The Vision Board 2008 Invitational



Are you up for a challenge? Do you want to get 2008 off to an intentional start? If so, I want to invite you to participate in the 2008 Vision Board Invitational. Last year’s Vision Board meeting at the January drop in Law of Attraction group – a group I host on the first Saturday of each month – was such a success that we’re doing it again.

But this year, I want you to join us, even if you can’t get to Santa Rosa on Saturday. If you do join us, not only will you start 2008 with a powerful burst of inspired action, but you also get a chance to share you vision with the world and you could win a fantastic prize! Read on to find out more. Whatever you think about the Law of Attraction and the ideas in the movie The Secret, there is one point that you just can’t argue with: Setting intentions works!

You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want. But intention setting, on its own, is not enough. You need continuous focus on your intentions as well as inspired, focused action. And one of the best ways to stay focused on your intentions is to create visual reminders. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind author, T. Harv Ecker, frequently tells his students that, “Visual is memorable.” And Vision Boards are one of the most powerful tools I know of for creating continuous, visual focus on your positive intentions. And there’s even a dash of inspired action thrown into the process of creating a vision board.

Now if you’ve never created one, a Vision Board is a collage or other collection of images, words and phrases created and used to facilitate the manifestation of desires. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. Vision Boards are one of the most powerful tools in the deliberate creator’s toolbox.

When you create a vision board you are doing three things that immediately put you ahead of 95% of the people who set resolutions:

  • When you create a Vision Board you are taking Inspired Action.
  • When you create a Vision Board you clarify and focus your desires.
  • When you create a Vision Board (and place it where you see it often) you have an on-going, visual reminder of your intentions.

The process of creating a Vision Board is straightforward:

  • Gather the supplies – board, glue, scissors, magazines, catalogs, markers, etc.
  • Clarify your desires.
  • Cut out images that represent those desires..
  • Glue them onto your board.
  • Place the board somewhere you will see it on a daily basis.

But while the process is simple, taking the action to do it is not always easy! I’ve seen far too many people say they were going to create a New Year’s Vision Board only to find that weeks and months into the New Year they still had not done so. If you’ve ever struggled to complete an “optional” project on your own, you know just what I’m talking about.

This year, I want to help to stack the deck in your favor and hopefully make it a bit easier for you to complete your New Year’s Vision Board Monday, January 14th and get 2008 off to a deliberate, positive start! So I’ve come up with a few incentives and some tips. First the incentives:

  • Share your vision with the world: Sure it’s great to create a vision board and hang it on your wall. But there is something empowering about sharing your vision. By sharing your vision you declare your intention to the world. You put your flag in the sand. So to help you share your vision with the world, on Tuesday, January 15th, I will post an entry here with a link every vision board that is completed by January 14th. (You’ll have to send me the link of course). You can post the photo of your Vision Board on your blog or website, or put it up at a photo sharing site such as I’ll also feature images of a few of my favorite boards along with the link.
  • Win some great prizes: Everyone who submits a completed Vision Board by January 14th will receive access to the online version of my CD, An Introduction to Brainwave Entrainment Technology for Personal Growth and Success. If you haven’t experienced Brainwave Entrainment, you are missing out on a powerful personal growth tool.In addition, three winners will receive a $40 prize package that includes the physical CD listed above as well as the inspiring, award winning anthology, Healing the Heart of the World, which includes my essay, The Evolutionary Warrior, along with essays from Caroline Myss, Neale Donald Walsch, Bruce Lipton and many others.

