Abundance FLOWS: A Fun Story

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river-02Well I just got back from a warm and sunny week in San Diego with my daughter, Ella. You can see some pics of our trip over at Facebook.

Before I left I had a personal experience that reminded me of how beautifully and mysteriously Abundance Flows.

I’m sure you know that I just finished the 21-day launch of The Abundant Mystic teleseminar series. Well, when I was planning for the program I created a list of the people I wanted to be Abundant Mystic Faculty Members. I had my “big list” and then I had my “I really would love to have them” list. One of the people on my “I really would love to have them” list was Arielle Ford.

Arielle is the publicist for some of the most successful personal and spiritual development authors in the world including: Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Louise Hay and many more. And she is most definitely a Modern Day Mystic! She is the host of Mystical Cafe on Lime Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio and she is the author of the popular book series, Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul. As a Modern Day Mystic you’ve got to love that!

I wasn’t able to make a direct connection with Arielle for the 21-Day program. But I still had a sense that we were going to connect.

And then, right near the end of the Abundant Mystic launch… I think Joe Vitale’s recording was up, so it was the VERY end… guess who calls me?

Yup, Arielle Ford. She had heard about the Abundant Mystic and wanted to chat with me about the Spiritual Cinema Circle which she helps to promote.

Now, because she didn’t call specifically about The Abundant Mystic, you might be wondering how this is an example of the flow of Abundance. Well, remember, our job as Abundant Mystics, is not to figure out the “how.” Our job is to set our intention and to remain open to the totally unexpected, mysterious and sometimes downright sneaky ways the Universe conspires to provide us with what we want!

Arielle was calling to talk about Spiritual Cinema Circle, but I don’t believe in coincidence and now she’s going to be a faculty member for the Mystic Business series which will begin in late March or early April!

The point is to remember not to be attached to HOW your desires manifest. The Universe will work on your behalf, to get you what you want, but you have to be willing to be flexible. You have to literally “go with the flow” even when it feels like that flow is leading you the wrong way!

So practice going with the flow today. Practice staying open to the little miracles and synchronicities that flow into your life. These are the signs that you are aligning with abundance and opening to your creative partnership with the Universe!

Oh, and if you haven’t checked out the Spiritual Cinema Circle, I highly recommend it. In his Abundant Mystic interview,  Joe Vitale talked about the importance of reading, listening to and watching inspiring and uplifting material. The Spiritual Cinema Circle gives you plenty of inspiration each month! And you can check out Spiritual Cinema Circle for free for the first month!

And when you sign up for a free trial now (February 2010) you’ll get an inspiring new feature film starring <Barbara Hershey and Ron Perlman. Uncross the Stars is the transformational story of spunky seniors who guide a young grieving widower to reopen his heart to the world around him.

You’ll also receive three great, short, inspiring films, plus Mariel Hemmingway’s very special in-depth interview with spiritual teacher John Holland! If you watch videos, this is a great way to bring some inspiration and upliftment into your home.

Go sign up for your Spiritual Cinema Circle free trial here.

I’d love to hear your stories of FLOW. Leave a comment below and let us know one of the “sneaky” ways the Universe has conspired to get you what you want!

The Abundant Mystic: 21-Days to TRUE Prosperity

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I owe you a big apology! I didn’t let you know that The Abundant Mystic: 21-Days to TRUE Prosperity began on Friday.

One of my long time readers wrote me an email yesterday wondering why she heard about The Abundant Mystic from Marie Diamond before me. After all, I’m the producer of the program!

Well, the only reason is because I have been up to my ears with last minute details to get this program launched. I know, it’s not a very good excuse. But then, Abundant Mystics don’t make excuses. They just say, “My Bad,” and move on!

So now we’re moving on. And I highly encourage you to go register for the Abundant Mystic. You’ll have free access to some of the Leading Edge Thinkers in the world today as they share the tools, techniques, and the personal experiences that have helped them to become Abundant Mystics.

