, in “reality” you are saddled with debt and wondering how you’re going to pay your rent?

Well, Martin Luther King is a brilliant example for us to emulate. He held onto his dream while living in the contrast. Even as he looked around with his eyes and saw a reality of violence and segregation and hatred and prejudice, deep in his heart, he knew that one day, his dream would become a reality. He knew that we would overcome, someday.

And Martin Luther King Jr. gave that dream to us. He gave us what Neale Donald Walsch calls the Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision he had ever seen.

And while he spoke some of the most eloquent words ever spoke, it was not his words that conveyed the dream: It was the feeling. He knew that this dream could be made real. He felt it. He believed it down to the very core of his being.

If you have not seen his “I have a dream” speech, click the play button below and watch it now. It is one of the most powerful and inspiring speeches ever. It will be well worth the 17-minutes you spend watching it.

But even as you’re listening to the words, go beneath them. See if you can sense the energy, the passion, the conviction with which he holds his dream. Because, remember, everything is energy, and we attract our dreams through a vibrational process.

Listen, especially near the end of his speech, how his voice takes on a vibrato that seems to sing the truth of his dream. He is there, living his dream, even as he stands in a reality that is, seemingly, a long way away from the dream.

So on this day, when we celebrate the life of one of our world’s biggest dreamers, I ask you, “What is your dream?”

What is the Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision you’ve ever had for your life?

Now do not fall into the trap of comparing your dream to Martin Luther King’s. Not all of us are meant to carry such dreams, and the weight of responsibility that comes with them.

But neither is anyone meant to give up their dreams. And that is what far too many people have done. They have given up their dreams because others have told them, throughout their lives, that they can’t have what they want. They have been told to “play it safe.” They have been shot down when they tried to soar. And they have learned that there is no sense in dreaming.

But on this day, when we remember and honor the grand dream of a brilliant dreamer, take some time to remember your big dreams.

On this day, when we pay tribute to Martin Luther King, one of the most skillful Deliberate Creators in recent history, remember that you are the creator of your life. You are dreaming your life into existence right now.

Vincent Van Gogh said,

“I dream of painting then I paint my dream.”

Martin Luther King dreamed of freedom for all people and then he began painting that dream.

What are you going to dream? What does your dream look like? What does it feel like?

Only when you know your dream, can you then begin painting it.

So start dreaming! Dream big. Dream bold.

And then begin living into that dream. Because dreams do come true. But for that to happen, you must take the first step. You must begin painting your dream, living your dream.

Only you can make your dream come true!

So begin today.

And, in case you have not heard, President elect Obama made a call to service on this day. If you want to answer that call, if you want to have a task to go with your vision of a better life and better world, here are two websites with information:

Martin Luther King Mobilization

USA Service

Law of Attraction Meets Internet Marketing

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I’ve been promoting the concept of “Attraction-based-marketing” for years. I teach it in my Enlightened Entrepreneurs Course, and practice it in my own business.

So I’m thrilled to see that Frank Kern, one of my Internet Marketing role models, has interviewed Ryan Higgins, the creator of the Mind Movies video vision board software.

If you’ve never watched one of Frank Kern’s videos they’re a hoot. And in this one, you’ll get to hear about his personal experience with the Mind Movies system.

Check out the Mind Movies / Frank Kern Video here.

A Simple New Year’s Eve Ritual – Letting Go And Calling Forth


[Author’s Note: This is an updated version of my New Year’s Eve post from last year. Enjoy.]

For much of my life I didn’t quite “get” New Year’s Eve. I was never much of a stay up late, drink yourself silly, wake up with a hangover type of guy. It probably didn’t help that, when it came to drinking, my friends gave me the nickname “No Mas” because of my tendency to get a bit, how shall we say, obnoxious, after one beer!

So through high school, college, and into my early working years, I didn’t really fit in with most of my friends and acquaintances when it came to New Year’s Eve. I tried to fit in, but I always felt like something was missing or wrong. It seemed to me that there was or should have been more significance to the turning of the year than we were giving it with a few drinks and some casual conversations about resolutions.

