Teleseminar Series: Energy Awareness Skills For Deliberate Creators

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If you’re a SERIOUS Deliberate Creator you’ll want to check out my new teleseminar series:

Energy Awareness Skills for Deliberate Creators.

It’s a 6-week course that will teach you how to work directly with your personal energy to increase your intuition and significantly ramp up your ability to attract your desires!

As a Deliberate Creator, you know that Positive Thinking is great, Positive Emotions are even a bit better and Inspired Action is best! But you also understand that beneath all of it is Energy!

Why not work at the Energetic Source?

It’s not as difficult as you might think. And it’s certainly not impossible. In fact there have been systems of energy perception and manipulation for thousands of years.

I’ll be honest with you: I didn’t believe human energy systems when I was first exposed to them. I was definitely skeptical of the thought that I could (or someone else) “read” my energy systems and use that information to gather information and improve my life.

But I’ve experienced far too many “weird coincidences” to write off energy work to “chance.”

This 6-week course will give you the knowledge and tools to begin exploring your own energy systems so that you can align your energy with your desires.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

An Intuitive Meditation Technique that will improve your intuition and help you connect with your internal guidance system

The ability to consciously ground your energy and your intentions into the physical world – A critical component in your success as a Deliberate Creator!

Practical tools to strengthen your Intuition and Energy Awareness.

An intuitive technique for making difficult decisions.

An understanding of the Basic Human Energy Systems including:

  • The Grounding System
  • The Auric System
  • The Chakra System

Here’s the bottom line… If you’re a SERIOUS Deliberate Creator the material in this teleseminar series will take your Law of Attraction work to the next level – the energetic level!

You can read more about the course and register here.

And fyi, there are two Fast Action bonuses worth over $325 available to the first few people to register.

A Microsoft Vista Lesson In Perfectionism


I woke up this morning all excited to publish Part 2 of my free report: The Energetics of Attraction: Understanding and Applying the Harmonics of Human Awareness to Compose the Life You Desire. (If you haven’t read Part 1, you can get it here).

Yesterday, I spent over 4-hours “finalizing” the document. I added the section on the role of the subconscious in attraction, made revisions based on feedback I received, and added the layout elements including all the callouts and quotes.

So imagine my surprise this morning when I fired up my computer, started Word and got to the quick launch menu and saw no sign of my revised file! I spent a few minutes poking around, but rather than get completely stressed before my morning yoga class, I took a deep breath and walked downtown for some hot yoga.

After returning from yoga I searched everywhere on the internal hard drive, external hard drive, and flash drives. I’ve looked for the autorecover files. And I’ve searched Google on the slight chance that Vista has some glitch (no snide comments please!) that makes files just disappear.

No luck.

The file is gone.

So, either I had a major hallucinatory/out-of-body experience for those 4-plus-hours yesterday, or Vista/Word decided to eat that file. Either way, I can’t say that I’m thrilled!

However, being a Law of Attraction practitioner, I’m taking a lot of deep breaths and looking for the positive and the lesson in this.

One big positive is that, aside from the brief moment when I considered smashing the computer, I have remained relatively calm during this process. I haven’t whined (too much). I haven’t screamed (thought about it). I haven’t found a “Microsoft is the antichrist” website to rant on (hadn’t actually thought of that one until just now. Maybe… Nah!)

In fact, as I write this, I actually have a silly grin on my face and feel pretty good. (Check in with me again when I’m 2-hours into making those revisions again!)

Now, as for the lesson… Can you say “perfectionists anonymous?” Sure, as a coach and trainer, I encourage people to let go of perfectionism and get more done. But that’s still a life lesson I’m actively working on.

If you have already downloaded and read part 1 of the report you know that Part 2 was supposed to be done last week. Didn’t happen. Yesterday, I planned to publish it by lunchtime. Didn’t happen. So when I “finished” it around 9:00pm last night, I thought, since it was “too late” to publish it, that I would give it one more read through this morning before sending it out.

I guess that was one too many versions and the computer gods conspired to give me a gentle reminder that next time I should focus on getting it done, not perfect!

Are you a perfectionist? Do you tend to take your projects one, two or more versions beyond where they need to go? What would happen if you “finished” your project in 3 versions instead of 5? How much time would you save? How much sooner would people have access to it? How much more money would you make?

