The 5-Keys to Manifesting TRUE Abundance in YOUR Life

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True Abundance is your birthright. It is who you REALLY are!

On some level, you know it. You “get” that abundance is your natural state and that it’s supposed to come easily and effortlessly.

But this world – this “real” world” – that we live in is not (yet) set up to nurture that abundance. So most of us find ourselves living lives that are slightly (to very) out of alignment with true abundance.

In order to re-connect with that true abundance – our natural state – we must “reverse engineer” it. We must look at True Abundance and say, “Ok, that’s where I want to be, and this is where I am. Now how do I get from here to there?”

5-keysThere are 5-Keys that open the doorway to TRUE Abundance. The 5-Keys are:

  • Vision
  • Intention
  • Belief
  • Vibration
  • Action

These 5-Keys are not complicated or difficult. In fact, each one, on its own, is quite simple.

The complexity comes when you try activating all 5 of them at the same time. It’s not that it gets so much harder… it just gets a bit more complicated trying to keep track of all of them – like a juggler who keeps adding in more balls… the pattern stays the same but the concentration needed to keep them all in the air increases.

I’d like to share these 5-Keys with you as well as the exact steps you can use to activate them in your life right now!
When you listen to this series of short audio recordings, you’ll have everything you need to create your own Abundance Quest!
Go get these recordings now so that you can start activating these 5-Keys in your life and manifesting a lot more of what you want!
These 5-Keys will open the doorway to YOUR True Abundance… as long as you do activate them in your life!
The 5-Keys to Manifesting TRUE Abundance

Why This is the Best Time to Thrive!


If you really want to Thrive in this economic environment, check out my new (updated) program, Release the Money Madness and Unleash YOUR Money Magic!

LATE NOTICE! Cure Your Money Madness – Teleclass with Spencer Sherman

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Spencer ShermanI know this is very last minute, but if you have any “charge” around all the financial uncertainty that’s flying around right now, you’re going to want to join me for a very special, fr ee call tomorrow.

[UPDATE: Sherman had to reschedule this teleclass. The new date is Tuesday, March 24th from 12:00 – 1:00 pacific time!]

I’ve arranged a last-minute teleclass with my friend Spencer Sherman. Spencer is one of the top financial advisors in the country and is currently on a book tour promoting his brand new Random House book The Cure for Money Madness: Break Your Bad Money Habits, Live Without Financial Stress–and Make More Money!

Spencer regularly leads workshops on Financial Intimacy and Freedom at Esalen, the Omega Institute, Kripalu and more. And you’re going to get 60-minutes with him for free tomorrow!

Here’s some of what we’ll be exploring on the call:

  • Just what is “Money Madness”
  • What is the true cost of our Money Madness?
  • The concept of sufficiency – knowing when enough is enough.
  • Some practical tools for navigating these turbulent financial times.
  • How to turn financial fear and uncertainty into peace and prosperity.

The Cure for Money Madness: Break Your Bad Money Habits, Live Without Financial Stress--and Make More Money!

If your “Money Madness” has been howling at the moon lately with all of the financial craziness we’re seeing, you’ll want to be on this call!

Find out more about the call and register for the Cure for the Money Madness teleclass here.

Or enter your information in the form below to reserve your spot on this timely and much needed call!

The Cure for the Money Madness

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The Cure for Money Madness: Break Your Bad Money Habits, Live Without Financial Stress--and Make More Money!A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining 40 or so North Bay Deliberate Creators to celebrate the release of our friend, Spencer Sherman’s, new book, The Cure for Money Madness: Break Your Bad Money Habits, Live Without Financial Stress–and Make More Money!

This book could not come at a better time!

I think we can all agree that we have been witnessing a collective money madness coming out in the world for some time. And this madness is a reflection of the money madness that we hold within ourselves.

Let’s face it, when it comes to money, the vast majority of us are terminally insane!

Spencer’s book addresses that insanity and helps steer us in the direction of sanity, stability and yes, true abundance! As he shares stories from his many years as a high-level financial planner as well as his own journey through that insanity into a (mostly!) sane, grounded, and joyful relationship with money our own money “issues” are illuminated. And with each “Aha” moment that this book provides, we move closer to a space of money sanity!

He also provides practical exercises and tools to help us climb up and out of the often slippery slope of money madness.