You’ll get to hear from Marci Shimoff, Marie Diamond, Marc Allen, Sonia Choquette, Guy Finley and many more. In fact, you’ll hear from 21 Modern Day Mystics all of whom have discovered the secrets of TRUE Abundance.

And, you can listen to all of them for free during their 24-hour open access period. And I’m also giving away a free upgrade package every day. So you might even win one of 21 upgraded Abundant Mystic Packages!

So, maybe I’m a bit biased. But if you don’t trust my word about how powerful this program is, go check out the comments on the blog. We’ve already got almost 500 comments in the first 3-days! Here are a few of the hundreds of comments:

I enjoyed this more than most talks I’ve heard lately mainly because of Rich’s lovely energy. The lilt of his joyful voice dropped me into a deeply receptive, relaxed and happy place. I related to the orgasm experience and his authentic, personal sharing.

I’m grateful to be receiving these rich recordings. Thank you so much. What a stellar start with Sonia’s interview. Her glow was palpable through the air, and I felt uplifted to remember to bring my gifts 1000 per cent with me wherever I go. Many blessings, Joy

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Guy Finley and ED! I’ll remember to say is this stealing from me or serving me. If it is stealing from me, I’ll drop it. I appreciate all the wonderful gifts. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to listen today

So, you see, even if I’m a bit biased, I’m not the only one who thinks this program rocks! So go sign up for The Abundant Mystic. I have a feeling you’ll be really glad you did!

To your TRUE Abundance.


Welcome to the New Now


2010-wideHappy New Year!

However you chose to celebrate (or not) the closing of 2009, I have no doubt that it was just right.

And now we find ourselves in a new year. Most of us recognize this New Year morning as a clean slate, a fresh start, and an opportunity to consciously step into the next chapter of our life.

When I awoke this morning to the sound of rain I took a few moments to give thanks for the challenges I faced in 2009. It may seem strange to give thanks for the challenges but it is when we face the challenges that we awaken our power and empower our gifts. So I offered thanks to those challenges and I gently allowed them to dissolve into the year that has now become history.

Why, I wonder, does it usually take a major external transition such as the turning of the year or the celebration of our birth for us to consciously let go of the past and set our intentions for the future?

What prevents us from doing that every morning when we arise? Indeed, what prevents us from doing so in every moment?

For every moment is truly a new now. In theory, we need not carry anything from the past into our present. And yet, mostly, that’s exactly what we choose to do.

Is it just habit? Is it just poor “emotional hygiene?” After all, we bathe on a regular basis to wash off the dirt of the past off our physical bodies. Why don’t we “bathe” our emotional bodies with the same regularity?

It seems to me that we actually have it backwards: Most of us bathe our physical bodies too much and our emotional bodies not nearly enough.

So as we move into 2010, as we move into this glorious new NOW and THIS beautiful new NOW, and THIS mysterious new NOW… perhaps an intention could be to bathe your emotional body at least as often as your physical body. When you take a shower, why not take a moment to imagine that you are also cleansing your inner being? Why not feel your soul being cleansed, the accumulated dirt and grime being washed away?

Welcome to your New Now! May you truly celebrate and enjoy all of your NOWs in this New Year.

My Solstice Lesson or Why Ella Should Have Taken the Cake

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One thing I’ve learned is that you never know where the lesson will come from. My daughter and I went to a gathering last night for a Solstice ritual and to celebrate the birthday of a friend. It was a lovely little gathering with a beautiful, simple ritual followed by a delicious potluck.

The ritual was short and sweet with no immediately apparent insights or awakenings. But whether or not there was an immediate shift in awareness, I’ve discovered that the seeds are planted when you participate in ritual and you never know when they will blossom!

But the evening was not without a more immediate lesson. And it was all about the birthday cake. Yes, the birthday cake.

chocolate-cakeThis morning I woke up thinking about last night’s cake. Now it’s as if I usually wake up in the mornings thinking about cake. And, really, I wasn’t thinking about the cake, per se. No, seriously! I was thinking about my interaction with my daughter, Ella, regarding the cake.

