LATE NOTICE! Cure Your Money Madness – Teleclass with Spencer Sherman

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Spencer ShermanI know this is very last minute, but if you have any “charge” around all the financial uncertainty that’s flying around right now, you’re going to want to join me for a very special, fr ee call tomorrow.

[UPDATE: Sherman had to reschedule this teleclass. The new date is Tuesday, March 24th from 12:00 – 1:00 pacific time!]

I’ve arranged a last-minute teleclass with my friend Spencer Sherman. Spencer is one of the top financial advisors in the country and is currently on a book tour promoting his brand new Random House book The Cure for Money Madness: Break Your Bad Money Habits, Live Without Financial Stress–and Make More Money!

Spencer regularly leads workshops on Financial Intimacy and Freedom at Esalen, the Omega Institute, Kripalu and more. And you’re going to get 60-minutes with him for free tomorrow!

Here’s some of what we’ll be exploring on the call:

  • Just what is “Money Madness”
  • What is the true cost of our Money Madness?
  • The concept of sufficiency – knowing when enough is enough.
  • Some practical tools for navigating these turbulent financial times.
  • How to turn financial fear and uncertainty into peace and prosperity.

The Cure for Money Madness: Break Your Bad Money Habits, Live Without Financial Stress--and Make More Money!

If your “Money Madness” has been howling at the moon lately with all of the financial craziness we’re seeing, you’ll want to be on this call!

Find out more about the call and register for the Cure for the Money Madness teleclass here.

Or enter your information in the form below to reserve your spot on this timely and much needed call!

Listen To The Energetics Of Attraction Teleclass Recording


Had a great call on the Energetics of Attraction last night. There were participants from my very own town all the way across the world in Australia and Fiji. I love it when technology actually works!

On this call, we explored a simple technique for separating your energy from other people’s and a way to ground your intentions into the Earth. We also looked at why it’s important to ground your intentions into the Earth and not just send them “out” to the Universe.

But we ran out of time before getting to the third tool – The Fulcrum Point. So I’ve added a second free teleclass on Wednesday, April 23rd from 4:30 – 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Take a listen to this recording and then fill out the form below to register for the call on April 23rd.

You can listen to the recording of the entire call here, just click on the play button, or download an MP3 version by clicking on the download link below the audio player.

And if you haven’t downloaded the free report – The Energetics of Attraction: Understanding and Applying the Harmonics of Human Awareness to Compose the Life You Desire – it provides some excellent background for the teleclass.

You can download the free Energetics of Attraction report here.

The Energetics of Attraction Teleclass
Listen now and accelerate your ability to attract your desire:

MP3 File

Register now for the follow up teleclass.

Podcast: Dr. Ivan Misner On Networking, The Secret, Richard Branson and More

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Wow. This was a great interview!

This one-hour interview with Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder and CEO of BNI (Business Network International) the largest business networking organization in the world, is packed with powerful information for entrepreneurs and all Leading Edge Thinkers.

Here is just some of what Dr. Misner shares in this recording:

  • Why he chose the concept of Giver’s Gain as the core philosophy for BNI.
  • Insider information about Rhonda Byrne’s original vision for The Secret and why it makes sense that the movie may have glossed over some important issues about the Law of Attraction.
  • His thoughts on vision as a driving force in business success and how a clear vision for BNI was a contributing factor in growing BNI from 450 chapters to over 4900 chapters!
  • Valuable insights about delegation and practical, powerful advice on how to get clear about what to delegate and how to make it happen.
  • How a phone call from an unknown BNI member 4-years ago set in motion a series of events leading to his attendance at a private 5-day retreat with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island (Branson’s private island).
  • How he decides whether or not to say “yes” to an opportunity.
  • His thoughts on how to integrate online marketing with face-to-face marketing.
  • Why BNI is primarily a local network and focused on thinking globally and acting locally.
  • Why networking is more about farming than about hunting.
  • Why entrepreneurs should strive for harmony and let go of looking for balance.
  • And much more!

For more about and from Dr. Misner, check out these related links:

Listen to Dr. Misner on the BNI Podcast.

Find out about Dr. Misner’s Masters Series of books, including the bestselling, Masters of Sales and Masters of Success.

[Podcast] The Attractive Power of Branding with Kim Castle

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Clarity plays a large part in the successful application of the Law of Attraction. Knowing what you really want is the key to the kingdom but that clarity often feels like the needle in the haystack.

In this part 1 of my conversation with Brand Visioneer Kim Castle of BrandU, she explains why the clarity that comes from the business branding process is such a powerful attractive force. She also gives one of the clearest answers I’ve ever heard about why branding needs to come BEFORE marketing.

Kim also expands on the three most powerful things you can do to make customers choose you that she wrote about last week.

She clarifies the sometimes blurry distinction between personal and business branding.

We explore the importance of feelings in the branding process and how that relates to our use of feelings as an Internal Guidance System within the framework of the Law of Attraction.