Vista is a prime example! Do you think the project managers at Microsoft knew there were bugs in Vista when they released it? Absolutely. Did they find a good balance between getting it right and getting it done? I suppose it depends on which desk you’re sitting at. If you’re in the accounting office at Microsoft, I’m sure you’re feeling pretty good about Vista being out in the world. If you’re sitting at home pulling your hair out, you may not agree!

But Microsoft aside, I’m going to challenge you, and I’m challenging myself as well, to focus on “finishing” your projects – blog posts, reports, presentations, art projects, songs, etc. – in at least one fewer drafts than you normally would.

Don’t do what I did last night and say, “I’ll just give this one more read in the morning.” Get it out the door so that you can move on to the next project.

Does this mean that some mistakes will get through? You bet. Is it the end of the world? No!

In my case, a few typos in a free report isn’t going to make someone say, “Look, there’s a typo. I’m not going to read any more of this stuff!” And, honestly, if someone is going to be turned off by some typos, I’d rather they move on to someone else’s free report!

So here’s my promise to you: I will have Part 2 of The Energetics of Attraction: Understanding and Applying the Harmonics of Human Awareness to Compose the Life You Desire published by Noon pacific time… Today! That gives me two hours to redo the revisions, quotes and other layout elements. (Now it’s 1 hour and 53 minutes because I just did a quick proof of this post!)

If you haven’t downloaded Part 1 of the report, go get it now.

And then watch for an email at Noon announcing Part 2!

A Stroke Of Inspiring Proportions


Just watched a truly inspiring video from the TED Talks. Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroanatomist, awoke one morning to discover she was having a stroke. Her insights and enlightenment (truly) will change the way you view your world and yourself.

I HIGHLY recommend watching this 18-minute video!

FYI: If you identified yourself as a Highly Sensitive Person after reading 22 Signs That You’re A Highly Sensitive Person, you’ll particularly resonate with Jill’s description of how it felt when she was coming “back to reality.”

If, after watching this video,you’re interested in learning about tools that will help you spend more of your time in that connected, right hemisphere space Jill talks about, download the free report:

Energetics of Attraction: Understanding and Applying the Harmonics of Human Awareness to Create the Life You Desire.

The New Energetics of Attraction Free Report Is Available


Whew. I wanted to get a quick post out because I’m so excited – and just a little bit tired! – about the new report that I I just finished: The Energetics of Attraction: Understanding and Applying the Harmonics of Human Awareness to Compose the Life You Desire

Although, I have to be honest with you, it’s sort of finished!

You see, a funny thing happened on the way to this report: One of those “aha” moments when the pieces fall into place in a new and exciting way. As I was pulling together the pieces for this report, the plan was to focus on my model of the five levels of human perception, awareness and response. And while it still addresses those levels, this report now includes a new and powerful concept: The Harmonics of Human Awareness.

Well, sort of.

Because the Harmonics of Human Awareness piece is new to me, I still need to write it. The ideas are all here, in my head and in various notebooks, but they’re not yet written in any sort of presentable manner. So I’m releasing the report in two sections.

Part One, which is available now, begins with an exploration of why the Law of Attraction may not be “working” and then moves into the five levels of human perception, awareness and response.

Part Two, which will be available soon, will cover the following topics:

  • Recognizing your primary perceptual level.
  • The role of the subconscious in the Law of Attraction.
  • Understanding the Harmonics of Human Awareness.
  • Using the Harmonics of Human Awareness to empower your work with the Law of Attraction.

I promise I’ll have more information on the concepts in this report as well as the upcoming Energetics of Attraction live teleclass.

But until then, you can download your free report by filling out the form below:

And please come on back and leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you think and discuss these ideas with you!

How Do You Connect To The Divine?


Adam Kayce over at Monk at Work has started two very interesting conversations. The first, How Do You Orient to The Divine, has generated some very insightful comments and inspired me to ask yesterday’s question about my Coaching with God blog.

And today’s entry, I’d Rather Be Rich Than Right, made me think of my own journey from a deep questioning into a deep connection with the Divine.

My struggle to come to terms with my relationship with God, Source, the Divine (use whatever term you choose) continues to this day, but it seemed to come to a head perhaps 10-years ago when I first read The Conversations with God Books by Neale Donald Walsch.

Soon after reading those books I was inspired to write a song (I was a performing songwriter at the time) that I called Thank You God. It was, and is, a beautiful song (unbiased opinion!). But it was over 2-years before I had the gumption to perform that song in public.