I’m also working on a grand prize that I can’t announce quite yet. But if it comes through, it will provide the winner with an amazing tool for following up on their intentions. Now here are some tips to help you create your Vision Board:

  • Set a date and invite some friends and family members to join you. One of the reasons that last year’s Vision Board event at the drop in Law of Attraction group was so successful is because 35 Deliberate Creators came together to co-create their reality for 2007. When a group comes together, and focuses their collective energy on a single goal energy of the entire group is raised. So even just two people coming together can significantly raise the energy.And with a group you can also pool your resources – glue sticks, scissors, magazines, etc. And finally, when you commit to a date with others, you’re much more likely to “show up” and complete your Vision Board.
  • If you are going to create your Vision Board on your own, set a firm date and time. Go do it right now: Get out your calendar and block out 3-hours. That should be plenty of time to create your New Year’s Vision Board. And once you put that time into your calendar make it non-negotiable!
  • Keep your focus narrow. Don’t try to do too much with your Vision Board. Focus on just your top 3-5 intentions. Or create a board for just one area of your life – work, money, relationship, etc. If you try to do too much on one board, you’ll dilute the effectiveness. You can always do another board when you have attracted the intentions in this one or create another board for another area of your life.
  • Set a definite ending time. Creating a Vision Board is one of those projects with the potential to move into the continual “work in progress” category. And, in truth, a vision board is always a work in progress because you vision is always evolving. However, you definitely do want to complete your Vision Board. So set a firm deadline and make a commitment to yourself to finish your board by that time.
  • Let your board be “Not Perfect.” Start with the knowledge that your Vision Board will never be perfect. That way you’ll be more likely to sit down and finish it. And finishing it is far more important than making it “perfect.” whatever that means. This is also a good exercise in getting over any perfectionist tendencies you might have!

Participation Details: To participate in the 2008 Vision Board Invitational, all you have to do is complete your 2008 Vision Board by Monday, January 14th and use the contact form above to send me the link to your Vision Board. If you have a blog or website, you can post your Vision Board there and I’ll link to it from Evolving Times.

If you don’t have a website, you can use an online photo-sharing site such as Flickr, Photobucket. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your grand visions! If you have questions, you can leave a comment below and I’ll answer them as fast as I can.

And if you think this is a good idea, you can help me get the word out by sharing this entry using one of the social bookmarking links below. If you’re new to social bookmarking a good place to start is with a Thumb’s Up on Stumbleupon.

Holosync Tip: Immersion Only In The Morning


If you’ve been reading Evolving Times for a while you probably know that I use and highly recommend the Holosync Meditation System. One of the only issues I have with Holosync is the fact that the recommended protocol is to do a full-hour session with it every day! I don’t know about you, but that’s just a bit too much for me.

For those of you who have not tried Holosync, the sessions consist of two separate recordings. The first, The Dive, is a 30-minute recording that leads you gently down into a deep Theta brainwave state. The second, Immersion, holds you at that deep Theta level for another 30-minutes.

If you attempt to skip The Dive and start with Immersion at most times during the day, it is unlikely that your brainwaves will be able to make the jump from the Beta or high Alpha state down to Theta.

However, a few days ago I had an AHA moment when I realized that if start with Immersion immediately upon waking, my brainwaves are still in a high Theta/low Alpha state and I might be able to dive back down to the deep Theta pretty easily.

So over the past few days I’ve been experimenting with using just Immersion as soon as I wake up. The results have been encouraging.

If I have everything setup and ready to go so that when I wake up I can immediately walk to my meditation chair and press play, I can click into that deep Theta pretty quickly.

And even this morning, I had forgotten to move my computer to the mediation area and launch the media player, I still found that after 6-7 minutes I was back down into a nice, deep Theta state.

Now I’m sure that The Dive does more than just ramp you down to Theta. There are probably many benefits to moving through the full Alpha range and the upper Theta state before hitting the deep Theta. And I will definitely continue to do the full one-hour session at least once a week.

However, if I can shave 30-minutes off the session length, that will make it much easier for me to do a morning Holosync session every morning. And that has to be a good thing!

If you’re a Holosync user I’d love to hear from you. Have you tried this? If not, maybe give it a try for the next few mornings and see what happens for you.