If you have ever asked youself, “Why do I always screw up when it comes to money?” or, “Why don’t I ever seem to have enough?” or, “Why is it so difficult to talk about money?” and if you want to understand where those questions come from and how to move beyond them, The Cure for the Money Madness will help.

Check out what Jack Kornfield and Mark Victor Hansen have to say about it:

In these difficult financial times, The Cure for Money Madness offers sanity, clarity, and truly helpful understanding to calm the heart and regain a wise perspective.
–Jack Kornfield, Author of A Path with Heart and Founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center

You would be crazy not to read this book, cure your money madness, and make more money in every area of your life.
–Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

If You’re Not LIVING It You Don’t KNOW It



That’s just about all I can say.

This weekend I attended my second Millionaire Mind Intensive and it was even more life-changing than the first one. This one was in San Francisco, so I didn’t have to fly anywhere. And even more important, T. Harv Eker was there this weekend.

If you’re interested in personal development or have any interest in creating more wealth – of all kinds – in your life you must see Harv.

Well, that’s assuming that you’re willing to hear the truth.

Harv is a truth-teller which means it’s not always easy to hear what he has to say. But if you want to change your life and you are ready and willing to listen to what he says you want to go check him out.

At the beginning of the weekend, you’re introduced to the “three most dangerous words in the English language.” Any idea what they are?


Once you know something – or even worse, THINK you know something – the game is over. You stop learning and growing. Your mind turns off and closes down to new information.

One of Harv’s most important points is that if you’re not living it, you don’t “KNOW” it. The first time I went to the Millionaire Mind Intensive I got some great insights, but there was still a part of me that fell into the “I know that” trap. So I didn’t get as much out of it as I could have.

At this MMI I was ready and willing to participate fully. I was ready to let go of my image of myself and look at the reality of my life – which is a much better reflection of what I “KNOW.” And because of that I had some huge personal breakthroughs.

Have you ever fallen into the I KNOW THAT trap? It’s not just for “know it alls.” We all do it. And it can be extremely subtle. But once those three words kick in, your ability to hear, accept and apply new information basically shuts down.

Here’s the bottom line: Look at your life.

  • Do you have as much money as you want?
  • Do you have as much joy and fun and happiness as you want?
  • Do you have as much love and intimacy as you want?
  • Do you have as much confidence as you want?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions there is something you DON”T KNOW. You may have read it somewhere. You may understand it intellectually. You may even be starting to apply it in your life. But if you aren’t fully living it you haven’t embodied it which means that you don’t trulyknow it!

And until you do, the three words, “I KNOW THAT,” will continue to hold you back.

So take a moment to look at your life. Where would you like to see some imnprovements?

Now ask yourself what knowledge you need in order to make those changes.

Or you may need to look at what knowledge you already have that you need to begin applying! Because remember, if you’re not living it, you don’t know it!

So I encourage you to be on the lookout for those three most dangerous words in the English language. (And if English is not your first language, go ahead and translate them into your language). And when you catch your mind trying to convince you that you know something ask yourself these two simple questions:

  1. Am I living this knowledge?
  2. Is my life a reflection of this knowledge?

If the answers are “No” you don’t know it! And if that’s the case it’s time to get yourself back into the best school there is… LIFE!

Time For the Millionaire Mind Intensive

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If you’ve ever been to a big event you probably know that feeling of anticipation and excitement that comes up just before you get there. It’s that same kind of high-vibration energy that comes just before a performance or a job interview. There’s an energy and an aliveness that wakes you up.

Well I’m feeling that right now.

Tomorrow morning at 5:00am I’m heading down to San Francisco for the Peak Potentials 3-day Millionaire Mind Intensive. If you read my previous post on MMI you know that this will be my second time attending the event. And if anything, I’m even more excited about it this time!

You know how when you see a movie a second time you notice things you missed the first time? Well I have a feeling I’ll be getting a lot of those missing pieces this time through MMI.

I’m also excited because quite a few of the folks who participate in my monthly Drop in Law of Attraction group are heading down there as well. We’ve got a very strong Sonoma County crew for this weekend.

If you’ve ever attended a Peak Potentials event you know that there is very little time for extraneous activities, so I can’t guarantee that I’ll be doing any “live” blogging from the event. But I’m sure that I’ll be cranking out a few posts about the event after I return.