My upbringing in a middle class, Jewish suburb had exposed me to a religous experience that seemed – to me – devoid of any spiritual depth. I’m sure there was some true connection there, but there was no doorway through which I could connect with that spirituality.

So for me, the term God became associated with a religion that was all structure but no substance. So how could I perform a song that thanked God? It felt hypocritical.

By the time I wrote that song I had no problem acknowledging my connection with the Divine. I felt connected to Spirit or Source through my intuitive training and my ritual training with Malidoma Some and Francis Weller.

But the word God still felt off-limits.

I don’t remember what shifted for me on that evening when I decided to share my song. But it was a truly empowering moment for me. As I performed the song, a friend who had brought along some drums, jumped up to the front with me and started drumming. It sounded great. And it felt great!

The Divine, Source, Spirit, Great Mystery, God… The name doesn’t matter. It is the feeling that matters. But my resistance to the word God was creating a barrier to my connection with the Divine.

In that moment when I sang Thank You God, I released a big piece of that resistance and claimed a deeper connection with the Divine.

And I have been consciously striving to deepen that connection ever since!

So let me ask you:

What term do you use for the Divine?

Do any of the words that we use to call the Divine cause you to put up walls and resist your connection to the Divine?

Talk This Sunday On The Energetics Of Attraction At The New Living Expo In SF

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If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and are looking for a fun and informative way to spend your day on Sunday, the New Living Expo may be just the ticket!

Here’s what they say about the event:

Our three-day weekend Expo brings you the largest and most progressive gathering of the foremost authorities, captivating speakers, and leading-edge thinkers and innovators of our time. This web site details the incredible opportunities awaiting you on your path of exploration—your discovery of all that unites the body, mind, and spirit with the evolving world consciousness. Unlimited possibilities await you here, and YOU WILL BE AWAKENED AND ENERGIZED!

Based on the incredible lineup of speakers and workshop leaders I don’t have any doubt about that!

And on Sunday at 1:00pm I’ll be giving a talk on The Law of Attraction and Human Energy Systems.

If you are interested in discovering how to tap directly into your energy systems in your work with the Law of Attraction, this talk will definitely be worth your time!

All of the lectures and seminars at the New Living Expo are included in the low price of admission.

Other speakers on Sunday include: John Robbins, Stephen Halpern, Van Jones, Anodea Judith, Rabbi Michael Lerner, and James Twyman.

If you do stop by on Sunday, be sure to say hello. I love meeting Evolving Times readers!

A Commitment to Continuous Course Correction


Have you ever been so invested in a plan that you ignore guidance – inner and outer – no matter how clear? I do that. I create a certain vision of how a project or plan or event is “supposed” to unfold and I hold on tenaciously to that vision in spite of growing input urging me to change direction.

That happened this morning when I went for a hike in the redwoods … sort of.

I love hiking and, whenever possible I try to get out during the weekend for a nice long solo hike. I love the solitude, the connection with the Earth, the quiet, the exercise.

B.E. – Before Ella – it was much easier to find time for these hikes. A.E. – After Ella – my hiking time is much harder to come by, so when a window opens up I hold onto it tightly, sometimes, as you’ll see, until my knuckles turn white, or get frostbite.

This morning I had negotiated some solo time away from the family, and I was definitely looking forward to an early morning hike in the redwoods.

When I arose at 5:30 I saw that last night was one of those rare nights of hard frost here in Northern California: The bushes, cars and nearby houses were covered with a shimmering frosty white coating. Since I don’t have the proper clothes for long hikes in 20-degree weather, I wisely chose to meditate before rushing out into the frosty, pre-dawn air.

It was almost 8:00 by the time I left, but still cold. My fingers were nearly numb when I finished scraping the frost off the car windows. As I drove I began to hear little voices of dissent in my head, questioning whether or not this early morning hike was such a good idea.

My plan was to hike for 2-3 hours then stop by a café for an hour or two of writing. As I approached my designated café, I heard a clear voice in my head saying, “Looks pretty warm and cozy in there. Maybe we should go there first! Hint. Hint.”

“Don’t worry. It will be just as nice and cozy in there after the hike!” I insisted.

When I got out of the car at Armstrong Woods my first thought was, “It’s friggin’ cold! Maybe I should go to the café first.”

But once again, that old stubborn streak kicked in with, “Once we get moving it won’t feel so cold.”