And if you’re not a Holosync user, you can read more about my initial experiences with Holosync here and here, and you can order a free sample CD at the Centerpointe website.

Pre-release Special On My New Brainwave Entrainment CD

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If you’ve been an Evolving Times reader for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of the Holosync Solution.  You can read about my experience with Holosync here, here, and here.

Holosync utilizes a technology called Brainwave Entrainment. And in the 10+ months that I’ve been using the Holosync I can attest to its power as a personal development tool.

I’ve been so impressed that I decided to produce a CD to introduce this technology to others who are interested in it but don’t know how to get started.
We have all heard of the amazing and well-documented benefits of meditation. Psychology Today says this:

The brain waves of meditators show why they’re healthier. Neuroscientists have found that meditators shift their brain activity to different areas of the cortex—brain waves in the stress-prone right frontal cortex move to the calmer left frontal cortex. In other words, they were calmer and happier than before. 

Unfortunately, many people have a difficult time experiencing these and other benefits because they have difficulty entering a deep, meditative state.

For most people, it can take years of dedicated, daily practice to achieve the level of meditation necessary to reap these life-changing benefits.

Brainwave Entrainment Technology has been extensively tested and scientifically proven to help even novice meditators achieve deep states of meditation quickly and easily!Even though I’ve been meditating on a regular basis for almost 10-years this brainwave entrainment technology has taken my meditation practice to levels I never thought I would reach!

And it can do the same for you.

Now if all of this is new to you and sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry: As I mentioned I have just produced a brand new CD that explains everything you need to know to get the most from this life-transforming technology and provides you with a powerful taste of this technology. The CD is: An Introduction to Brainwave Entrainment Technology for Personal Growth and Success.

This CD provides you with all the information you need to know about Brainwave Entrainment Technology as well as two brainwave entrainment sessions for you to experience the power of this technology and reap the benefits in your life!

The CD includes:

  • A 20-minute lecture explaining the basic science and technology (in easy-to-understand terms – I promise!) behind Brainwave Entrainment, how it works, as well as guidelines to get the most from this powerful technology.
  • A 22-minute guided visualization with embedded brainwave entrainment tones to help you attain a deep state of restorative relaxation in just 22-minutes.
  • A bonus, 30-minute non-guided brainwave entrainment meditation session for deep relaxation.

The entrainment technology on this CD is the very latest. It utilizes state-of-the-art entrainment technology that you can actually use without headphones! If you’ve worked with Holosync or other entrainment technologies, you know that you need to use headphones to experience the benefits of the technology.
Using one or both of the meditation sessions on this CD on a daily basis will increase your overall state of contentment and provide you with an effective tool for daily rejuvenation.

Pre-Release special – Save over 40%!

I just heard from the duplicators. The CDs are completed and are on their way. I’ll have them in my office tomorrow and will be shipping them to you on Monday!

Because it’s far more effective for me to ship out a lot of orders all at once (I’ve already got the packaging party setup) I’m offering a pre-release special between now and Monday morning.

The regular price for this CD is $16.95. Other brainwave entrainment CDs sell for $19.95 up to as much as $29.99 for a single CD! (The Holosync CDs sell for well over $100 each)!

Because I want to fulfill as many orders at possible all at once, if you place your order by 10:00am (pacific time) on Monday June 4th you’ll pay just $9.95 for your taste of this life-changing technology!

After that, the regular price is $16.95.

To order your copy now, go to:

If you have ever struggled to attain a quiet state of meditation this CD and this technology can help.

And even if you are a long-time, experienced meditator, brainwave entrainment can take your meditation practice to the next level.

Remember, order your copy before 10:00am (pacific time) on Monday, June 4th to save more than 40%.

Here’s the order page again.

And if you have any questions, use the contact form above to send me an email. I’ll be glad to answer any questions.

The Top 10 Secrets To My Success


What sets successful people apart from those who just get by?