So it was with a great sense of relief and even a sense of homecoming, that I learned about other ways to celebrate and honor the turning of the year.

So for those of you that are interested in alternative New Year’s celebrations, I thought I would share the simple ritual that we use to welcome the New Year. This ritual is deceptively simple, but surprisingly powerful. I have done this ritual camping alone in Point Reyes, with my wife in our living room and with about 40 other friends and acquaintances.

Your ritual does not need to be associated with a particular religion or belief system – although it certainly can be. We bring in elements from our Judeo-Christian upbringing as well as elements from the indigenous cultures we have studied. Usually it all flows together. Sometimes it doesn’t. But it always works in some odd way.

The bottom line is that, if your intention is clear, there is no “wrong” way to do a ritual.

Over the past several years, our New Year’s Eve ritual has evolved and changed, but regardless of the specific form it takes, there are really just two key steps:

1. Letting go of what you don’t want to carry into the New Year

2. Acknowledging and welcoming your intentions for the New Year.

It really is that simple: What do you want to let go of? And what do you want to call forth?

For instance, you might want to let go of a non-supporting belief such as “If I focus on getting rich I’m being greedy,” or a self-sabotaging pattern such as promising to do things and not following through.

And, in the New Year, you might want to call into your life a new job or career, a new relationship, more money, a tropical vacation or a child. Be careful with that last one. My wife and I, independently, called a child into our life on New Year’s Eve five years ago. Melissa was pregnant less than 6-weeks later!

The specifics of the ritual are up to you. It can be as simple as first creating a clear image of the things you are releasing and taking some time to “feel” them leaving your body and your life and then creating an equally, or even clearer, image and feeling of the things you are calling into your life in the New Year.

This ritual can also be quite involved. Three years ago we had a crowd of almost 40 people crammed into a friend’s house. As a group, we took the time to create sacred space by calling in the four-directions, the elements, and the Ancestors. Then three of us drummed while the entire group sang. One-by-one each of us went to the fireplace and offered our intentions to the fire.

I can assure you that a group ritual such as this amplifies your intentions dramatically. But you don’t need forty people to create a powerful ritual. When it comes to ritual, the point is not how large the group is or the specific things you do. The most important element of any ritual is your intention and commitment.

So perhaps this year, even if you are at a raucous New Year’s party, you can take some time to slip outside to let go of what you with to leave behind and call in your intentions for 2008.

And however you spend this evening, I wish you a safe and joyous New Year’s Eve and a New Year filled with ever-expanding joy, peace and abundance.

With 36-Hours Of Extra Free Time I Would…


Timothy Ferriss’s book, The 4-Hour Work Week, swept through the blogosphere leaving in its wake at least one significant positive (?) change: The era of instant email replies is gone. No longer can we shoot off an email and expect a reply to come buzzing back into our in-box within minutes.

What we can expect now is a bunch of autoresponder messages saying something to the effect of “In order to increase efficiency I now check emails twice a day, at 12:00 and 4:00. If you need immediate, emergency attention please call me at xxx-xxxx.”

Antother change that is significant in its absence, at least among my circle of blogging buddies, is a decreased workload. Streamlining your email methodology and outsourcing your life is all well and good. But if it doesn’t lead to more free time what purpose does it serve?

Timothy points out in his book, several times, that one of the biggest obstacles in most people’s quest for freedom is their inability to imagine what they would do with all that extra time. Work fills a gaping void in most of our lives, a void into which we would rather not peer!

And the main reason that hole is so difficult to look into is because we have not figured out what we would fill it up with.

So I thought that, in honor of yesterday’s labor day holiday here in the U.S., I would put out a challenge and an opportunity to the blogosphere and beyond.

What would you do if you had 36 extra hours each week? How would you fill that time? What adrenalin-pumping, world-changing, soul-awakening, mind-enhancing adventures and activities would you take on?

For the sake of this challenge, let go of all the voices in your head telling you that there’s absolutely no way in hell that you could ever get your workload down to 4-hours a week and that this Ferris guy must be totally whacked.

Just give yourself permission to play along and imagine all the magical and mystical ways you would fill that gaping void.