And be sure to listen up when Kim mentions a conversation she had with her client, Michael Beckwith, about the importance of Choice. She just briefly touches on this very juicy topic. But it provides an opening to a potentially rich exploration.

Click the play button now and have a listen to this valuable 30-minute recording.

Part two of this conversation picks up where this one leaves off. Look for it here early next week.

And just a head’s up that there is a bit of audio distortion near the end of this recording.

For more information on Kim Castle, visit the BrandU website.

And here’s the link to Kim’s special gift for you (she mentions it in part two of this conversation) The 15 Mistakes That Kill Business Success.

Attraction in Action Audio – Guerrilla Marketing and the Law of Attraction


In this first recording for the Law of Attraction in Action Audio Series I talk with Mitch Meyerson, creator of the Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit and the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification program and co-author, with Jay Levinson of the Guerrilla Marketing Blog.

Mitch is a clear example of someone who is bringing great value to the world and creating an awesome life by putting the Law of Attraction into action.

During this 30-minute recording we explore how several of the Guerrilla Marketing Competencies are fully aligned with the Law of Attraction.

If you’re looking for some inspiring and practical tips to empower your marketing efforts with Guerrilla Marketing techniques and the Law of Attraction make sure you listen to this recording.

Here are the four Guerrilla Marketing Competencies that we focus on in this call:

  • I see every contact with my customers and prospects as marketing. My words, attitudes and actions are all intentional and based on my marketing goals.
  • My friends, prospects and customers would all say I am enthusiastic and consistently positive in all my interactions.
  • My business is oriented to giving. We often provide free consultations, tips, gifts and information. We make generosity a part of our overall marketing plan.
  • I consistently use my imagination to develop marketing strategies that are unconventional and will capture the attention of my target market.

Note that these are just four of sixteen Guerrilla Marketing Competencies. All of them are worth exploring from a marketing and Law of Attraction perspective. But these four, in particular, are aligned with the Law of Attraction.

Here is the recording. Note that all links in this entry will open in a new window so you can browse while listening.

Click the play button now to listen to my interview with Mitch Meyerson on the interface between the Guerrilla Marketing Competencies and the Law of Attraction in Action.

One other product that Mitch mentions in the interview is his Easy Web Automation ecommerce solution. You can check it out here.

And stay tuned for more Law of Attraction in Action podcasts.

Law of Attraction Radio Shows Galore


If you’re interested in exploring the Law of Attraction live, there’s a lot happening on the radio.

On Friday, I was interviewed by Brent Ferris on KZST’s morning drive-time show. That was an intersting experience!

And this afternoon at 4:00 PT (7:00 ET) I’ll be the guest on the BlogTalkRadio show, It’s All About You with Darien & Darius. The topic for this show is The Power of Directed Emotions! This is such an important and often confusing subject for Law of Attraction practitioners. So if you have any questions, or just want to listen in, tune into BlogTalkRadio this afternoon.

Then, tomorrow, at 11:30, tune into my show, Law of Attraction Live, also on BlogTalkRadio. You’ll have an opportunity to join the conversation live as we deepen our understanding of the Law of Attraction and enhance our ability to apply the Law of Attraction through inspired action!

I hope to hear you on one of these shows!

Law of Attraction Live Radio Show Off Today

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In honor of Memorial Day, the Law of Attraction Live radio show will not be live today. You can listen to the archives of past shows at the Evolving Times hostpage on BlogTalkRadio.

See you next week.

Ask Your Law of Attraction Questions Live


The Law of Attraction Live radio show hits the airwaves again this morning from 11:00 – 12:00 pacific time. You can listen to the show live via streaming audio at BlogTalkRadio.

This show is your time to call in and ask your questions about the Law of Attraction. What are wanting to know about the Law of Attraction? Are there specific aspects of the LoA that you would like explained more clearly? Are you wondering how to apply the LoA to a specific situation in your life?

Call in and ask. I’ll be live, on the air to answer whatever questions you have.

I look forward to chatting with you later this morning.

Law of Attraction Live Radio Show Today

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Tune in live today via streaming audio to Law of Attraction Live: Practical Tools for Creating the Life You Desire. The show goes on the air on Blogtalkradio at 11:00 pacific time.

Today’s show will be an open discussion on the Law of Attraction. So if you have questions about the Law of Attraction, call in to the show. It’s live and it’s fun!

I hope to hear on the show today!

How To Ask On Law Of Attraction Live Today

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In just under an hour, I’ll be live via streaming audio on Blogtalkradio for this week’s edition of Law of Attraction Live. Today’s topic is How To Ask.

It’s been said that we “Ask and it is Given.” But what exactly does it mean to ask? And how do we most effectively ask for what we want?

Tune in at from 11:00 – 12:00 pacific time to find out and join in the discussion.

You can listen live here.

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