It’s a great question. And Aaron Potts of Today Is That Day, has issued an invitation to a few (alright a gazillion) successful bloggers to share the habits that contribute to their success. I’m game. And I must say, narrowing down the list to just 5-10 things that contribute to my success was no easy task. But I managed to pull it off.

Here they are, in no particular order, The secrets to my success.

1. Waking up at 5:00am every morning. Since my 30-day trial of waking up at 5:00am, it has become an ongoing and indispensable part of my daily routine. Those extra morning hours, before the rest of my family wakes up are often my most creative and productive.

2. Meditate every morning. No matter how busy or overwhelmed I might be feeling about my task list, I begin every day with 30-60 minutes of meditation. Being someone that likes variety I rotate different meditation enhancements into this time including the Holosync Brainwave Entrainment technology, guided visualization and hypnotherapy recordings, self-guided energy medicine techniques, intention setting, as well as simple breath-counting meditations.

3. Use brainwave entrainment technology. In addition to using the Holosync solution in the mornings, I use the Neuro-Programmer 2 at least once a day to refresh my energy level, enhance my creativity (when I’m writing) or help me relax when I’m up against a deadline.

4. I use the Simpleology web cockpit every day. I can’t say enough about Simpleology. The simple elegance of this program serves to keep me on task and on target. Using Simpleology, I get at least twice as much done on a daily basis. As a side note, the entire Simpleology system is so full of powerful tools to boost efficiency, increase income and enhance personal energy that I could list at least 10 more habits from Simpleology that I have integrated into my daily life. If you have yet experienced Simpleology, I highly recommend that you sign up for a free account right now.

5. Get outside every day. It’s so easy for me to stay cooped up all day in my cave…err…office, punching away on the keyboard. To counteract the potential for blogger’s butt, I walk to and from my office on most days and get outside for a lunch-time walk.

6. I hike at least three times a week. I need my nature fix. Without it I get grumpy. Just ask my wife! Getting out into the wild is a top priority for me.

7. Take a day off from the computer each week. This day of rest is a recent addition to my success habits. And I must admit, while I have been successful, it has not been easy. The temptation to turn on the laptop, “just for a minute,” to log into my WP control panel to approve and respond to comments or post a quick thought, or… well you get the idea. But while it has not been easy, the benefits have been great. My computer-free day is usually Sunday. So when I wake up Monday morning, I am champing at the bit (or would that be byte?) to start writing.

8. Play with my daughter. My daughter is my most effective teacher in so many ways. She teaches me about presence, play, joy, discovery, love and so much more.

9. Remember that I am here to experience joy and feel great. One of the most powerful insights from the Law of Attraction that I have integrated on a daily basis, is the truth that I am here for joy! I am here to have fun. I have little reminders about this in my office, home and car, in case I forget.

10. Play well with others. I have come to realize, better late than never, that I can’t succeed in solitude. Connecting with others has become a hugely important part of my daily routine. Whether joining the conversation here in the blogosphere, meeting with a colleague to discuss possible partnerships, connecting on a bridge line with peers for a mastermind group, or asking for perspective on new ideas from friends, stepping out of the vacuum of “solo” entrepreneur and into a larger community has been one of the most important recent secrets of my expanding success.

That’s it, although I could definitely keep going. Thanks again to Aaron Potts for initiating this conversation.

Now I’ll tag the following successful bloggers because I want to hear (steal) some of their success habits. My apologies if you’ve already been tagged. Consider it an “I second that” tag confirmation.

Fellow 9rulers
Gleb Reys,
David Seah,
Justin Ruckman, and
Alexander Kjerulf.

And finally some long shot invitations to a few of my virtual mentors from whom I would LOVE to hear their top ten or so success secrets:

Mark Joyner,
Rich Schefren,
Robert Middleton,
Chris Knight, and
Merlin Mann

Your Heart Is a Better Metaphor For Energy Flow In Manifestation


In our discussions of Energetic Directionality, beginning with this post, the metaphor that was initially used by Steve Pavlina to describe the flow of manifestational energy was that of breathing. Breathing, of course, has a distinctive inward flowing segment followed by an equally distinctive outward flowing segment.