Now I can already hear some of you saying “But I love my work. I don’t want to work just 4-hours a week.”

I’m with you. I feel the same way. But, as much as I want to continue to do this work, I also want to be in a position where I can work because I choose to (not because I have to). And the thought of having the freedom to take one- two- or three-months off without a second thought feels great!

But in order to create that lifestyle, there needs to be a clearly defined WHY. Why do I really want that freedom? What is compelling enough to me that it could lure me away from this computer for 3-months? (And no, a different computer doesn’t count. Although this computer in another country for 3-months might count!)

And to be perfectly honest with you I’m not sure that anything is that compelling right now. Which is a big part of the problem!

So this little challenge is the starting point for me, and for you if you choose to join in the fun.

Here’s how it works:

1) Compose a new blog post describing what you would do with 36 extra hours each and every week.

2) At the top of the post let your readers know what you are doing and put a link back to this post. That way I can include you in the master list that I’ll post after this conversation has run its course.

3) Be sure to also put a link/trackback to the blogger who tagged you with the extra 36 hours link in order to spread the link love.

4) Then let all of us know what you will be doing with your extra 36-hours each week. Feel free to follow my format below, or use your own.

4) Encourage your readers to join the conversation by leaving a comment on your post.

5) Pick at least five other bloggers to “tag.” Ideally these are people whose answers you are truly interested in. Include a link to their blog and ask them to return the favor with a link to your site in their post.

6) Sit back and enjoy the show. I’m sure it will be quite interesting and enlightening to see what people come up with.

7) Once the conversation has run its course, I will post a master list of everyone who participated. I will also attempt to compile a list of the answers, or at least the more popular answers, so that we can compare notes, and perhaps find a few new, compelling reasons to work just 4-hours a week!

Now it wouldn’t be fair for me to challenge you and not take on the challenge myself. So, in the nature of fairness, I’ll go first!

Here are a few of the things that I will be doing with my extra 36-hours each week!

Record that CD:

At one point in a past life – pre-Ella – I was a singer songwriter type dude. Loved it and was pretty good at it. With an extra 36 hours I’d be dusting off my acoustic guitar, hardening up the calluses on my fingers, finishing up a bunch of half-written songs and heading off to a studio to record my brilliant CD!

Backpack more:

It’s been 3-years since I’ve gone off into the wilderness with my home on my back. Way too long! With an extra 36-hours each week I’d have a regular dose of three and four day wilderness trips. And I would also make sure to finally do that extended (2-week) trip into Yosemite I’ve always dreamed of.

Kayak the San Juan Islands:

I’ve had several friends kayak around the San Juan Islands in Washington. One friend is sailing up there right now! It sounds completely blissful. Count me in!

Tackle the backyard:

I love to garden. Unfortunately our backyard has the most amazing collection of nasty, tenacious, weeds I’ve ever seen. So, aside from the small vegetable patch that I manage to maintain each year, the yard is mostly a bunch of weeds that get whacked down on a semi-regular basis. Since I have no desire to pour a bunch of chemicals on them, transforming the yard from a weed wonderland to a sublime sanctuary will require time and patience. Fortunately, working just 4-hours a week, I’ve got plenty of both!

Write the next great American novel:

All right, it’s a Science Fiction/Fantasy book and won’t be wining a Pulitzer prize. But it just came to me one day, in a flash… the entire plotline and all the characters. It’s inspiration I tell you. And I can’t let that get away!

Other stuff:

Learn Spanish
Spend 3-months living in a quiet, tropical beach town.
Volunteer more at my daughter’s school.
Have more music parties.
Do a lot more car camping with Melissa and Ella (until Ella is ready for backpacking).

Ok. So now it’s your turn. How will you fill up that extra 36-hours each week.

To get the ball rolling I’ll tag a few of my favorite bloggers:

Aaron Potts

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Wendy Piersall

Char Polansky

Gayla McCord

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words In Fiction And Life


I’m not one of Mark Joyner’s “test-monkeys” for his new 7-day Business Turnaround program. I was disappointed (though not surprised, as you’ll see) when I saw the list. But I am also grateful for the important lesson I learned from this experience. It seems that sometimes not getting what you desire can lead to the discovering of something even more important.