If you’re still thinking of heading down there this weekend but haven’t registered, you’ll have to fill out their Millionaire Mind Intensive late registration form and get there early tomorrow morning.

(If you are to be at the SF event this weekend, send me an email so that we can connect down there. I’d love to meet you!)

After this SF weekend, there are just 3 remaining free Millionaire Mind Intensives. After this round they’re going to begin charging for the event. Over the next few weeks they have events in Ft. Lauderdale, Detroit and Toronto.

If you want to register for one of those weekends, go to the Millionaire Mind Intensive registration page.

I’ll see you on the other side!

Last Chance For Free Admission to the Millionaire Mind Intensive


This Spring is the last time that you’ll be able to attend Peak Potential’s Millionaire Mind Intensive for free. And in a few of the locations you’ll also have the chance to see T. Harv Ecker!I flew to Denver Colorado to attend the 3-day Millionaire Mind Intensive in December of 2006 and have been recommending it to friends and clients ever since!

And the best part… It’s free!

Well, if you get to one of the weekends scheduled for this Spring and Summer it’s free. After this round they’re going to start charging $1200. And I’ll still recommend it!

I got so much out of the first one I’m going back to the weekend in San Francisco on May 30th – June 1st. I’ll probably get even more out of it the second time. And I’m excited about seeing Harv do the event. He wasn’t at the weekend in Denver.

(If you decide to attend the SF event, use the comment form to let me know. I’m organizing a dinner of Deliberate Creators on one of the nights and would love to have you join us!)

Check out this video and then go register to change your life!

Click Here for More Information

Take This Quiz To Discover Your Money Archetypes

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I just got an email from the Zaadz/Gaia folks. They’re promoting a new book by Brent Kessel, It’s Not About the Money: Unlock Your Money Type to Achieve Spiritual and Financial Abundance.

Looks like a very cool book. I’m going to order it.

There’s a quick quiz you can take to determine your money archetype. The information I received from the quiz was right on and very helpful.

You can take the quiz here.

Personal Growth Resource Roundup #15

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Welcome to another installment of the Personal Growth Resource Roundup. As you may already know, in these roundups I bring you personal growth resources from unexpected and sometimes surprising sources. I believe that there are life lessons everywhere. So, while I do include great resources from more “traditional” personal growth sources, the focus is on getting us outside of that box. Here are this week’s resources!

Let’s begin with one last reminder about Earth Hour. It’s tonight! The movement has definitely picked up some steam since the first time I wrote about it and even since last week’s personal growth resource roundup. Apparently it’s grown so much that their site is being very slow! If you haven’t watched the video yet, and their site is slow or not responding, you can watch the Earth Hour Video here. And then tonight, in just over 12 hours, at 8:00pm, turn off your lights for 1-hour, Earth Hour! Let’s see the difference we can make when we all turn our lights off!

What will you do during that hour without lights? I’ll be putting Ella to bed. And once she’s asleep I’ll probably play the piano softly by candlelight. Hmm. Sounds like something I might start doing more often!

Leave a comment and let me know what you’re going to do.

Next up is a reminder that Part 1 of my free report – The Energetics of Attraction: Understanding and Applying the Harmonics of Human Awareness is available.

Part One, which is available now, begins with an exploration of why the Law of Attraction may not be “working” and then moves into the five levels of human perception, awareness and response.

Part Two, which will be available soon, will cover the following topics:

* Recognizing your primary perceptual level.
* The role of the subconscious in the Law of Attraction.
* Understanding the Harmonics of Human Awareness.
* Using the Harmonics of Human Awareness to empower your work with the Law of Attraction.

Just fill in your name and email below and you can download the free report now!

Now let’s move on to Problogger! And just what, you might say, does Darren Rowse and Problogger have to do with personal growth? Well, even as far back as February of 2007 I was wondering if Darren was going Personal Developmenty on us!

Personally, I think that one of the reasons why Problogger is so successful is because Darren has infused it with a positive energy that encompasses much more than blogging. And while he probably would not say this, I feel that the underlying message of Problogger is that if you want to be a better blogger, become a better person. Now, maybe I’m reading too much into what’s happening between the lines… or maybe not.

But either way, this guest post, by Easton Ellsworth, on The Greatest Blogging Skill, most certainly qualifies as a personal growth post, even though it uses blogging as a vehicle to express it.