In the discussion on that post and my follow up post From Polarity to Centerpoint, there have been some wonderful suggestions for metaphors that more accurately reflect the simultaneously inward and outward flowing nature of our manifestational energy: A river, a reservoir, etc.

But here is what I think may be the most accurate metaphor: Our heart.

With each beat, oxygen poor blood flows in to one chamber of the heart and out to the lungs, while oxygen rich blood flows back from the lungs and out to the body.

You can watch an animation of this simultaneous inward and outward flow here.

This flow happens simultaneously. The inflow does not have to stop in order for the outflow to begin.

Since this discussion has begun I have been exploring this idea of energetic directionality in my own personal energy practice. During my meditation, I have experimented with different proportions of inflowing and outflowing energy.

While it is difficult to consciously hold the perception and awareness of inward flowing and outward flowing energy simultaneously, the brief glimpses I have felt of this conscious expansion of the simultaneous flow have been exquisite.

Steve says that flowing energy in two directions simultaneously is inefficient. He asserts the opposite flows negate each other. And I’ve got to tell you that if the feelings I am experience when I consciously direct energy inward and outward simultaneously are an an indication of inefficiency, I’ll take a whole lot more of it!

Carnival Roundup

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Here’s a quick update on a couple of blog carnivals in which Evolving Times has participated. As always, you’re going to find some great reading through these carnivals.

Over at The Personal Development Ideas blog hosted the latest Personal Development Carnival

And speaking of blog carnivals, the next edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival will be on Tuesday, February 13th. The topic of this edition is The Law of Attraction in Business. So if you have an entry you would like to submit, please go to the Law of Attraction Homepage for more information.

Focus on Debt in 2007 – NOT


Here’s a great example of why I very rarely read the newspaper anymore. This is the front page of the Press Democrat Business section from yesterday. What do you notice? Think in terms of the Law of Attraction.

Hint: What you focus on expands.

Do you think a newspaper has a certain amount of credibility? Do you think that when a newspaper advises its readers, in BIG BOLD LETTERS, to Focus on debt, that people are going to listen? Yup. And what will the result be?

I’ll give you one guess and in case you forgot, here’s that hint again: What you focus on expands.

If you focus on debt, it’s going to expand in your life.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you ignore your debt. If you’re from the Ostrich school of financial planning, (I was enrolled in that school for a number of years!) I suggest you get your head out of the sand immediately, and take a good look at your financial situation.

But it’s one thing to take a clear, honest look at your finances, it’s another thing to FOCUS on your debt.

I am most definitely suggesting, that you do not FOCUS on your debt. Don’t dwell on it. Don’t allow debt to become a major element in your thinking. And certainly do not allow debt to become a major source of your feelings.

Remember that the Law of Attraction works on feelings. So consider how you feel when you think about your debt. You want to do whatever you can to stay away from those feelings.

You want to focus on cultivating feelings that are nurturing and supportive. You want to spend a lot more time thinking about financial freedom and getting in touch with the feelings of financial freedom.

Your feelings activate the Law of Attraction which is a very powerful ally and guide on your journey towards financial freedom.

When my wife and I set an intention to become debt free, within three-months of our intention a friend offered to loan us enough money to pay off all of our personal credit card debt. (Not an insignificant amount of money).

(For debt consolidation loans from friends and family such as this, I highly recommend Circle Lending).

So how do you get out of debt without focusing on the debt? Here are some suggestions and tools for cultivating positive thoughts and feelings on your way to Financial Freedom… Debt-free is just one little stop along the way!

Set up a workable debt-reduction plan that will work mostly on “autopilot.”