Last week, after submitting my audition, I was reminded of a key creative writing lesson: “Show, don’t tell.” Most beginning writers, and many not so beginning writers, fall into the trap of “telling” their readers what’s happening rather than leading their readers into an experience by describing the key elements in the scene. In most cases, when a reader is “shown” what is happening, the impact is more powerful and memorable.

Compare the following two examples:

Example 1.

Johnny went to the convenience store to buy a drink. He was feeling exhausted as he walked to the soda case at the back of the store. He got a soda and walked to the checkout counter. The cashier rang him up. Johnny paid and went outside and took a big sip.

Example 2.

It was dusk by the time Johnny finished work and made it to the 7/11. With the light fading outside, the flickering of the fluorescent bulbs overhead was immediately apparent. Johnny walked the familiar path to the drink case in the back, the same path he took every day at this time. He reached out, resting his hand on the refrigerator handle, while deciding if this was a Mountain Dew or a Coke night. After a moment he realized that he was no longer looking at the drinks, but staring down at the floor, his whole body leaning against the refrigerator door.

Which one draws you in more?

All right, this is a bit of an extreme example. But you get the idea.

When you show readers what is happening you give them the opportunity to enter the scene. You open a door for them to step into the world you are creating. And, most important, you allow them to become the co-creator of that world with you.

A writer can never fill in all the details of the world he or she is creating. And that’s a good thing because it leaves space for the reader to enter into the process of creation. The reader gets to flesh out all the details that you, the writer, leave out.

This creative writing lesson can be applied to the Law of Attraction in life as well.

It is often said that the Universe is our co-creator. Well what if we used the metaphor of writing? It’s not a stretch to say that each of us is the author of our life and the Universe is our reader.

Every time we become aware of a desire we have the choice of showing or telling the Universe what it is that we want.

We “tell” our desires through visualization, setting intentions, stating affirmations, creating vision boards, etc.

We “show” our desires by taking the specific, focused, actions that will make them happen.

The speed with which desires manifest in our lives depends on the clarity of the desire and the intensity of the energy fueling that desire.

Telling tends to have a low emotional/vibrational intensity. Most of us are not yet able to generate and sustain a significant level of intensity through telling – visualizing, intending, etc.

Whereas taking consistent, focused physical action does tend to generate a significant amount of intensity.

The Universe is just like a reader: It wants to be brought into the scene of your desire. It wants to be brought into the act. And it wants to experience the emotional/vibrational intensity of action.

When the Universe is brought into the active, high intensity, creation of your desire, there really is no stopping it!

But when we get stuck at the level of telling there is rarely enough intensity to catalyze the manifestation of your desire.

This lesson was driven home in a powerful way last week.

When I heard that Mark Joyner was going to choose 7 people to work with, one-on-one for a pre-launch test of his new Business Turnaround program, I was totally jazzed. I really wanted to be chosen. So I “told” the Universe.

And then I sat around and twiddled my thumbs for two days waiting for the “inspiration” that would help me create the perfect audition.

Well the inspiration never came. That happens sometimes.

So, on Wednesday morning, the day the audition was due, having done nothing other than think about what I was going to write and say, I hiked up to a quiet spot in one of my favorite parks, and recorded a five-minute video using my digital camera. Then I hiked down, went to a café, filled out the application form and submitted it.

The instant that I pushed that submit button I knew I had screwed up!

Think about it. If you’re Mark Joyner, someone who can probably charge $1000/hour or more as a business consultant, and you invite people to audition to get 7-days of focused, one-on-one attention to rapidly grow their business, are you going to choose someone that throws together a quick video and dashes off some answers to the questions? Or, are you going to choose people who clearly have put some serious thought, time and effort into their audition?


Now take it a step further: Imagine that you’re the Universe. And you’ve got a library of more than 6-billion “books” to read even as they are in the process of being written. Are you going to be more interested in the books that are telling you what they want? Or are you going to pay more attention to the books that are showing you what they want?