Yeah, right!

I made it about 10-minutes down the trail – felt like 30-minutes – before I stopped and said, probably out loud, “This is not fun!”

And even then, even after admitting to myself that I was definitely NOT having fun, I still had to argue with the stubborn part of myself that was invested in seeing the morning unfold in a certain way. Finally, I’m thankful to say, my wiser self – or was it just my colder self? – took charge and I turned around, and walked – quickly – back to the car, drove back to the café, and got a nice hot cup of chai.

Much better!

Do you ever do that? Do you ever get so caught up in your vision of how something is meant to unfold? Have you ever ignored, or even argued with, supportive guidance urging you to shift?

Imagine for a minute that you’re the captain of a ship. It’s the middle of a dark, foggy night and you’re attempting to get to a small island. You’re at the wheel and the navigator comes to you and says, “Captain, according to my calculations, we’re heading 10 degrees northwest of our destination.”

“Hogwash.” You say. “We’re right on course.”

Later in the night, the navigator, once again comes by and says, more adamantly this time, “Captain, I’m convinced that we’re now heading at least 15 degree northwest of the island.”

“Thank you for sharing.” You say. “Now go back to bed. I’ve got this under control.”

Soon you get tired and turn the wheel over to your subordinate with the command to, “Stay on this course until we arrive at the island.”

“Yes sir.”

Just after dawn, you’re awakened by a tentative knock on your cabin door. “Enter.” You say.

“Captain?” The navigator says timorously.


“We passed the island sometime during the night. We’re now approximately 10-miles to the northwest.”


We all have a navigator. It’s called our inner guidance. And I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather make that course correction the first time I hear from the navigator. This morning, that would have been long before arriving at Armstrong Woods.

There are no mistakes. There are no right or wrong decisions. There are only choices that will require course corrections and adjustments.

We don’t arrive at our destination by a perfectly straight line. Even the path that “the crow flies” is filled with constant subtle and not-so-subtle adjustments and corrections.

It’s easy to get caught up in the belief that once you make a decision and choose a course you’re done. You’re far from done. You’ve just taken the first step on the journey.

This morning as I walked back to the car, I realized how much easier my life can be if I let go of the need to “be right.” Letting go of my stubborn attachment to how things should look will open the way to fluidity and continuous change. And ultimately, that openness will lead me to my chosen destination much more quickly and gracefully.

I’m all for that!

So from this morning forward I intend to focus a significant portion of my awareness on remaining open to the inner and outer guidance providing me with suggestions for necessary course corrections.

Would you consider doing the same? Let me know. Leave a comment with your commitment to continuous course correction.

9 Rules Here I Come


The waiting is over. The Rulers over at have begun announcing their inductees for round 5 and I just found out that Evolving Times made the cut! Just under 1200 blogs (and/or the blog authors!) applied in this round so making it into the network is a huge honor.

I knew I was in. Do you ever get that feeling when you just know. I didn’t have that feeling the last few days when I surfed over to the 9rules blog to see the inductees. But today, when I began typing 9rules into my browser I heard a little voice saying, “You’re in.” And sure enough, there I was.

I love it when that happens!

If you don’t know about 9rules, at the most basic level it’s a community of bloggers. But it’s much more than that. Here’s a paragraph from the 9rules About page:

9rules is a community of the best weblogs in the world on a variety of topics. We started 9rules to give passionate writers more exposure and to help readers find great blogs on their favorite subjects. It’s difficult to find sites worth returning to, so 9rules brings together the very best of the independent web all under one roof.

One of the things that attracted me to 9rules, in addition to the incredible array of high quality blogs and the feeling of community, are the 9 Rules. Yes, they really did begin with 9 Rules and here they are:

  1. Love what you do.
  2. Never stop learning.
  3. Form works with function.
  4. Simple is beautiful.
  5. Work hard, play hard.
  6. You get what you pay for.
  7. When you talk, we listen.
  8. Must constantly improve.
  9. Respect your inspiration.

You don’t have to be a member of 9rules to become part of the community. Anyone can post notes and comments on the blogs. It really is an incredible place to find great content. Go check it out.

Over the next few weeks and months I’ll be doing some more extensive exploring around 9rules. I’m sure that I’ll be finding great entries to share with you.

Acting On Inner Guidance


My guidance system has been on lately, but it’s been communicating with me in strange ways. Well, that’s not completely accurate. My guidance system has been communicating very clearly, I just haven’t always been acting on the information.