First let me describe the cake. It was dark chocolate cake, moist and full of rich chocolatey flavor with a layer of raspberry preserves and frosted with a chocolate ganache. Definitely yummy!

But when I saw the size of the pieces my friend Tim was cutting – can you say Rambo Sized? – I asked for him to cut a special smaller piece and then cut that piece into a small piece for Ella and a not-quite-so-small piece for me.

There were several reasons I wanted Ella to have a small slice: It was late, almost 8:30 by the time we had cake – can you say “Sugar High?” and she’s also a little sensitive to wheat and dairy. And this cake was loaded with both.

So Tim handed down our small little slivers of cake and we were happy. Well, Ella was happy. When I received my little sliver, I was a bit disappointed. Apparently I had not clearly communicated my request to Tim. I wanted Ella to have a tiny slice and I wanted to have a medium sized slice. But we both got tiny slices.

I could feel myself doing one of those cartoon double takes… looking at my little slice, looking at Neil’s big slice, looking at my little slice, looking at Chris’s big slice, looking at… well you get the idea.

I was so focused on the quantity of cake I had – or didn’t have – that I hardly even noticed how good it was. And when I wasn’t lamenting the size of my slice I was engaged in conversation, further distracting me from the full pleasure that the cake could have provided.

After I finished my piece, which didn’t take long since it was so tiny, I continued talking while still hearing a little voice inside of me saying that I had not gotten enough cake. (Notice that the voice was not telling me that I had not EATEN enough cake but that I had not RECEIEVED enough cake. Big difference!)

I found myself watching Tim as he continued cutting the cake, wondering if there was going to be any left for me to have a second small slice. It was going to be a close call. But before he reached the end, Jaci sat down across from me and, seeing the size of the slice on her plate asked for a much smaller one. So I jumped in and said that she could just give me what she didn’t want of hers.

Perfect! In fact, more than perfect: She gave me more than I wanted!

Meanwhile, as all of this internal drama was playing out, Ella was totally immersed in a full body experience of enjoying the cake. She was carefully deconstructing it as she ate: first scraping off the frosting and savoring that, then cutting off small pieces of the cake, lighting up with surprise and joy when she got a taste of the raspberry filling which she couldn’t see because it blended in with the color of the cake.

She was just finishing her slice when I received the “bonus” slice from Jaci. And of course, she wanted a bit more also. I let her have one more bite but turned down her request for a second “last last last last bite” at which point she shifted her attention to licking the plate clean – literally!

So here I was chowing down on a second piece of cake, focused more on the quantity than the quality, missing out on the fullness of the experience while Ella was totally immersed in the experience. For her, nothing else existed outside of her relationship to that tiny slice of cake. She was a study in the Power of Now.

And what a beautiful lesson!

How often do I distract myself from the present moment because I am focused on what I don’t have? How often do I miss out on the fullness of an experience because I am comparing what I do have to what someone else has? How often does my mind lead me into the what ifs of the future or the what could have beens of the past leaving no space for the what is of the present?

Far too often.

So, no matter what else blossoms from last night’s ritual, if I can take this reminder of presence and full participation with me as we move back into the light, I will be very happy!


About halfway through my “bonus” piece of cake – around the time that I noticed Ella licking her plate! – I broke out of the trance I was in and realized I did not need to eat it all. So I took one more bite, with a much higher level of presence, and then put down my fork.

Soon after that, Jane sat down next to me interested in a small piece of cake. I offered her the rest of the cake I had been eating which she said was exactly how much she wanted!

Bless All Expressions of Financial Abundance

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Can a Sales Page Change Your Life?

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I believe the Simpleology 201 sales page can.

Near the top of the sales page, Mark Joyner writes:

How can you have everything in the world you could ever want?
Go with me, absorb every word in this letter and you will discover . . . I will give you the ‘Know How’!
I need you to forget self-limitation for the moment.
Can you do this?

Can you? Can you let go of your limiting beliefs for the 5-mintues it takes to read that page? Because if you can, it means that you can let go of them at other times as well.