Here’s the bottom line: If you really want something, show the Universe that you’re serious. Give the Universe the opportunity to become your co-creator.

The doorway to co-creation doesn’t open by telling. It only opens through showing, through action.

If you show the Universe that you’re going to create this desire, with or without its assistance, then the Universe really starts to pay attention. And that’s when things start to hum!

MindMovies Are The New Vision Boards


I just came across a new product that has the potential to significantly amplify our Deliberate Creation work and activate the Law of Attraction. I’m always exploring new techniques and tools to help my clients and friends (and myself) become more effective Deliberate Creators. MindMovies looks to be just such a tool. Normally I would wait and tell you about it after I’ve used it, but this looks so good I want you to have the opportunity to jump in and get started now. I’m going to be making my MindMovie this weekend! Here’s a short clip from the intro site. (Personally, I’m not a big fan of the hard rock tunes they used on their videos, but I’ll get to use whatever music I want when I make my own).

I think the power of this tool is two-fold. First, the creation of the movie provides an amazing opportunity to get clear about what you want. Clarity leads to power and attraction! And second, there is a lot of power in the combination of images, words/phrases and music that you have chosen. I don’t know about you, but music has a huge impact on me. And by creating and watching movies that incorporate inspiring music that I have chosen, I know I will be ready to kick it up a notch! And if any of you Law of Attraction bloggers out there are reading this and think this tool could help your readers – I certainly do! – consider signing up for the affiliate program. It’s a great way to increase abundance in your life while helping your readers to do the same in theirs!

Monday Motivation For April 23rd – Adding A Carrot To The Stick


This week we have a winner in the Monday Motivation contest! You win when I miss my targets! Last week I hit four out of five of my intentions from my Monday Motivation. I never had time to rehearse in front of a video camera for Saturday’s Law of Attraction Live seminar.

So it was close but no cigar for me. And that means one lucky member of the Evolving Times Community at MyBlogLog gets $100!

And that winner is Shama Hyder. (Shama, I’ll be sending you an email for your address or paypal account so that I can send you your $100!)

Congratulations to Shama. And if you want to be in the running for this week’s $100 – if I don’t make all my intentions – be sure to join the ET community over at Mybloglog!

So this week, will I react to the sting of defeat and play it safe?

Not a chance. I am having far too much fun as I expand the ways that I reach and teach and offer my insights and inspiration to more and more people!

After all, the point of this Monday Motivation – correct me if I’m wrong Wendy Piersall (my inspiration for starting this feature) – is to create some added incentive to empower your dreams!

Up to now, I’ve been using the “stick” alone. And that’s a great way to add some urgency to my intentions. Look, I don’t want to be throwing away $100 each week! So by posting my Monday Motivation list here, I’m held to a higher level of accountability than if I just set my Simpleology targets and go.

But experience has shown me that having a “carrot” to balance out the “stick” amplifies the power of the process. And this morning I realized that I had been leaving the carrot out of the equation in my Monday Motivation.

So beginning this week, when I hit all of the targets on my Monday Motivation list I’m going to take that $100 and split it up between my “financial freedom” jar and my “play” jar. And at the end of the month, The FFA money will go into our FFA account, and our Play money will go towards a great “splurgy” (like that word?) dinner for me and my wife.

Now that feels great!

(By the way, if you don’t know about the FFA and Play jars, definitely check out the book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Ecker.

Ok, so what will it be this week? Honest, much of what I need to get done this week is catch up. Being gone for a week at the Peak Potentials Train The Trainer Certification program, and then spending most of last week preparing for the Enlightened Entrepreneurs Intensive full day meeting on Wednesday and the Law of Attraction Live seminar on Saturday has meant that a lot of basic administrative and business maintenance stuff has been left undone. So the targets on this week’s Monday Motivation might not be very glamorous, but they are all important.