Take this morning, for example.

I got up at 5:00am – I’m back on the 30-day 5:00 am trial – meditated, stretched and exercised, took a shower and shaved. My plan, at that point was to zip over to the office for about 90-minutes before I had to take Ella to pre-school at nine. On Wednesdays my wife gets up with Ella and gets her ready.

They were both still asleep when I decided to go to the office. I didn’t want to go upstairs because of the chance that Ella would hear me and wake up. Fortunately there were some clean clothes in a hamper waiting to go upstairs. I didn’t have any shoes downstairs, but I figured I could wear my slippers just to head into the office for a bit. My feet would be nice and comfy as I wrote.

As I got dressed I began feeling odd. Something wasn’t right about this plan, but I couldn’t figure out what. Instead of stopping and checking in I pushed against the feeling. The thoughts I kept having were along the lines of “I’ve got to get out of the house before they wake up, otherwise I’ll get roped into getting Ella ready for school.”

Not a great thought or a great feeling. And that probably would have been a really good time to stop and breathe and see what was really going on. But I didn’t. I grabbed my stuff and headed towards the door. When I got to the kitchen, two of our cats, Rasta and Sasha, were meowing insistently and staring at their empty bowls.

“Great,” I thought. “More needy little creatures.”

Another interesting thought and another clear sign that something was amiss in my emotional/vibrational offering. But instead of stopping and checking in, I grabbed a can of food, plopped a spoonful down into each of their bowls, and headed out the door.

“Ahh. Freedom.” I had made it. I was on my way to the office where I would have about an hour to write and get a head start on the day’s work.

Alas, it was not meant to be. When I arrived at the office I saw that in my haste to get out of the house I had grabbed my wife’s key ring, which, unfortunately, does not have the keys to my office on it.

At that point I got it. I realized that I had been pushing the river: Against what I was still not sure. But clearly the Universe had different plans for me than I did. And with that awareness I settled into a more relaxed space.

Arriving home at 7:45 I found Melissa and Ella still asleep. It was definitely time to get up if they wanted to be ready to leave by 8:50. I went upstairs and let Melissa know the time. She said, “I don’t care.”

“But it’s your morning to get up with Ella.” I replied.

“No it’s not.”

“It’s Wednesday.” I reminded her.

“Oh sh…” She said, and went on to explain that she had been up from 1:00am until 4:00am and could I get Ella ready this morning.

Of course I could. And I did. And as I was getting Ella ready I felt a wave of amazement wash over me. How incredibly intelligent this Universe is, I thought. From the moment I decided to go into the office, this morning, I knew I was not meant to do so. The reasoning behind that knowledge was not clear to me until after the fact. But the knowing had been there all along.

What if I had successfully made it to the office? Would I have arrived home at 8:45 to a still sleeping Melissa and Ella? Possibly. I certainly would have arrived home to a very stressed out and exhausted Melissa.

Once again, I’ve been given another opportunity to see just how powerful my guidance system really is. Now if I can just started trusting and acting on that guidance a bit more, I’ll be in great shape. I could have saved myself a bunch of stress and time if I had just trusted my guidance and let go of the need to be at the office.

Soon come!

How To Be More Intuitive: Lesson one


Contrary to what many believe, intuition is a skill that can be learned. It can be taught, studied and continually improved upon. I cringe when I hear or read in someone’s bio that they have been “a natural intuitive since birth.” We’re all naturally intuitive at birth. Unfortunately, this culture does not place high regard on intuition and therefore it does not get nurtured and developed. So, by the time most of us are teenagers, our natural intuitive abilities have been suppressed and forgotten.

This article is the first in a series of ongoing but irregular tips on how to reconnect with and enhance your natural intuitive abilities. This first article will help you rediscover your intuitive perception point, the physical location from which you access your intuition.

Where is your point of perception? Where is your awareness when you perceive the world around you? It may not be a question you have considered but take a moment and see if you can determine where your point of perception is right now.

If you’re like most people, you will probably discover that you are observing and processing information about the world around you from a space just behind your eyes. Because we are such a visually focused culture, and place so much attention on the gathering and processing of visual information, we spend a lot of time in that area of our head.