Now just because I coach people and write a personal development blog doesn’t mean that I’m immune to self-limitation. In fact, I can be pretty darn good at it!

But what I found when I read those words from Mark is that I WAS able to let go of my self-limitation. It was as if being asked if I could let them go somehow gave me permission to do just that.

Could it really be that simple? Could it really be just that we need someone to give us permission to release our limiting beliefs?

Often it can seem as if our limiting beliefs are too powerful for us. The self-sabotaging actions we take and self-limiting habits in which we engage seem to be driven by some indistinct presence that hangs out just below our conscious awareness.

We can sense that it’s there, but we can’t quite get a clear picture of it and we can’t get a handle on why or how it gets us to act in ways that are counterproductive.

The truth is that why and how that presence does what it does is really not all that important. What is important is learning how to break out of its control.

And if someone asking you the simple question, ”Can you forget self-limitation for the moment?” can help break that grip, that’s one more tool to hang on your belt!

So go check out the page and see if you have the same response I did. What a gift to be asked that question and to be given permission to step aside from your limiting beliefs.

FYI: The point of this post is not to get you to purchase the Simpleology 201 program – although if you do, and you got there by clicking one of the links on this page I will earn a small commission. The purpose of this post is to give you the opportunity to try out one more tool you can use to minimize the influence of your limiting beliefs.

And by the way, there’s a lot more life changing information on that page. Check out these little tidbits: “Life is too short for you to try to do it all by yourself.” (That’s been a huge one for me to learn!) And how about this: “Ultimately, I think that what we are experiencing now is simply the beginning of the final sloughing off of our shackles.”

And I’ll leave you with a graphic from the page that simply illustrates why so many traditional institutions are having such a hard time as we move through this tumultuous time:


No More Vision Boards



For the past 4-years I’ve led a New Year Vision Board Workshop in January. These events have always been a huge success. But this year I was questioning whether or not I would offer this popular event. Why?

Because I was questioning whether or not I wanted to encourage people to focus on how much more “stuff” they could attract into their lives in 2010.

Even though Vision Boards have been in use for a very long time, since the release of the movie, The Secret, they have come to be associated with the Law of Attraction. Because of that, when people create a Vision Board they almost always focus on what they want to ATTRACT into their life. They focus on what they want.

As I’ve been grappling with my relationship to Law of Attraction I find myself questioning the core message: Namely that focusing on your desires will lead you to a life of fulfillment, joy, love and abundance.

Now there is nothing wrong with desire, and this is not the time to get into a deeper discussion about the place of desire in the creation of a brilliant life. But without exception, every one of the Abundant Mystics (truly successful Modern Day Mystics) I’ve interviewed for the Abundant Mystic Teleseminar Series, have shared that a key to a life of fullfillment, joy and abundance is to focus on what you can CREATE and GIVE to the world.

The key is not what you can get, but what you can give.

The focus should not be what you can attract but what you can create.

During the 2008 Vision Board Workshop a participant asked me if a Vision Board needs to be about “stuff.” I answered the question in a blog post Does a Vision Board Need Be About Stuff. But the short answer is absolutely not.


As my relationship to Law of Attraction has evolved, I have come to believe that one of the keys to succeeding with the Law of Attraction is, in fact, to take your focus OFF of what you want. It may sound counterintuitive. And it certainly flies in the face of many Law of Attraction teachings. But when you focus on what you can create and give to the world, your desires will take care of themselves.

Now let me be clear that by create I’m talking about what you can make. What can you build that has never existed before? What can you bring into the world of form that has previously existed only in the formless?

As a Deliberate Creator you are definitely “creating” your life when you attract a new car or a new home. But there is a deeper meaning to the phrase Deliberate Creation, a meaning that moves you from being an attractor to being a Creator.

You activate that deeper level when you create something out of nothing, when you bring something from a formless state into the world of form.

You are a unique expression of Source energy. You are a child of God. No one else in all the world – in fact, all the Universe – has the same combination of qualities, characteristics, skills, perception and abilities as you. And therefore you are uniquely qualified to create something that no one else can.