So here goes. By Saturday at Noon I will have hit the following targets:

  • Post my very exciting announcement and add a bunch of awesome links to the ET sidebar. (Sorry to be a bit vague about this. Don’t want to ruin the surprise!)
  • Post this week’s edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival by Noon on Tuesday.
  • Get my March statements to my bookkeeper so she can get my numbers up to date. (I told you I was behind on some of the basics).
  • Have a debrief meeting with my logistics team and take stock of what worked at Saturday’s Law of Attraction Live event (most of it worked great!!!) and what kinks we need to work out for the next event.
  • Send out thank you notes to all of the assistants at Saturday’s event. They were awesome!
  • Sign up for an introductory class at the Pilates studio in town.
  • Prepare for my talk at the New Living Expo in SF this Sunday.

There you have it. When I get them all done, $50 goes into my FFA jar and another $50 goes into my “play” jar. And if I don’t get them done, one member of the ET community at Mybloglog gets $100!

And now it’s your turn!

What targets are you going to commit to hitting this week? When you make your targets public you create a much higher level of accountability.

So leave a comment below and let us know what you’re going to create this week!

Monday Motivation For April 16th

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Last week was quite a blur. Being sick at a Peak Potentials 5-day training is a major test of your ability to show up! I’m not sure that I passed that test. But I did learn a LOT about myself, in addition to everything I learned about training. I’ll be sharing my thoughts over the next few days and weeks.

For now, here is my Monday Motivation – what I am holding myself accountable for creating by Saturday at Noon. And if I don’t get it all done, One member of the Evolving Times Community at Mybloglog will get $100!

So here is my Monday Motivation list for April 16th.

  • Update/revise the handouts for Wednesday’s Enlightened Entrepreneurs Intensive full day meeting by tomorrow at 3:00 and get them to my assistant to copy and collate.
  • Publish LOA Carnival tomorrow by 12:00pm pacific time. Yes, I’m going to get it done tomorrow. If I don’t, someone is getting $100!
  • Finalize the outline for Saturday’s Law of Attraction live Full day seminar in Santa Rosa and rehearse three key segments !IN FRONT OF A VIDEO CAMERA! at least three times. (You have to understand that because I am so good at “winging it” rehearsing has never been a top priority for me. But if there is just one thing I learned at the Train The Trainer certification it is the importance of practice).
  • Go into Saturday’s workshop feeling fully prepared and ready to give 110% to the participants.
  • Get caught up on the ET conversation and comments. I make an effort to respond to comments that you post on ET within 1-2 days. I realize that there are comments more than a week old that I have not responded to. Throughout this week, I will go through my comment list and get caught up by Friday.

Those are my critical tasks for this week. (Of course those will be surrounded by plenty of other activities that don’t rank quite high enough to make it to my Monday Motivation post).

Gotta Get Goals or The Grandest Version Of The Greatest Vision I’ve Ever Had


Alex Shalman at Practical Personal Development has initiated a new personal development meme. (Well, it’s not so new anymore, since this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a couple of weeks)! This one is called “Gotta Get Goals.”Here is what Alex says about Gotta Get Goals:

“In a new blog post, list and write about the top 5 to 10 goals that you gotta’ get so that you can truly say you have achieved your wildest dreams in life. These have to be your best, most exclusive, and over-the-top goals that you can pick off your goals list.”

I need to acknowledge that I have a bit of a semantic problem with the term “goals.” Personally, I equate goals with the specific smaller steps you take along the journey to achieving your “wildest dreams.” When I think goals, I think SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based).

When I hear “wildest dreams,” on the other hand, I think in terms of my life vision. The phrase “the grandest version of the greatest vision I’ve ever had,” that Neale Donald Walsch speaks of in his Conversations with God books comes to mind.

I don’t want my grand life vision to be SMART! I want a life vision that will draw out the biggest and best in me, and do so for a long time to come!

So how to approach this meme? Goals or dreams? SMART or outrageous? How about a compromise?

Here are a few of the long-term visions for my life, intentions that I will create within the next 6-months to 5-years.