Think of all the activities that focus our attention forward. Driving, reading, watching TV and movies, conversing with someone and, let’s not forget the big one, blogging! In fact, any time spent at the computer, is time spent focusing forward. It’s highly likely that more than 90% of your waking time is spent with most of your attention focused on what you are seeing in front of you.

In addition to spending much of your perceptual time in the front part of your head, you may also notice that your normal perception space is shifted towards one side or the other. I’m sure you’re aware of the left-brain – right-brain split. If you tend to focus on analysis and numbers and logic, you’ll spend more time in the left side of your head. Whereas, if you are more creative and non-linear you’ll spend more time in the right side of your head.

Left-brain perception tends to be logical sequential, rational, objective and focused on parts.

Right brain perception tends to be more creative, holistic, synthesizing, and focused on the whole picture.

You might assume that computer programmers would spend most of their time in the left side of their head. But, interestingly, the best programmers are those who balance the ability to logically analyze tasks and desired outcomes with a creative, holistic perception of their work. In my experience, computer programming is a very powerful tool for enhancing intuitive abilities. (Back in the mid-eighties, I got my bachelors degree in the computer-programming department of the school of Visual and Performing Arts. It was quite an interesting experience to learn and use Turbo Pascal to create art projects.)

Now don’t worry. I’m not going to suggest that you go out and learn PHP and C++ and HTML. I’ve long ago given up hardcore programming, although, with my WordPress blog I’m having a hard time avoiding the alluring call of PHP and CSS.

But for those of you that really have no interest in computers there are plenty of other ways to get centered in your head.

The simplest step, and perhaps the most powerful way to find that central, intuitive perception space, is to shift the physical location of your head in relation to your body. Begin paying attention to the way you are holding your head. Is it forward? Is it tilted to one side? Is it facing slightly off center?

You can also begin to observe other people. A quick glance around your local café will give you enough data to conclude that most people walk around with their head jutting out in front of the rest of their body. It’s as if they want to get a preview of what’s waiting for them by sticking their head out there first.

Intuitive perception is 360 degrees. It is not forward facing. Intuition draws on information gathered from all directions, from all the physical senses, as well as more subtle, energetic information. In order to efficiently access this intuitive information you must be in a central place. This is where the term “centered” comes from. When you are centered you are not influenced by the content of the information that you perceive.

Think of it like the eye of a storm. If you are outside of the eye you tend to be knocked off balance and battered by all of the debris that’s getting blown around. When you step into the eye of the storm, you enter a calm, clear space where you can watch the storm swirling around you without being affected by it.

When you enter the intuitive perception space at the center of your head you enter a calm, clear space where you can observe the world swirling around you without getting drawn into the drama. And from this space you can much more easily access your intuitive awareness.

Begin by shifting your head back to a neutral space above your shoulders. When you find that neutral space, you should feel a relaxing of the muscles in your neck and shoulders. You may notice an opening of the energy back there as the tension releases. This is all good. And even if you don’t take this any further, the benefits to your physical body will be well worth the time and awareness required to make this simple shift.

But, in addition to the physical benefits, this one simple step has the added benefit of naturally causing you to begin perceiving the world from a more central location in your head. When you consciously begin pulling your head back over your shoulders, you also cause your observation point to move back inside your head.

Another way to find your intuitive perception point is to begin visualizing the inside of your head and focusing on the very center point. One way to find that center point is to imagine a line running through your head from one ear to the other. Now imagine another line dropping from the soft spot at the top of your head. Where these two lines intersect is the location of your intuitive perception. To enhance your ability to visualize that place you can imagine a small golden flame at the point where those two lines meet.

Once you become comfortable envisioning that central point in your head, begin to practice shifting your awareness to that point. One technique I find effective is to imagine that my awareness can catch a ride on the in-breath into that center point. As you breathe in, feel your awareness shifting back in your head. It’s like surfing on your breath right into that intuitive space.

You will know you are there when the chatter in your head begins to drop off and you feel an opening of your perception. It will feel as if your peripheral vision is being expanded, but it is not just your vision it is your intuitive perception that is being awakened and expanded.

Don’t worry if you initially have a difficult time finding your way into that center point. You are unlearning a lifetime of front of the head focus. And it will take time and practice and persistence.

As you continue to pull your physical head back, visualize the center point of your head, and ride the breath back into that space, you will begin to notice that it becomes easier to find your way into that intuitive space. And as you begin spending more time in that center point, you will find that your intuition naturally begins to blossom in your life.

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