And while we’re on the subject of blogging, let’s talk about SOBCon-08! Oh how I would love to be there! You can just tell, from the buzz, from the energy, and from the amazing people who go to SOBCon that it’s one of those business events that will inspire you to become a better blogger by becoming a better person. It’s not looking like I’m going to get there this year. But if you have that weekend open, and want to get some great information and connect with some amazing people, I definitely recommend it!

And speaking of the amazing people you’ll get to meet at SOBCon, Wendy Piersall is one of them. Currently, Wendy is moving through quite a process over at Emomsathome. She is rebranding her blog network. And having been privileged to be part of the process, I can assure you there is a LOT of personal growth happening over there. Don’t believe me? Check out this post on the Empty Blog Nest.

Let’s get at least one resource in the mix from a more personal developmenty blog! You think money can’t buy happiness? Check out this post from Rick Cockrum at Shards of Consciousness, How Money Can Buy You Happiness. You might be surprised.

And finally, don’t forget that Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s Worldwide world-changing Webinar moves into week 5 on Monday evening. This week will focuon on Chapter 5 of Eckhart’s book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.


If you haven’t already registered, head over to Oprah’s site now to sign up. It’s free and most definitely personal developmenty!

That’s it for this week’s personal growth resource roundup.

See you next time.

Catch It, Zap It, and Turn It Around


Have you ever caught yourself in the midst of grumbling over something that’s actually quite good?

Have you ever been so focused on what’s not in the picture that you’ve missed all the awesome stuff that IS there?

Most of us are programmed to focus on what’s not working, what’s wrong, what needs fixing. The problem is that the Law of Attraction tells us that what we focus on expands. So, focus on what’s wrong and guess what you get more of.

Here’s an incident that’s still fresh in my memory even though it occurred almost a year ago. It serves as a great reminder to me of how powerful the draw is to focus on the negative.

I had taken on a consulting job with a local company. One day, on my way out for lunch, I saw that my first check had arrived. I took it with me and headed over to the bank to deposit on my way to lunch.

When I arrived at the bank I was quite excited to deposit the $1,700.00 that I had invoiced them. It was a nice extra chunk of money! So I opened the envelope and took the check out.

But when I looked at the check it was only for $1,300.00!

My excitement immediately evaporated, and was replaced by confusion, disappointment and even a touch of anger. “What’s up? I’m supposed to have $1700, not $1300. This isn’t right.”

My thoughts, feelings and vibrations all took a nose-dive down to the lower end of the emotional spectrum. Here I was frustrated, disappointed and angry at the fact that I had a $1300 check in my hands!

Do you get what’s wrong with that picture?

Fortunately, I caught myself. I saw what I was doing. Basically, my vibrational offering was telling the Universe, “No, no, I don’t want this. This is no good. Take it away and don’t send me any more!”  And that was most definitely not what I wanted to say to the Universe!

I heard the voice of my inner Deliberate Creator say, “Step away from the ATM machine sir, until you are able to approach it with gratitude and appreciation!”

So I did a little mental rewind. I literally backed up from the ATM machine, took a deep breath in and began consciously shifting my thoughts and feelings.

I almost laughed out loud when I realized the insanity of my experience. There I was standing in front of the ATM machine with a $1300 check in my hand telling the Universe it wasn’t enough!
The problem is, the Universe doesn’t deal in “enough.” The Universe is like a big computer, yes or no, on or off. Do you want it or not? I was saying “No.”

And if I was saying “No” to that $1300 check you can bet that I was saying no to a lot of other money that could have been flowing my way!

So in that moment, I coined the phrase, “Catch it. Zap it. Turn it around.”

First, I caught myself saying “no” to that money. This is actually the most important step. You can’t zap it if you don’t catch it!

Then I zapped the thoughts and feelings that had come up. Lightening up, taking yourself less seriously and even having at good chuckle at your own ridiculousness is a good way to start zapping.

And finally, I turned it around. I consciously shifted my thoughts and feelings into gratitude and excitement. And only then did I step back up to that ATM machine to deposit that beautiful check.

So remember, catch it, zap it, turn it around!

You may not be successful the first time, but if you keep practicing, you’ll eventually get a good zap in and then you can turn it around.

And that’s when the real fun begins!

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