Here they are:

  1. Grow my Law of Attraction/Personal Development Training Company into a million dollar a year company by positively transforming the lives of thousands of people through seminars, retreats and products.
  2. Write and publish two or more highly successful personal development books. Pretty self-explanatory.
  3. Achieve Total Financial Freedom: Financial freedom is not an end to itself. Rather, achieving total financial freedom – meaning that I never MUST work again – is a clear indication that I have fully aligned with the natural state of abundance that is my – and everyone’s – birthright. And it gives me the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever and wherever I choose. I like that!
  4. Lead An Environmentally Neutral (or even generative) Life: I consider myself to be a steward of this Earth. As such, I choose to walk with the lightest possible footprints. Unfortunately, we live in a culture and at a time when ecological neutrality, not to mention generativity, is hard to come by. One of my “wildest dreams” will become reality when my actions have a net-neutral (or even positive) impact on the sustainability of this planet.
  5. Have unfettered access to the wild mountains and the warm ocean: Nature is where I go to recharge and reflect. My “dream” life absolutely includes lots of time in and near wild places. This intention is still open in the specific form it will take. Will I own a cabin in the Sierras and on a beautiful tropical beach, or will I rent vacation homes in various places around the world? Not sure yet. I’ll keep you posted!

Now it’s your turn. If you have a blog, go ahead and post your biggest intentions, grandest goals and wildest dreams.

If you don’t have a blog, feel free to use the comments here to share your “Gotta Get Goals!”

I’m going to tag the following folks. Yes, many of you have probably been tagged already. (I told you, this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for two-weeks).

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My friend Niya – who still hasn’t responded to one of my tags. But that’s ok, I’ll keep trying!

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And I’m going to tag the last 10 blogs that have linked to Evolving Times. I truly appreciate your links. So jump in and share your Gotta Get Goals.

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Put It In The Hands Of The Lord

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A few weeks ago, as I was driving to the trail-head for an early morning wander in the woods, I tuned in to a Sunday morning gospel show on KPFA. They were playing some really fun reggae gospel music. I had never heard of reggae gospel, but the music was awesome.

One of the last songs I heard before parking at the trail-head was “Put it in the hands of the lord.” Sorry, I can’t remember who it was by but it was a great song. (If anyone knows that version, please let me know). I cranked up the volume and was jammin’ out in the car as I drove. And while I hiked, the cadence of my stride set the beat for the chorus, “Put it in the hands of the lord,” playing over and over in my head.

Since first hearing that song I’ve been thinking about the concept of faith as it relates to the Law of Attraction. This post on Attraction And Non-Attachment rekindled my interest in this topic.

It seems to me that there is much power in the practice of “putting it in the hands of the lord” and letting God or Source or the Universe handle the details of our intentions.

And, at the same time, the Law of Attraction requires us to step into a much more active role in the manifestation of our desired life experience. If we are to be successful in our Law of Attraction work we MUST become the Co-creators of our life.

Part of our work as the co-creators of our lives is to continuously seek the appropriate balance-point between setting specific intentions and leaving the details up to our non-physical co-creator.

When finding the optimal balance, it may be helpful to consider a continuum from Force to Fate.

At the Force end goals are set (note that they are not intentions at this end of the continuum) and forced into existence. At this end there is struggle and much banging of heads upon walls until, through sheer force of will the goal is reached. At this end there is competition, scarcity, and fear. There is no grace. There is no co-creation. If the goal is not met, there is always someone or some external condition that can be blamed.

At the other end of the continuum, the end of Fate, or Blind Faith, we abdicate responsibility for our lives to a “higher power.” At this end we resign ourselves to living at the mercy of our creator. We have no role in the creation or co-creation of our own lives. When “bad” things happen in our life we say “it was the will of god,” or “This was meant to happen.”

Neither of these extremes is very attractive to me. The place where I want to play is right in the center of that continuum. I want to find the sweet spot, the space of co-creation.

The sweet spot is where we take full responsibility for our role in the creation of our life experience AND acknowledge and appreciate the role that God or Source or the Universe plays in the creation process.

When we set our intentions from this sweet spot, the physical manifestation of our intentions is usually far more sublime and beautiful than anything we could have visualized.

This is why it is often suggested to add the phrase “this or something even better is now manifesting” to our intentions and affirmations.

So when you set your intentions, see if you can find that sweet spot and balance the specific outcomes with your willingness to “put it in the hands of the lord.”

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