On this page you will find a wide variety of resources that I have researched and, in most cases, use. Many of the resources are related to Internet Marketing and automation, however many are related to personal growth and coaching, and some are, well, just unrelated to anything! I continuously add new links and resouces so check back here often for more great resources.

Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want

This is by far the best system I have ever found for time and task management. It goes far beyond just setting up to-do lists and checking them off. Your daily tasks are pegged to short, medium and long term intentions. When I began using Simpleology everything was done using paper, but recently, they introduced a truly amazing automated system for setting up your goals, setting your daily targets and tracking your progress. And best of all the basic level of this system is totally free!

I’ve created an entire Simpleology/Mark Joyner page with more information and links to many of my Simpleology posts.

But if you’re ready right now, you can go and sign up for Simpleology here.

Holosync Solution:

I’ve written extensively about my experience using the Holosync Brainwave Entrainment System to dramatically accelerate my personal growth and success. I’ve created a separate page with consolidated information about the Holosync System here.

BrandU – Business Branding for “Clarity all the way to the bank!”

A business without a clearly defined brand is very much like a ship without a rudder. If you don’t know who and what you are, as a business, it is nearly impossible to communicate what you do to potential customers and clients. BrandU has powerful products and processes to help you define your brand.

Find out more and sign up for BrandU’s extremely informative ezine here.

Secrets of The Millionaire Mind:

The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book, the free Millionaire Mind Evening and especially the three day Millionaire Mind Intensive, truly transformed the way I look at, think about, and relate to money, wealth and business. T. Harv Ecker brings Law of Attraction concepts into the real world with this book and seminar.

Sign up for a free Millionaire Mind teleclass here.

Educational Opportunities

Academy of Intuition Medicine® – a great source of local and distance learning opportunities for intuitive development.

Coachville – a comprehensive coaching resource for coaches and non-coaches alike.

Conscious Bookkeeping – is a wonderful organization devoted to helping people bring a high level of consciousness to their financial life.

Networking Organizations

Business Networking International (BNI) – an excellent way to meet other business people and market your own business.

Books and Audio Programs


Law of Attraction Books

Books and audio programs on Energy Medicine

Books and Audio Programs by David Whyte – Highly recommended!