That is your job. This is the purpose you have come here, into this physical world, to embody. And so long as you continue to focus on “attracting” things that others have created, you will not find the fulfillment, joy and true abundance that is your birthright.

It is through the act of creation, true creation, that you awaken to that deep joy and activate your brilliance.

So at this year’s Vision Board Workshop we will shift the focus from what you will attract in 2010 to what you will create. Yes, you can still put the picture of the new car you will have. Yes you can still put images of the fabulous vacation you will take.

But you will also, and more importantly, have images of the book you will publish, the songs you will write, the blog you will launch, the business you will start, the relationships you will improve, the artwork you will create, the courses you will teach, the inventions you will prototype, the beauty you will bring to the world.

In short you will focus on how your presence in the world will make the world a better place. For when that is your focus the Universe can’t help itself: It must make YOUR personal world a better place!

So when you make your Vision Board for 2010 spend some time focusing on what you will create. Envision not just the “stuff” you want to attract, but also the stuff you will create.

And if you are in the Bay Area and want to join us for the 2010 Vision Board Workshop, go and get registered now. This event is sure to get your New Year off to a fun and intentional start!

(And if you register today – Tuesday December 8th – you’ll save $22!)

So go out and create. We are all waiting to see the unique blessings that you have to offer our world!

Bottled At The Source


water-bottlesThe other day, my daughter suddenly became very interested in the writing on a one-gallon jug of water we had. She carefully pointed to each line, asking me what they said. And then she asked me to write each of the lines on a piece of paper so that she could copy them. So, one by one, I wrote them out on a piece of paper and helped her copy the letters.

The last line she pointed to said, “Bottled at the Source.”

“What does that mean, Dada?”

“Well, it means that this water is put into this bottle right where the spring comes out of the ground.”

“What’s a spring, Dada?”

“A spring is a place where water comes to the surface from deep down underground?”


Well I think you can see what phase she’s in!

I managed to redirect her curiosity into writing the words out. And as she painstakingly copied the letters, I began thinking about that phrase, “Bottled at the Source.”

It’s a great tagline for a bottled water company (regardless of how accurate it might be!) But as I watched her writing those letters, it occurred to me that it applies to us as well. Just like that bottle of water, we’re bottled at the Source!

You and I and everyone on this planet –everything, in fact – are all bottled at the Source. We come into this life filled with pure Source energy. And that pure Source energy exists within us all the days of our lives.

It’s fun to imagine our bottling line: There is the infinite Source/God/Great Spirit (use whatever name you choose) filling each one of us as we’re getting ready to make the transition into physical form. The difference, though, between us and a bottle of water, is that we don’t get a top put on us and we don’t ever disconnect from that Source. We remain connected to and are constantly being refilled by that Source energy… if we choose to allow that energy into us!

Most of us, however, stop the flow of that clean, pure Source energy. We fill up our bodies, minds and emotions with impurities by ingesting toxins of all sorts: From processed food and sugar to news to violent entertainment to inherited belief systems, we muck up the clean, pure, vibrant Source energy that we were blessed with when we entered this physical world.

But the great thing is that we can always reconnect to our Source. No matter how long we have been blocking that connection, no matter how mucked up our energy has become, it is always possible to open the faucet and allow Source energy to flow into us again.

And the amazing thing is that when you do, when you open to Source, it does not take long for that pure, clean, energy to clear you out and fill you back up with your original Source energy!

So the next time you see a bottle of water and read the slogan, “Bottled at the Source,” take a moment to remember that you, too, were Bottled at the Source.

Whatever You Have Done Is Enough


I had dinner at a friend’s house tonight. It was one of those spontaneous things that just sort of evolve from an afternoon task into a simple dinner. As we sat down he said, “I don’t usually light the candles for Shabbat if I’m alone, but since you’re here let’s do it.”

It’s been at least 10-years since I’ve participated in a Shabbat dinner. But as he began chanting the prayer over the candles, and the wine and the bread, it all came back to me from the literally thousands of times that we said those prayers on Friday night as I was growing up.