Choose a debt reduction plan that will work for you. I recommend the Debt Reduction Process in Ask And It Is Given. (Dave Ramsey advocates a very similar debt reduction process he calls the debt snowball here).

If you’ve always heard that you should pay down the high-interest debts first and feel like you want to use a high-interest debt first plan, Five Cent Nickel has an entry comparing Dave’s plan to a plan that pays down your high-interest debt first.

Once you have decided on your debt reduction plan, set it up to run on “autopilot.” You’ll know what your monthly payments are for each credit card, so set them up to be paid automatically each month either through ebills or your bank’s online bill paying service. This way, you will spend very little time and energy focusing on your debt each month. Instead, you can use that time and energy to focus on your future financial freedom.

Find statements from all of your credit cards that show a zero balance. (If you don’t have old statements, than use white out to cover up the actual balance and write in 00.00). Post these statements in strategic locations where you will see them on a regular basis.

Create a collage or a vision board with images that reflect how you want to feel about your financial situation. Choose images of people relaxing and enjoying life. Include images of activities you would enjoy doing with the money that is currently going towards your debt payments. Place your collage where you will see it on a daily basis.

Start saving for your financial freedom now! Don’t wait until you’re debt free to begin saving and investing. Remember, what you focus on expands. For more on why this is important, I highly recommend reading this.

Yeah, But Can Tibetan Monks Stifle the Startle Reflex During An Eye Exam?

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Several months ago I came across a study in which a Tibetan Monk, in meditation, was able to control the startle reflex when a gun was fired nearby. This was the first example of someone controlling what was thought to be an automatic physiological response. (Although this is not where I first heard about it, you can read about this inthis article, The Lama in the Lab at Shambala Sun).

It’s pretty cool that he can suppress the startle reflex when a gunshot goes off, but I have a new test for that monk: The eye puff test you get during your annual eye exam. I had my exam today and thought about that monk as I placed my chin in the cradle, preparing for that innocuous puff of air. I thought, “Hey, if he can do it for a gunshot, I can do it for a silly little puff of air on the eye.”

Not a chance. Even with the technician counting down and preparing me, I was completely startled each time.

Oh well. I guess I still have a ways to go!

Holosync Solution Update and Review


My 30-day trial of the Holosync Solution ended on Friday. The trial went out with a bit of a whimper, not due to any fault of the Holosync. This cold that has been following me around since last Monday put a distinctive dent into my routine of getting up at 5:00 and listening to the Holosnyc before beginning the day. However, I did manage to listen to at least 30-minutes of the recordings just about every day. And now that the 30-day trial is officially complete, I feel like I can give you my initial impressions and recommendations. I’ll begin with my bottom line recommendation and move on to the more detailed review.

Bottom Line:

I recommend the Holosync Solution (aff)with the following reservation. It requires a serious commitment of time. Personally, I found it very difficult to commit a full hour to the recordings each day. A support person at Centerpointe recommended listening to the 30-minute recording on a daily basis, and adding in as much of the second recording as possible. So if you can commit 30-minutes a day most days and add another 30-minutes on two or more days each week, the Holosync Solution will absolutely accelerate your evolution.

Detailed Review:

Trigger Point Threshold Raised:

Bill Harris, the creator of the Holosync System talks about trigger points and explains that the Holosync works by raising your trigger point threshold. In other words, it takes more to trigger you. In thirty days of regular Holosync use I found this to be absolutely true. I was very aware of moments when my wife would say something that would normally trigger me into defensiveness. I would catch that “pre-trigger” reflex but not drop into the unconscious post-trigger state that is so familiar and so not fun!

And just yesterday I had a rather unpleasant meeting with a consulting client of mine. We’re having some lack of communication happening between all of the parties involved in the project. Yesterday one of the owners seemed to be projecting some pretty serious negative energy in my direction. Again, I could feel myself getting that urge to go into defensive/confrontation mode, but I was conscious enough of the experience to be able to choose not to.