376.1561As we talked about our experiences and understanding of Shabbat, he explained it in a way that felt really right to me. He said that when sundown on Friday evening arrives, it is a time to stop and acknowledge that whatever you have done during the week is enough.

That hit home for me. My body had an instant and visceral reaction. “Yes,” it was saying. “You have done enough! Now rest.”

After all, how often do we stop and take a breath and acknowledge that what we have done is enough? How often do we give ourselves the opportunity to step back from the responsibilities of our daily life? How often to we consciously give ourselves downtime to reflect, renew and replenish our life force?

Not nearly often enough.

As I wrote a few years ago, “The folks that came up with a day of rest were on to something!” Back then, my plan was to give myself one day a week without computer access. I stuck to it for a while, but then slowly drifted back to being online at least once every day.

Now it seems like a good time to go back to A Day of Rest. For me that means no computer for one day each week.

What does your day of rest look like? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Vision Quest Journal #6

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hawk-1This morning I was thinking how strange it was that I had not seen, or heard, any raptors since being here. Just now, I saw my first hawk. A small one, slightly smaller than a Cooper’s Hawk with thicker wings. Almost all white or light gray underneath. Slight darker above. No other distinctive markings that I could see. Flight pattern was several quick wing beats with a moderate, circular glide in between. No call that I heard.

The water is even closer than I thought. I’m sitting on a new rock that’s at the northeast edge of my site and it’s clear that the creek is just a little ways into the brush. Probably no more than 40-feet away.

It’s still difficult to believe that it’s been bubbling this entire time. When I was scouting the site, I walked right over to the edge of that brushy area to see if I could get closer to those big old pine trees. Strange.

[Note. I looked on the map and there is a spring above where I was camped. My guess is that the spring fills up a pool during the night which overflows down the mountain in the morning. But by the afternoon, the sun dries it up. Because by late in the day, the sound of water was gone again.]


Midday. Feeling antsy. Having a hard time finding a comfortable spot. Trying to stay naked as much as possible. But today, without much wind, it’s too hot in the sun and the slight breeze makes it too cool in the shade. I’ve compromised and put on my t-shirt and am sitting partly in the shade.

Antsy too because I don’t know what to do. The excitement of the first day has passed and now I’m in a place of trying to figure out what to do, how to have a vision. As I recall from previous quests, the second day seems to be the hardest.

The first day is new and exciting, in some cases you’re dealing with the discomfort of your body’s detox reaction from the fast. And while that’s unpleasant, it is a distraction from the isolation and emptiness.

Now, near the halfway point of my quest, I begin to wonder why I’m here. I begin to doubt the confidence I had earlier about the hunger as I notice the emptiness of my stomach more keenly. I begin to wonder if the insights I’ve had already are “enough.”

Isn’t it time to end this a go home? And even as I sit in the quiet of meditation I find myself reaching for something more. “Where is the vision I seek?” But nothing comes.

Just the peacefulness of this place. But I am too distracted to let that comfort me. Now I will try once more to drop into that peacefulness and allow it that to be enough.


It’s amazing how quickly your body gets weak when you don’t drink water. I’ve had only 4-5 small sips since last night and my body has definitely hit a wall. It’s an effort just to stay upright. And I’ve spent much of that last couple of hours curled up in a ball on the ground.

Now I’m realizing this is where I’m meant to be. This is the place I’m supposed to get to. This is the place where I realize that I can’t get through this on my own. Alone I’m not strong enough. Certainly the strength of my body, without food and with very little water, is not enough to get me through the rest of today and tomorrow.

This is when I call out to God, Source, Great Spirit. This is when I open myself up to the support and strength of a force far greater than myself. This is when I begin to act in harmony with the words I heard earlier: “It is your vision that brought you here, but it is MY strength that will get you through.”

So now I pray. To God. To Source. To Great Spirit. To the Earth. To that is greater than me. I pray for strength. I sing for strength. I open myself to receive you strength.

You can read all of the posts in the Vision Quest Journal Series here.

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