Increased Creativity:

One clear and positive effect of the Holosync has been a dramatic increase in my creativity. While never one with a dearth of creative urges, since beginning my work with the Holosync my creativity has been working overtime.

For the most part this has been a very positive experience. However, there have been a few nights when, even after listening to the Holosync to turn down the flow of creativity, I have been literally overwhelmed – and unable to sleep – by the ideas flowing from my creative center. I have also been feeling a bit overwhelmed by my inability to devote the time necessary to keep up with all the ideas I have for Evolving Times entries.

My wife has experienced the same heightened creativity. I recognized it the other morning when she came downstairs early (she’s not a morning person) all fired up to share some of the new ideas she had for her concentration at New College.

We both need to ground that heightened creativity. When ungrounded, that creative energy is very fast, even frenetic. And it has the tendency to cause me to lose focus and begin spinning my wheels. I get so caught up in all the creative ideas, I become distracted from my priorities and become very inefficient in my work.

When grounded and focused, that heightened creativity leads to frequent insights and ahas, as well as solutions to problems and clear guidance.

For me, grounding that creativity is as simple as getting outside everyday and getting out into nature a few times each week. When I do that, I’m good. When I don’t, things get a bit chaotic.

Stirring the Pot:

The Holosync material is very clear about the potential for some emotional upheaval when you begin the program and when you progress to the next level. I definitely experienced that for the first five-days or so. (See my first entry on the Holosync here).

But after that, it has been pretty smooth sailing. I suppose I could explore the possibility that my work with the Holosync had something to do with this cold. But I’m going to take full responsibility for creating this resistance to well-being and leave the Holosync out of it!

Time Commitment:

As I mentioned in the Bottom Line section, spending at least one-hour a day listening to the Holosync is a bit more of a time commitment than I can make. I did it through the 30-day trial and I think that focused intensity provided me with a good jumpstart into the program. Now, however, a more realistic scheduled will be more along the lines of three to four day’s/week of the full one-hour session, alternating with thirty-minute sessions with the Autofonix recordings.

Great Support:

Centerpointe touts their excellent customer service and support. My experience has shown that they fulfill that promise. When I called their support line to ask about the most effective way to use the system given my time constraints, I spoke with an extremely knowledgeable and friendly support person. She clearly understood the system, uses it herself, and is willing to take the time to answer my questions so that I’ll get the most out of it.


Again, after my thirty-day trial, I feel confident in recommending the Holosync system provided that you are willing to commit the time necessary to get the benefits. If not, don’t waste your money.

If you are interested in the Holosync, you can go to the Centerpointe site and order their free Holosync demo package (aff) which includes a CD with a sample of the Holosync technology. I suggest getting and trying the demo package first before purchasing the first level.

This will do it for the regular Holosync updates. If something unusual happens I’ll let you know. And when I move up to the next level I’ll post updates as needed to keep you up to date.

Unconscious Alarm Clock


Yesterday was my 14th day using the Holosync Program. Beginning today, it is recommended that I listen to the recordings for a full 1-hour. My routine for the past two-weeks has been to get up at 5:00am, meditate, with the first recording, for thirty-minutes and then write for sixty – ninety minutes until my daughter wakes up.

The thought of meditating for one-hour, from 5:00 – 6:00 and leaving only thirty – sixty minutes for writing did not feel good. So last night as I was getting ready to go to bed I began thinking about my options.

Sometime during that thought process, the thought popped into my head, “what if I get up at 4:30? That will give me an hour to meditate and still leave me with plenty of time to write.”

My reasonable mind quickly nixed that idea based on the belief that getting up at 4:30 is completely unreasonable!

But guess what! Apparently my unconscious and unreasonable mind liked the idea. Because this morning at 4:25 I found myself laying in bed wide awake. So rather than push against the river, I went with the flow and came downstairs for an hour of meditation with the Holosync recording.

Which leads me very nicely into…The Holosync Update – Day 15.

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